Albert Penello on Xbox One’s UI: “Logistics & Licensing Issues” prevent us from doing a Direct Feed Demo [Update]

There was a new UI video for Xbox One released on the official Xbox One site. Microsoft’s Albert Penello comments on this Xbox One UI Video.

Microsoft’s Albert Penello recently talked about the new Xbox One video and how the footage that we see is the one we will actually able to use on a retail Xbox One. The talk started with Penello posting about the Xbox One video.

To which a user asked whether it will be as fast and seamless at launch or not. Penello replied that “the real dash works the same” and “All of the transition timings and animations are exactly as they work on the real dash”

When asked again whether the video of the UI will be what we will be getting at launch, Penello responded with “The same. You could have a movie and a game running and switch between them that fast”

Finally a user asked for a Live demo of the UI saying this video might be fake to which Penello replied that they can’t do it due to “Logistics and Licensing issues”

What do you think of Albert Penello’s statement? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Albert Penello clarified the licensing issue in a detailed post on reddit. According to Penello, a big issue with publishing such stuff is that “it requires an extensive amount of approvals from those same Studios, Actors, Agents, Musicians, etc”. Solving these issues and producing a Live Demo requires a lot of work and Penello calls it a “logistical nightmare”.

Albert Penello also made a detailed post on how the UI in the official video differs from the actual UI. According to Penello:

The way the voice text gets created on-screen doesn’t work that way. It will appear as one block.

The video assumes that the user ALREADY has a movie started (hence why Pacific Rim is in the middle of the film), and ALREADY has a game started. In that cause, the UI will switch that fast.

The “Activity Feed” does not go over the UI like that, it snaps to the side

When the player resumes Titanfall, obviously he would have to “unpause” the game or however the individual game deals with coming back up. But you can absolutely have a game paused, and use your voice to launch new apps exactly how the video does.

The only egregious feature error is when the VO says “Xbox Share” or something similar. Now, the user would actually have to accept the notification or go to upload studio and share from there. We don’t share directly with voice.Besides those small nuances, the transitions, speed, movement and everything else is a pretty accurate. I think it’s a fine representation of the experience.

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  • cell989

    I remember when he posted a pic of an xbone in his home setup few months ago, like if he was actually playing it and shit. LMAO it was full of shit, I bet it was just a shell

    • Jim Neerland

      Or you know, an internal beta that they announced months ago.

    • Morris ヅ

      this aint sony.

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    This statement will be scrutinized but I get it completely. It’s hard to have a movie license, music license, and an agreement with a live TV network let alone the actual show and any ads that may pop up during that show to really allow a demo to be shown live without it looking too scripted.

  • spideynut71

    It cracks me up that these pathetic trolls continue to pepper Albert with questions, then act like they don’t believe him and/or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. STOP ASKING THE MAN QUESTIONS, IF YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU WON’T ACCEPT HIS ANSWERS AS TRUTH.

  • Zohak Diaz

    Lol. Delirious fanboys. Just accept the fact the Xb1 is the best console out there. Lol

    • The True Gamer

      Wouldn’t it make you a fanboy to assume your opinion is fact?

    • You are flat out wrong

      Xbone is cancer.

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