12 weapons we want back in Call of Duty: Ghosts

The release of Call of Duty: Ghosts is almost among us with the game hitting stores for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4 and Xbox One this November. And as you may already know with a new Call of Duty game we get a combination of new guns and some old guns from previous titles. Below are the 12 guns we want back in Call of Duty: Ghosts that have made an appearance in the series in the past.

Vector (Vector K10)


The Vector is a super low recoil SMG that made it’s first appearance in Modern Warfare 2, it also later appeared in last year’s Black Ops 2 as the Vector K10.



The Sniper Rifle that started the quick scoping trend, the Intervention is in my opinion the smoothest feeling Sniper Rifle in any Call of Duty game. The Intervention made it’s debut in Modern Warfare 2 and has been a fan favorite ever since.



The definitive bolt action Sniper Rifle that made it’s mark in Call of Duty 4. The M40A3 is an older weapon compared to others featured in the recent Call of Duty titles but since Ghosts is gonna feature weapons currently in use, the M40A3 could make a comeback.



My favorite LMG is the RPD from Modern Warfare 2, the gun also appeared in Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops but the Modern Warfare 2 version was the best in my opinion. The gun had very little recoil and high damage, plus it looked awesome too.



Who doesn’t know about the AK47? It’s been in almost every Call of Duty game after all. Being the world’s most popular gun, our heroes in Ghosts are bound to stumble across a few of these Russian bad boys.



The ACR 6.8 was my favorite gun in Modern Warfare 3 although it was undoubtedly way too overpowered. The ACR from Modern Warfare 2 on the other hand was perfectly balanced. The gun has low to high damage depending on the model (ACR and ACR 6.8 respectively) and super low recoil which made the gun very easy to use.

Desert Eagle


The Desert Eagle or the Deagle as some call it is one of the most popular pistols in FPS history. It’s mostly a two short kill in close range and a favorite for Snipers to finish off enemies if they get a hitmarker with their rifles.



The AK replacement in Black Ops 2 turned out to be one of my favorite guns ever. The AN-94 has low recoil, high damage and a decent firing rate and after recent patches it’s become the to use gun in Black Ops 2. The gun’s unique trait is that it fires the first two bullets at a super high fire rate allowing you to take enemies down quickly.


AK74u camos

The submachine variant of the AK47, the AK-74U was the most dominant gun in the original Black Ops and was constantly able to outgun Assault Rifles till it was later nerfed in patch. Although usable in both Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3 campaigns, the AK-74U last made an appearance in the original Black Ops’ multiplayer.



The low recoil and fast firing MP7 can be bested by few guns in the Call of Duty guns catalogue and was considered the best all around weapon in Modern Warfare 3. The gun’s also pretty good in Black Ops 2.

Remington 870 MCS


The best and most annoying shotgun in Black Ops 2 is the Remington 870 MCS. The 870 MCS has super long range especially with long barrel and dominates on Nuketown 2025.

UMP 45


The Modern Warfare 2 UMP 45 was one of the most fun guns to use in the game although it was nerfed a bit in Modern Warfare 3. In one of the videos showcasing gameplay from Call of Duty: Ghosts we did see a glimpse of a gun very similar to the UMP 45 so the chances of it being in the game are pretty high.

What guns would you like to see in Call of Duty: Ghosts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • LordHavok1979

    they should take all guns from mw3 and putem in ghosts

  • LordHavok1979

    i think they should have never let raven in on call of duty ghosts they went in and made the maps bigger than they were sopposed too. but the guns are great the new map pack and yes infinaty ward should buy treyarch the black ops series were all right but idk , i mean like in BO2 future to past idk its kinda hard to keep track

  • QS all day

    Totally need the intervention back

  • alex

    YES bring back the REMINGTON 870 mcs

  • lol242


    • LordHavok1979

      its like the acr and cm901 mixed together

  • lol242


    • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

      Lmfao read my other comment

  • Dan


    • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

      Lol that gun sucks so bad. It rarely gets 1-burst kills, which is beyond stupid considering it is a 4-shot burst. Lol Failarch sucks at making guns have good damage. Black Ops 1 and 2 were bullcrap, with their weak, underpowered useless weapons. Failarch loves sticking their noses in and patching already useless guns to complete garbage, just because people whine and complain that guns are too overpowered. It’s trying to be a military shooter game, not a BB gun simulator with weak pieces of garbage that take a whole clip to kill. Guns are meant to kill fast lol. Infinity Ward is way better than Failarch any day. At least they know how to make decently powered/overpowered guns. That’s how it should be.

  • Ryan Finley

    I think Ghosts could use the hk416a5. If its a game where the weapons are not futuristic but current than I don’t know why it shouldn’t be there. Delta force and seals use the 416, not the m4.

    • joey132

      Seals use Daniel and defense m4v1’s btw

  • I’m totally wanting the AN-94, and Ballista in Ghosts. If this game features the AN alone, I will probably get the game. I hope the fire rate sounds the same though, because that is also a signature “quality”.

  • Rlivez1

    The ACR should be on the game just because it is a great gun overall. I actually own one, and though it was overpowered in MW3, they should just make it more balanced and keep it on the game. A modern game should have modern guns, and if they really want to remove some guns, than they should take guns off which are less used today in military exercises. When I say that I mean the Fal, and if they want the m14 on the game they should make it the Springfield Armory Socom II.

    • skweek

      the acr was not op the cm901 was though

  • Shadow

    Oh yea and I’m 100% on the guns besides acr, rpd, and Remington. Awesome list 🙂

  • Shadow

    I agree with al client, all of those are annoying. I just hope they make a map that could be set against campers. I don’t want to go running around a map and find some guy just sitting in a corner. Btw I hope they have NO shields.

  • Max

    I just want that the weapons of choice of the enemies are realistic. Like, In MW2 I remember seeing the russians carrying FAMASs and UMP-45s, which are used by the western economies, not by Russia, they should’ve had AK-74Ms and AKS-74us instead. I don’t want to see a venezuelan soldier carrying anything other than the AK-101 Venezuela uses right now, or if there are mexican soldiers I want to see them carrying their G3A3’s or their FX-05’s, not an AK.

    • Pazz

      If you want weapons to limited by faction, i suggest you go play a different game, Counter Strike Perhaps? CoD is all about Custom Classes which means you can use any gun of your choosing that they implement within the game and a number off attachments to go with it.

    • skweek


    • LordHavok1979

      very true

  • dave

    You guys left out the mw2 famas

    • LordHavok1979

      yes i agree man great gun

  • Mike Jones

    a list of all the noobest guns in the game,,,except the RPD,which you called the RPG…thanks n4g for stealing another 2 minutes of me 🙁

  • MyBodyIsReady

    Ditch the MP7 and get the MP5 back! Other than that, great list!

  • al client

    COD would improve more if they REMOVED a bunch of things instead. Namely Deathstreaks, Noobtubes, RPGS, SMAWS, Thermal, Target Finders, MMS, Support Streaks, Care Packages, Hunter Killer Drones, RC/XD cars and all the other easy mode or juvenille items. How about people use a gun to earn a Killstreak and people actually trying to win instead of boosting or worried about camos?

    • dieger

      its sad 2 people thumbed you down :c great points!

    • Jackson

      You had me there until you said “people actually trying to win.” Who plays for the win? Only stupid kids tbh. The only time I play for the win is in League Play, but other than that, I’m trying to get my attachments and just play for fun, not stress out over winning T_T

    • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

      COD would improve if Infinity Ward buys Treyarch and they spent more than a year in between games, so they could spend time polishing it up, and not produce a rushed game. The only thing Treyarch is good at is being creative with map designs. Other than that they are a complete fail. They love nerfing all the weapons to underpowered uselessness. It’s complete retarded bullcrap having burst weapons that don’t even kill in 1 burst (BO1 M16, BO2 M8A1), guns that take an entire clip to kill (basically every SMG and pistol in BO1 and BO2), nerfed grenade launchers (BO2), and terrible shotguns that have horrible range and damage (BO1 Stakeout, SPAS-12, HS-10) (BO2 S12, M1216), and any gun that takes 4 or more bullets to kill is useless. Also, Infinity Ward better not EVER again make the mistake they made in MW3 of making explosives and shotguns useless. They also need to give attack helicopters a set of flares and the ability to use missiles like in COD 4 because they are useless because they can be killed before they even reach the map. Same thing with AH-6 overwatch, it needs flares and missiles. Strafe run was weak for a 9 killstreak, each helicopter needs to be given flares and missiles, and they need to fly further apart from each other. Osprey gunner and escort airdrop need to have their speed increased and their armor increased so LMGs with Blind Eye pro can’t kill them unless they use at least 2 full clips. The Osprey gunner’s gun needs to be buffed back to MW2 chopper gunner levels, with faster fire rate and more splash damage. Harriers need to make a return, but be replaced by the F-35, which is what is being used today. They need to be kept as they were in MW2 with no flares because it includes an airstrike as well as anti-air missiles.

  • Yo

    Loved the Famas

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