Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2, and Twisted Metal: Black could be headed to Playstation 4

Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2, and Twisted Metal: Black are some of the best games released on the Playstation 2 and they could be headed over to the Playstation 4 soon.

PEGI or the Pan European Game Information Board recently rated all three games for the Playstation 4. Unlike Twisted Metal: Black which is already available as a PS2 Classic for the PS3, we haven’t seen much of the Ape Escape and Dark Cloud series since the PS2.


Dark Cloud 2 or Dark Chronicles as it was known in Europe is one of the finest RPGs on the PS2 and getting a chance to play the game makes me super excited. With the release of these three games Sony could be looking to see if there’s any interest in the franchise and if they’re worth investing into.

Which of the three games are you looking forward to playing the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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