Albert Penello on Xbox One’s DRM: “We’re not going back on that”

The Xbox One’s DRM debacle and the backlash it caused will always be remembered as a big event in gaming history. Not only did it damage the brand and reputation of Xbox, but it also forced Microsoft to hastily change their deplorable DRM policies. Microsoft’s Albert Penello assures us that they will never implement this DRM again.

Originally, the Xbox One was supposed to come with a DRM that not only restricted used games, it was also a hurdle for gaming in general. The DRM also warranted a sort of online check and locked game purchases strictly to one single account, rendering game sharing almost useless. While the DRM was bad, it did feature some neat things like Family Sharing Plan for sharing digitally purchased games and content online.

Sony not only took this DRM backlash to its advantage, it also clearly showed that their console won’t restrict used games at E3. This message received an overwhelming positive response at E3 and left Microsoft dumbfounded. It was only a few weeks after E3 that Microsoft suddenly reversed their original decision of shipping the console with DRM and announced that a Day 1 update will remove this DRM from Xbox One.

Micosoft’s Director of Product Management, Albert Penello talked about their DRM reversal in a recent interview to Engadget. Penello calls this whole DRM reaction from consumers “overwhelmingly negative”. Penello says that Microsoft is never going back to the old DRM, going as far to state that his comment should be taken officially.

This is my official: ‘We’re not going back on that.’ I don’t want anybody to think we ‘got’ them, and then tomorrow I’m gonna go back to the old stuff, ’cause that’s not gonna happen.”

What do you think of this comment? Do you think Microsoft will ever go back to their old DRM practice, that they announced with the Xbox One originally? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jason Goodban

    We all hated DRM at first.. This was because we didn’t understand it. I hated the idea because owning a collection of games is part of the experience for me. Lending games does appeal to some people, especially young brothers and sisters in a house who are forced to share..also being lazy to not have to change discs is kinda nice……….. BUT!!!

    DRM is more than that, You can still buy games on disc and digital (prices good be better) giving the user much more flexibility. If you share alot of your games with your family there was a FAMILY SHARE system that was implemented that wasn’t given a chance. You could digitally lend a game to someone in a different country instantly.. So no yelling at your mates for returning a coffee stained, dog chewed disc.. Basically they wanted to incorporate some steam like elements to there service. Everybody loves steam right?

    You where never made to buy an xbox one and i’m amazed they stood up in front of world and told everyone about the daily checks and 30 day family share plan (these systems with a little time would of been fantastic, especially with cloud integration). Better than Sony’s approach to this, they really did not help DRM and kinda fed the flames of hate towards it by telling the confused XB fan base what they didn’t want to hear.

    Looking back, this system would of been brilliant and XB1s party piece cloud graphic processing will take over. Cloud gaming is real and has been in practice for years. People who say it cant possible work need to spend alittle more time understanding what it actually does. Hardware power of a system will eventually be a thing of the past.

    The reason there console was only pumping out games at 720p-1080p(if ya lucky) at 60fps low/med graphics is because the cloud will basically do there rest and get better and better. MS you really should of got people informed on this. This system should of already been in practice on launch. People might of gone easy on DRM abit then.

    MS you really didn’t tell people anything about it, i admire your bravery telling the world the cons but you really needed more to show us the potential instead of just undoing it as if it was something wrong. Kinda made you guys at MS look daft. Your systems have always been about the users experience and not there wallet. Make people more aware of this then let them think that. You cant blame the people for feeling this way MS if had marketed the XB1 properly.

    If the futures now, hurry up and proof it MS

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    He’s finally taking us seriously, that’s what I think.

  • cubs223425

    I want it to come back, just slightly altered. All they need to do is take the original Internet check and add a disc check option after 24 hours. That would be enough to make it palatable, in my opinion, because you get all of the sharing features without the online requirement (the exception being to access games others share with you; that DESERVES an Internet check, but maybe make it weekly).

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    Only a Microsoft article will have a guy say, on record “It’s not coming back” and the author immediately follows with “Well readers, do you think it will come back?” Let it die. It was a HUGE blunder, they should be aware of that. This will go down in history as one of the biggest E3 fails ever. Let it be that instead of what feels like a weekly “countdown to the return of DRM”