Albert Penello: New Ryse Trailer is the “Real Thing”; Xbox One Tour and Event Demos were Old Build

We all must have seen the new Ryse trailer by now. It looked spectacular and seems to have come a far way off from the E3 build shown to the press. Microsoft’s Albert Penello talks about this new trailer and calls it the “Real Thing”.

The trailer showed the story of the main character “Marius” and was all real time footage of the cutscenes running on a Xbox One. The only exception was the camera was in control of the developers to capture more cinematic looking footage.

You can check out the whole trailer below.

Microsoft’s Albert Penello had the following to share on the new trailer on popular gaming site NeoGAF:

You have to remember nobody outside Microsoft has seen this version of the game. Any other people who have played it are referencing the demo we’ve been showing from E3, Gamescom and PAX. – pre GPU and CPU upgrade. Same goes for any of the Forza footage. That’s what’s on the betas people have, and that’s what’s on the tour.

When Phil showed me this trailer a few weeks ago, I was telling him this better be the real thing. I was told directly this was taken from XBO builds, with the exception of unlocking the camera for the battle scenes to make it more dramatic.

So this is the real thing.

So whatever impressions people have been posting of Ryse are actually from the old build of the game. This build was made before the GPU and CPU upgrades done by Microsoft. Personally, this new trailer looks mighty impressive to us and definitely one of the best looking next generation game.

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  • Daniel Lawson

    I’m interested to find where this goes… you know he comes from Britton and there is the chance that he could return as Arthur…. that would be an awesome way of moving this forward…

  • Dameon Percival

    So looking forward to this tittle!

  • Kantona

    X1 games are totally massive.

    Dead Rising, Titan Fall, and Ryse are great example of what a first-wave X1 game could look.
    Those have massive ‘animated’ 3d characters playing realtime in the background (with the price of 900p res), while killzone, infamous, and the order are just looking massive ‘static’ buildings in the background to make it look & feel massive.

    What a difference.