Who We Are

GearNuke is a Video Games and Technology website founded in 2013. We cover news, reviews, previews and everything else related to gaming and technology. At GearNuke, we are carefully trying to build a reputation for creating the strongest, most engaging content surrounding the nerd culture.

With over a decade of joint experience our staff is one of the most talented and gifted bunch of journalists in the industry. Working to bring you the latest news and information way before many of the bigger sites, GearNuke has been syndicated by many major publications like BBC, IGN and Gamespot among various others.

Here are the people behind the site:

Danial Arshad Khan | Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Danial is the brains behind GearNuke. He makes sure all the content we post on the site is of the highest quality possible, while making sure the server doesn’t crumble due to heavy traffic after covering another breaking news. In his spare time he like to listen to music and watch cat videos on YouTube.

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Khurram Imtiaz Awan | Managing Editor


Some say he has a 10 monitor setup to look for breaking news everywhere, others believe he’s just way too good. When not covering major stories, he loves to spend his remaining amount of time leveling up in RPGs and making new anime waifus.

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Ali Moin | Staff Writer


GearNuke’s resident party animal, he keeps things fresh here. Working as technical support for a major telecom company in Jeddah, he keeps us updated from the land of the Abaya Babes.

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Humad Ali Shah | Staff Writer


We swear you will never meet a bigger Final Fantasy fan than Humad, the guy has gone through every Final Fantasy multiple times and is a living Final Fantasy trivia. Go ahead, try him on Twitter.

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Omair Yasir | Reviews Editor


Once the greatest trophy whore this side of the continent, Omair now spends his retirement swearing at 13-year-old kids on Call of Duty. He enjoys long walks on the beach and Mexican food.

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Abdullah Raza | News Editor









Abdullah is a huge Football fan (not the American kind) but tends to sway his loyalty to the winning side everything. We can’t blame him, we love winners here too. Abdullah is also a competitive Call of Duty player but his talents are wasted on the local competition.

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Muhammad Ali Bari | PR Manager









Ali handles the PR and emails on the site. He makes sure that we look good to publishers and other companies. If you mail us, chances are you’ll be talking to Ali here. Ali bases the games he plays on their Metacritic scores, we’ve been trying to change that for quite a while now but the guy just won’t listen! He’s also a bit OCD about his PS4 crashing, just hold on bud.

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Fouzan Khawaja | News Editor









With the addition of Fouzan to our team it seems all of our staff plays Call of Duty, he prefer the competitive side of things often sitting in private lobbies to play clan matches. When not gaming he enjoys photography and listening music.

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Shahmir Omer | News Editor









Shahmir is a joker, constantly spamming our Facebook feeds with memes, sometimes we wish the trend would die already. On the gaming side he’s a fan of the FPS genre but also tries out latest action adventure game on the market.

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Fabio Arapi | Editor









Passionate gamer with a balanced taste of Japanese and Western games. JRPG super fan.

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