Alien Isolation Patch 1.1 Fixes Video Frame Rate On PS4/XB1; User Report Crashes On PS4

Alien Isolation has received a brand new patch from Creative Assembly on the PS4 and Xbox One. This new patch aims to fix the frame rate of the game during some of the in-game realtime cutscenes. Creative Assembly confirmed this in a tweet on their official twitter account.

Sadly this patch also breaks the game on the PS4 as reported by various users on the official support forums as well as reddit. It is unknown whether this applies to the Xbox One as well.

Thankfully Creative Assembly were quick to acknowledge the issues faced by the users on the PS4 and have released an update on their official twitter account confirming that they are looking into this issue.

If you are one of the users affected with issues in Alien Isolation, it is best if you wait until this is resolved. Or you can try to stop the game from updating to the new patch until a fix is released.

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  • Sarah

    I was having issues then I connected to the internet just to start the game and now it’s working fine

  • Guest

    Does this update fix the framerate issue during gameplay for both games? Especially the X1 was has a even worst framerate.

  • carl

    God’s sake I can’t play at all! Do they test nothing?

  • Probably a firmware 2.0 issue. Again.

    • Guest

      Poor Sony PS Poor.

      • Guest

        Poor MS X1 Poor.

    • Guest

      Don’t make stupid assumptions, you dumb bot. How do you explain all of the X1’s problems

      • zZzZ

        Because it;s all run by the big wigs…. That’s why.

    • Guest

      Probably another stupid guess on your part. Again.