Alleged PS4 Slim box snapshots out in the wild

A couple of photographs depicting what appears to be a PS4 Slim have surfaced on the online classifieds and community website, Gumtree. The Slim iteration of this so-called PS4 is prominently featured on the box. Both front and rear photos of the console’s box have been posted on the website.


We’re not quite sure about the legitimacy of these photographs, but if they are indeed proven fake, the originator has gone to great lengths to ensure that they seem believable. Note that the console’s model number is marked as ‘CUH-2016A’.

Share your thoughts on these alleged PS4 Slim photographs in the comments below.

  • James Cobalt

    Just saw some VERY convincing and detailed unboxing photos on Twitter. Def looks like this is the actual design.

    • dra6o0n

      For a slim ps4, it seems bigger and wider.