AMD’s new Crimson Drivers are bugged and killing Graphics Cards – Report

PC hardware manufacturer AMD recently released brand new drivers for their Graphics Cards called Crimson which offered improved performance in certain games notably Counter Strike: GO. After a couple of days users are reporting bugs and glitches with the new drivers with the major one killing numerous GPUs.

The Crimson Drivers are supposedly limiting fan speed of the Graphics Cards which are causing them to overheat and die before the user can realize it. Drivers are overiding user setting and setting fan speeds to just 20% which is not suitable especially while playing demanding games.

AMD has yet to talk about the matter while the drivers are still available on the manufacturers website to download.


For those who have the Crimson Drivers installed and are looking for a fix can look into the temporary solution listed here which turns the fan to auto and change speeds as the temperature of your GPU rises. The solution is temporary because it the settings reset with every reboot. Users can also try other fan controlling utilities like Speedfan or MSI’s Afterburner software.

It’ll be interesting to see how AMD handles this as the new drivers are killing Graphics Cards which could lead to a them paying some sort of compensation to those affected.

Here’s to hoping AMD fixes these issues as soon as possible. Are you facing problems with AMD’s new Crimson Drivers? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Nikos RazorAnastaso

    my asus strix r7 370 works perfectly with cataalyst 15.7.1. since crimon and next i have great perfomance issues are about 20fps loss at ome games.its day and night compared with catalyst.

  • Safat

    After i updated my drivers from 15.7.1 catalyst to crimson drivers everythings fine and games run a bit better than before and my fan speed stays fine within 20-50%(checked with msi AB) .the only prob i have now is i CANT open the new radeon settings ,it always shows a host error and closes on startup. Anyone know any fixes for this? I reinstalled once and cant seem to fix it.

    Using a sapphire r7 370 btw

  • David

    My Gigabyte R7 370 Windforce was set to AUTO and began at 33% at 21C idle.
    No problem whatsoever.

  • mUSICA

    any ideal if HD 7700 Series has this problem?

  • Naxirian

    Mine are custom watercooled so doesn’t affect me ^_^ Drivers and GPU software have no control over the cooling on a custom loop setup.

    • Sadorath

      Same boat but I dont like that most my games have graphical bugs in them.

  • Prince Chèn

    Oh my god. It really has caused peoples’ graphics cards to overheat by limiting fan speed. There’s usually a fail-safe with many things to cause it to not overheat to the point of damage. Like a CPU will automatically shut the entire system down. These people may have done something that caused it to not do something similar.

    • Dennis van der Kooij

      read the post above yours m8

  • Mr K

    Lol this got blown way out of perspective all over the internet, There is currently a bug in the crimson drivers that stops the fans of certain cards from exceeding 20%. While this sounds bad it really isn’t. AMD cards have thermal protection built into the hardware and any card will throttle once it reaches it’s thermal limit waaaay before it reaches a temp that could damage the card.

    As an example I can switch the fans on my 290X off and all that will happen is once it reaches 95c which is the standard operating temp for a reference 290/x. It will start to throttle the core in order to keep the temp at 95c if for some reason it can’t and the card exceeds 98c it will instantly shut itself down to protect itself from damage which results in the infamous “Black Screen”

    There is currently a bunch of people on reddit claiming this fan bug have killed their cards in the obvious hope that AMD will RMA it for a brand new or better model of the card they already own.

    News websites are eating this story up and spewing a crap load of misinformation online. Reddit seems to have finally caught on to this and people that actually know a thing or two about tech have started to explain how anyone who claims their card died because of this bug are talking out of their anus.

    Copied from a post I made on steam.

    • Corey

      they prob overclocked the tits off their card and are using this as an excuse.

      • Sadorath

        I know R9s and R7s thermal throttle but I dont think the HD series cards or older had that kind of protection.

    • Jim Rodney M

      Mr K, I’m sorry but you have no business declaring these stories false on their face like you do. I have just lost *two* GPU’s for no apparent reason: my PSU is high quality, I don’t overclock, I clean dust from my components regularly.

      You claim these GPU’s are perfect and will protect themselves from heat damage, well, ever thought that, perhaps, a faulty driver code could disable proper function of the features you detail? Further, your outright rejection holds no weight, with me, given that my room stunk of burning hardware and indeed, after inspecting, it’s clear the GPU itself was emitting the smoke.

      I am an AMD fanboy and am not at all enjoying this experience and certainly not enjoying having to share it. But this kind of thing is devastating for those who’ve spent a lot of money on their hardware.

  • Corey

    Hmm R9 290 is showing artefacts in Witcher 3. Only game that seems to make it Hurt so bad at the moment. Will check my settings.

    • ChessMania

      I heard it was because apparently Crimson completely shut off the GPU fan at some points that would burn the graphics card chips. Could be a rumor though

      • Corey

        Haven’t had that, would know I have one of them windforce 3 cards and it sounds like a vacuum cleaner or a small cyclone in Witcher 3

  • AS118

    Yeesh, this is bad news. I downgraded to 15.11.1 beta because of the compass and text corruption in Fallout 4 anyway, but this is just another reason. That said, I didn’t experience these problems myself, but I have a pretty mainstream 270x, that I’m sure they probably tested.

    • Nathaniel Graham

      I’ve got a 290 and I not only had the compass issues in fallout 4, but also random core clock drops causing bad fps dips. At first I had issues rolling back to 15.11.1 until I downloaded the latest displaydriveruninstaller version with crimson support. Not happy at all, although this is the first time I’ve had issues like this with an AMD driver and I’ve been using their GPUs for years.

      • Kevin Smith

        I’ve been having the compass issues in Fallout 4 on my 7970 Ghz Edition(which was a hand me down so I didn’t pay for it), but that graphics card has always had problems with graphical artifacts, the artifact problem eased up with the Crimson drivers. I have gotten improved fps thankfully across the board though. Oddly the card used to have worse issues in the past, Windows 10 and more recent drivers seemed to of helped it oddly. Was going to replace the card with an upgrade but decided to put it off as it’s not really near as annoying anymore.

        • Dennis van der Kooij

          I have an r9 390 nitro, same issues, random core clocks and artifacting of the compass. I also see that the graphics card is also dropping core clocks in csgo, luckily that game isnt heavy enough to impact my framerate when my core clock drops

        • Dennis van der Kooij

          Im downloading the 11/30/2015 crimson driver update now

        • Jim Rodney M

          I’ve lost both a 7870 and 290 these past two months. I can only suspect it was Crimson since all my PC hardware works perfectly, aside from my dead GPU’s of course.

  • disqus_KzUXgY9VXS

    its simple make sure you uninstall any 3rd party oc software like afterburner before hand, it conflics with crimson software

    • callumshell1

      I had afterburner installed beforehand and everything still works fine.

    • Genryu

      It has nothing to do with third party software. AMD have admitted that the bug is in their software, not with any software conflict and they are saying that they will produce a hotfix withing twenty four hours. Many users who are suffering from this problem aren’t using any third party software such as MSI Afterburner. Crimson is unfinished and buggy as hell is what it boils down to.

    • CA BO

      Note that this isn’t affecting all AMD GPUs, only some.

  • Stormeh

    Good thing I went with a GTX 760 ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

    • Bob

      “Good thing I went with a GTX 970 OC ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ”

      • Nianfur

        You sure about that? With your crippled memory and non-functional DirectX12.

        BTW, Nvidia have released drivers that do the exact same thing. Several times, infact.

        So wait for your ticking time bomb, one day you will get your shiny new drivers and pop. Good bye GPU.

      • InterPoop

        Not for long ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

    • yardie

      shit gpu ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

      • Stormeh

        At least mine doesn’t burn up and die due to shit drivers ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

        • yardie

          AMD will release a driver update to fix it, although my card has had no issues. At the end of the day you’ll still have a shit card

        • yardie

          ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ