Another Potentially Huge Watch Dogs Bug: Game Gets Stuck At Loading Screen

Watch Dogs was delayed from its initial November 2013 launch to May 2014, but sadly, even this delay hasn’t fixed all of its bugs. As we reported earlier, there is a potentially game breaking bug that can make you lose all your progress in the game, and the only way to fix the damage done is to completely start a new game. Now it seems like this is not the only issue with the game so far, as we have got plenty of reports from people, who are talking about issue when they load the game, and get stuck on the loading screen.

Ubisoft support forum for Watch Dogs currently has a huge thread regarding this loading screen issue. Most people are complaining about being unable to continue the game because they get stuck at the loading screen. Apparently this issue occurs if you claim or install any of the downlodable content from Uplay, so it is best to avoid doing this until this issue is fixed.


Ubisoft did acknowledge this issue and have promised fix coming soon.

Watch Dogs is now out on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Are you one of the users affected by this issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • joshua henry

    The screen didn’t load at all ;no bar

    • joshua henry

      Xbox one

  • Spencer

    I just got it today and it downloaded just fine but I have not been able to start the game because I’m stuck on the loading screen

  • adam abdul

    Its november. I now got the game and im stuck on it since my first attempt to play

  • Johnnyytsunami

    Literally just bought the game for ps3 and it installed it and i havent even got to play the damn game. It just says loading and nothing else pops up just loading with the logo, thats it… Pretty pissed about it.

  • MajorMurka

    I have the same issue at 90% however I’ve had and been using the stealth car from uplay since day one! Completed all side missions except the last gang hideout and got 9 main missions left to go last night I fired it up and boom! Stuck at 90% :-/ if it was an issue with uplay content why did my game work all this time until now? :-/

  • Chris

    Yep. Stuck at 90% on load screen :/

  • cyborgjynx

    Just now I tried to play Watch Dogs on PS4. It keeps getting stuck on the loading screen. It gets about 80% complete and just stays there. I don’t want to start a new game so I’m hoping it’ll be fixed soon. I do have UPLAY stuff downloaded.

  • Nitin Gupta

    First server problms . Now this shit … why ubisoft why

  • Frohicke

    I can’t even get the game up. I start a new game and it stops “loading” at around 90%. Rebooted several times with no joy. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Juan Dubbert

    I have it im on ps4 JTD98

  • sjokie12 .

    Got it for the xbox 360 on launch day(27 may), I’ve been having tons of fun playing the game for about 3 days. The first hour I played I bought the Uplay stuff for the game. Game has been doing great since, but since 30 may in the afternoon. I wanted to continue the campaign but it got stuck at the loading screen. Pretty pished because i’m already at act 3 and don’t want to start the whole thing over again. Hoping Ubisoft hurries up and releases a patch soon…

  • ProLemZzz

    I’m having this issue on PC and because I can’t just create another “xbox account” I can’t separate my game from Uplay and thus I’m stuck with this issue.

  • Kreggur

    I don’t have any DLC and I still have this issue. I had a bad feeling about this when I got queried several times on uplay that my local saves and the cloud saves were different. Now my game is broken and I can’t continue until they fix this.

  • DanAston

    Brought the game On day one of it’s release and not been able to play it because off this loading bug! It’s really starting to piss me off! They delayed the game to make it better and even with that delay they’ve managed to bugger it up! Before anyone gets defensive saying all games have bugs yeah granted they do but surely as hell they should makesure they’re putting to sale a game that will actually load?

  • Holmes89

    This is Such garbage, im done With Ubishit

  • Hurzysn

    Got it for xbox one and got off for a break and now its stuck on loading screen with only about a fourth of the bar loaded…. Cant they make games without issues these days.

    • Zevolo_the_oathbreaker

      Exactly the same issue here. Got the season pass and pre order dlc installed. Guess that was a mistake…

  • Dynasty2021

    Change your settings from Ultra to High, issues go away for me.

    No more stuttering, only micro stuttering here and there.

    Ubisoft has messed up with their coding, and need to fix the Ultra settings, as they say 3GB of VRAM is required, but people with 4GB and 6GB are having massive issues on Ultra as well.

    Coding issue, not a hardware issue.

    • ProLemZzz

      It is not a graphics issue trust me. I was running Ultra for hours before hand with no issues what so ever. Super high frame rate, beautiful graphics etc. It was only when Uplay content was downloaded in association with something else in game that triggered the corruption.

      • james smith

        the problem with mines is that I bought it yesterday and now it wont even get pass the first screen when have to hit a or x it tells me to keep doing that the game is fun but what the fuck man and now they can’t give my money back because they fucked up any clue how to fix this ps3

  • Paul Walton

    This exact thing just happened to me but It happened right after I finished redeeming my uplay rewards for finishing the game, please fix this ubi so I Dont need to start a new god damn save 🙁

  • juspeter

    It happened to me last night. Finished Act I, bought the last UPlay reward I didn’t have (The car), and am continually stuck at 90%. No amount of waiting fixes this. Soo, sitting on my hands until they fix it, I guess. The Wolf Among Us’s new episode is out and I still have Wolfenstein to play, but this is a pretty glaring bug. I wonder if they were just testing builds of the game, and not in association with the Uplay system? I don’t know, it’s pretty frustrating. If I didn’t have work, other titles to play, and other stuff to go to throughout this week, I’d likely be pretty peeved. Sometimes, you just have to roll with the punches, including the knock-outs.

    I did have a lot of fun in the time I had to play it, though. Remote Playing from my Vita while on a 3am shift on Wednesday was amazing.

  • devereaux12

    yes it has happened to me and i don’t want to lose my progress 🙁 the loading screen only stops on my main profile the one that has the uplay stuff downloaded. but if that’s the problem how can i delete the uplay dlc then. i have no idea how.

    • Alex

      i tried, but with no success…….

    • I got ubisoft to delete the Uplay DLC and it didn’t work…

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