Amy Hennig Worked On Uncharted 4 For Two Years: “There’s A Lot of Me Still In There”

Ammy Hennig was the creative director of Uncharted 4 before she left Naughty Dog for EA. She is also considered the creator of the series as she worked on the concept of Uncharted 1 and then later finished the trilogy on PS3.

Amy Hennig departure was rather abrupt and surprised fans, leading some to believe the she was forced out according to a report from IGN which stated Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley as the main reason of her departure. She left Naughty Dog in March 2014 and was immediately offered a position at Visceral Games. She is currently working on an action adventure Star Wars game as a creative director, a role that she previously held for Uncharted 4.

Naughty Dog has given a special mention to Amy Hennig in the credits of Uncharted 4, acknowledging all her hard work for the series. Meanwhile Amy Hennig herself seems to be happy to see the success of Uncharted 4, which has received critical acclaim so far. Recently on Twitter, she confirmed the time she spent working on Uncharted 4 as well appreciated the hard work done by Neil Druckmann after her departure.

Considering that she was creator of Uncharted series, it is exciting to see her working on action adventure game set in Star Wars. It was recently revealed that Respawn Entertainment is working on a Star Wars action adventure game and Amy clarified that it was a separate game from what she was working on at Visceral Games.

Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars project is being headed by former Sony Santa Monica developer Stig Amussen, who is known for his work on God of War 3.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be released on May 10th for the PS4.

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  • Janet L Davis

    Hennig isn’t going to trash the studio, or Druckmann, even if she wanted too…
    Funny people call this article bitter & yet it’s largely positive, she says nothing negative about Druckmann.

    I doubt we will ever know what happen, but since we all have eyes & brains, it’s not hard to figure out that Hennig got a raw deal. It’s speculation to state that Druckmann had a hand in it, but I think he did, because of how quickly after creative differences Hennig left.

    Uncharted was a great series & I’ve hated to see it end. I do think it’s cute how Druckmann states that ND will not make another Uncharted…Sony owns Uncharted. They also OWN ND, so if Sony wants another Uncharted & Druckmann wants his job, they’ll make UC or lose the backing of Sony and all the benefits that entails…

    I just think it’s hilarious all the statements being made by Druckmann about what ND, a studio he does not own, won’t do. It’s too bad, I liked TLOU & Druckmann before I learned he’s allowing that idiot Anita Sarkeesian to use her ideas of feminism to alter a game. Always thought Sarkeesian was a cancer…and I’m female…

    • Isaias Rivas

      Preach! you took the words right out of my mouth

  • jacksjus

    Yes she poured 2 yearsof her life into UC4, but she makes it seem as if she wasn’t compensated finacially (salary paid) during that time. Sounds bitter to me.

    Also if so much of her is still in it I suggest that she seeks her writing credit, and not just accept a special thanks.

    • datdude

      You speak of things you can have no knowledge of because you know nothing of her contract or what was stipulated in it, nor of any compensation she may have received when leaving Naughty Dog.

      As for “bitterness”, I’m sure she is disappointed in the way the situation resolved itself (and that seemingly creative differences related to Uncharted put her on the outs) but she had a great run at Naughty Dog and her time there afforded her opportunities elsewhere she may not otherwise have gotten, so no need for “bitterness”.

      • jacksjus

        You don’t know what I may or may not know to be clear.

        Secondly it’s not rocket scrnece to inderstand that she was an employee of Sony/Naighty Dog and was paid as such. Bonuses are different but she recieved a paycheck bi-weekly like any other employee. The companiy owns all of your work while employed.

        • datdude

          Dude…you can’t even spell. I feel safe in assuming your knowledge is not complete.

          • jacksjus

            That’s a result of me removing spell check and typing while doing other things. However, thanks for reminding me how immature you are.

            I see you couldn’t even form a reply because there is nothing you can say. You just like to argue as usual.

            Ignore my post from now on. Much appreciated in advance.

          • datdude

            Right. Because simple words really need spell checking. Good luck with your disfigurement.

          • jacksjus

            Common sense would tell you that it’s not misspellings. It should tell you that the U and I are close on the keyboard of a phone you moron. If I turned off auto-correct it wouldn’t fix it.

            Again beat it because this has diverted from my original point. Smdh!

          • datdude

            Excuses are tools of the incompetent, that build monuments to nothingness. And those who employ their use are rarely successful. Good luck with all that.

          • Wally West

            Your complete diversion from the initial point, coupled with your unnecessary use of large words, leads me to believe that you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the above argument and are now responding for the sake of responding. And I agreed with you in the beginning, as I do not think she sounds bitter. But the devolution of your comments has now skewed my initial view of your point…

    • AriesSiren

      Don’t be ignorant.

      • jacksjus

        But it’s ok for you to be ignorant? Make your point.

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