April’s Xbox Live Games With Gold Lineup Revealed [Update]

It appears that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to get Hitman: Absolution for free as part of the Xbox Live Games With Gold program. The game will be available to the users starting from 1st April.

Xbox Live Games With Gold has usually been criticized with having a weaker lineup compared to the PS+ offerings, and while Hitman: Absolution might seem like a neat addition to the Games with Gold library, it was already available on PS+ last year. This is one of the 2 games to be released in April, the second one will be made available from 16th April.

Update: The second game for April is Deadlight. It will be available from 16th April and onwards.

Xbox Live Games With Gold for the month of March included two games, Civilization Revolutions and Dungeon Defenders. The month of March started with Civilization Revolutions and concluded with Dungeon Defenders.

It has been rumored that Microsoft will expand the Games with Gold program to Xbox one in June. As it stands, this program is only available for Xbox 360 users, but Phil Spencer ensures that Xbox One will be getting Games with Gold ‘fairly soon’.


What do you think about Hitman: Absolution? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Devonta Jones

    This games for gold blows

  • Hod Davis


  • Ralf

    well hopefully these work better than the civ rev game which still freezes, good thing its free

  • Del

    Man Shane is a true Xbox fanboy..anyways I have both plus/Live actually I just dropped Live because I don’t play many Xbox games online. I just wanted to put my 2 cents on games with gold……….they all sucked every last one of them. Some people complain about the games they are getting for free?? um last I checked you have to sub for gold/plus to qualify for these games so they are not free. And my god give it a rest..do you really want to keep any of the games that Microsoft thinks worthy of being free? I’m not a fan boy of either I have both but I can tell you the games you get on PS Plus are far superior. Just google and compare…that simple.

    • Actually I’ve owned pretty much every console that has come out in the last 40-years. I also don’t hate any gaming system.

      What I do hate are people who troll…so I just hit them hard. πŸ™‚

  • C.Z.

    I think this Games with Gold thing has successfully made me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. You pay $5 a month for gold, and you get AT LEAST $30 worth of games for free. Now, this might not seem that good if the games were good, but I have to be honest, I do rather enjoy a lot of the games they’ve given out. Esp. Assassin’s Creed 2, Halo, Gears of War, Crackdown, Dead Rising, Dead Island, and maybe one or two more I can’t remember at the moment.

    • C.Z.

      EDIT: “Now, this might not seem that good if the games WEREN’T good”

  • wasimali bori

    already got this from PS plus last year and the game is stupid as hell. don’t know why MS is giving such a GOOD FOR NOTHING game as free when u really don’t enjoy playing it.

    • Carl Johnson

      That sounds an awful lot like an opinion to me. I enjoyed Absolution.

  • Andygee1987

    April Fool’s you get Viva Pinata really!!

  • Hannibal G

    I would rather “Rent” Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider than “Own” Civs, Asassins Creed 2, Halo 3, and some of the other c rap they have released. People who defend Xbox 360 for these titles is either mentally disabled or just trying to make themselves feel better. But there is no way that GWG compares to PS+ regardless of if you can keep the titles or not. None of the titles are worth keeping, and any gamer worth his salt have played the games they give multiple times. I rather “Rent” something NEW than OWN something OLD that i have played many times over and probably traded in by now. Like Barney Stinson says, New is Always better.

  • Virdin Barzey

    I will continue to say it over and over. Gamers are some of the dumbest consumers. Why would anyone in their right mind want either one of these companies to dominate the market? You have be an idiot to want that. Unfortunately, there are tons of gamers who want exactly that.

    Do you think PSN would be what it is today if not for LIVE? Do you think you would have Games with Gold if not for PSN? How many times does it have to be made clear that if one dominates the market, ALL gamers lose. Nothing more expensive than sheer ignorance.

    • Xbot.. ha that’s play on words

      That is probably the most logical argument in this comment thread… admittedly as i own an xbox and not a ps3 i am biased towards xbox therefore i irrationally want them to be the better console no matter how much i feel that i understand your point that competition is necessary. What I’m saying is that no matter what you say, there will always be those people who will continue to proclaim that their console is better and will put down their console’s counterpart.

  • Wheresmymonkey

    Here’s the differnce though. If i let my gold sub lapse i keep all the game’s i’ve downloaded. If i stop paying for PS+ i lose access to my library of games. Games with gold despite having older games is actually the better service in terms of long term value. Whent they turn the PS3/PSvita servers off. Say ggod bye to your games, when they tuen off the 360 servers, so long as the games are still stored on your HDD or a USB pen you can keep them forever.

  • maxy

    Oh come on! I would prefer an old title that I didn’t play! I beated the ass of hitman:absolution completely! By the way great game for the others who don’t have it.

  • Neosankyo

    Just got Hitman Absolution last January as part of the Countdown to 2014 weekly deals. Then they will offer it as “FREE” 2 months later?! Sheesh.

  • Axe99

    Hitman’s a great game, well worth checking out for those XBLAers (and anyone else, if they own a system it’s on, although they’ll have to pay for it unless they were on PS+ last year). Does stealth well, and gives you plenty of options. Still be a while before Games with Gold is anywhere near PS+, but if you’re on XBLA that’s neither here nor there, you’ve just got yourself a free Hitman :D.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Squeenix getting in on that free games hype. Tomb Raider and Hitman Absolution is getting around a lot.

  • Is this source at all reliable?

  • glitch

    Buy US made consoles, don’t fuel japans crumbling economy

    • JerkDaNERD7


      I rather buy Japan than European….Those ol’ farts have nothing interesting for the future.

  • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

    More like April fools and you get Ace Combat 8 haha

    And lol this XBL admitting defeat to PS Plus. Otherwise they would continue to provide crappy games instead of one decent game .

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Big difference?! Even without Live after downloading you keep it and CAN play it. Not part of the subscriptionn to keep ya.

      • rhetoricmonkey

        I’m not a fan boy of Sony, but I dislike Microsoft. However I won’t deny this facet of their meaning of “free”. I can’t get past their logic in charging a toll to reach Netflix on a console I’ve paid for. I have some ‘free’ games that Sony did give me in the past, but it was because my user information had been compromised with around 7 million other users. A game that is playable during a subscription and expires with said subscription is a subscription, not free. Anyways, that is my rant for the day. I just wanted to say I agree with your statement of how I will be able to play the ‘free’ games Microsoft gives me the day after my membership lapses.

  • Nathan Kinney

    heard its a fun game, look foreward to trying it,

    • rhetoricmonkey

      Me too, I hope that the 16th’s game is something less folks have though. For the sake of rewarding “good” consumers. (I abhor such creatures, but I think they like free stuff too.)

  • Steph

    Who cares about old free games on ps or xb lol people like to both brag and whine about the stupidest crap, rage on

  • Uk_Bloke

    It makes me laugh when I read people comparing PS+ to Games with Gold. Sony tried to out do Microsoft and make their multiplayer free. They soon realised that Microsoft where right and servers cost money. The only way they could dupe PS3 owners in paying for the online was to market it as a games rental and even though people are now paying for PS+,Sony servers are still far inferior to MS’s.

    You cannot deny that Xbox live is by far the best multiplayer server out there and it’s additional features such as party chat and games with gold make it a bargain. You may get more games on PS+ but without the games, would you even entertain paying for it? You cannot chat to your friends unless you are in the same team in the same game or are both running the private chat application.

    Microsoft have given us enough content to make a gold subscription effectively free and we should thank them for it. Even without the free games, my gold subscription pays for itself simply in the phone calls I do not have to make because of party and video chat.

    If you want to complain and go play your PS3, enjoy your anti-social gaming experience for which you have to use Skype (Who own’s that again?!) if you want to talk to your friends while playing.

    • Somebodyissilent

      I love reading xbot comments. There is never a drop of logic in them.

      • Ritsujun


    • Novacell

      PS3 owners don’t pay for online PSPlus for PS3 owners is optional multiplayer is still free on PS3, its only PS4 that pay for online multiplayer.

  • Illusive Man

    All the PS nuts keep talking about PSN+. I already have a giant back catalog of games on 360 I’ve never played due to GwG and nearly weekly ultra deep discounts. I just can’t keep up and having to work and be a dad doesn’t make anything easier. Suppose I do get free time to play and my subscription has expired. On PSN+ I’d be screwed. With Gold I can take my time. I agree they need to improve the selection but some of the games aren’t all that bad. They are just old.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Always amusing when Xscum make excuses for OldGameNooneWants With Gold.

  • γƒžγƒͺγ‚ͺ

    Where exactly is the verified source?

  • kevin

    Cool can’t wait.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Its a good game, I played it months upon months ago when it came out for free on PSN+, better late then never for the xbox kiddies I guess.

  • Orionsangel

    I’m surprised that neither Plus or Gold has given away the last SSX game. Talk about a forgettable bargain bin title that’s begging to be given away for free.

  • Hates bad writers.

    Skip for me. Absolution was by far the worst in the series, it wasn’t even a stealth game.

  • I never quite realized this before since I tend to be a fan of all platforms…but man do a lot of people love to suck on Sony’s dick.

    It’s a good thing I’m a fan of all consoles and gaming in general and know that the folks here don’t represent everyone who owns Sony products. πŸ™‚

    • Daniel Hill

      Thank you. And while the games on Xbox Gold are older, you actually own them. The “free” games with PS+ are only playable if you have an active PS+ account. They’re not really free.

      • Indeed. PS Plus in general is a great deal and I won’t bash it. πŸ™‚

        I do however still prefer the slight advantage of a title actually being licensed to me as a purchase instead of as a perpetual rental that I lose when I stop paying.

        That said both programs are awesome for gamers. πŸ™‚

        • Daniel Hill

          They are indeed. I just wish people could approach the consoles and their respective features with some perspective. No one seems to be able to do that.

      • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

        Well I’d much rather have “not really free” great games from PS+, then forever own the dog sh!t that you get from XBL fake gold.

        • Daniel Hill

          Yeah people like you what’s wrong with gaming. Cant express an opinion without being a twat. What’s good and what’s not good is subjective.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Gee, someone else who feels the need to explain the word “free” for the millionth time. Yeah, we get it.

        • Daniel Hill

          No you don’t. Because somehow you’re touting what’s essentially a rental service as superior to something that is given to you, which I don’t agree with.

          I don’t see how me pointing that out, when there are still so many articles out there that fail to mention this key difference, makes me an Xbot. Hell if anything I’m trying to keep things subjective. I don’t agree with certain things that MS does like anyone else, but I’ll back them up when I think they deserve it.

          • You are flat out wrong

            If the content is better and I sign up knowing full well I’m signing up to a subscription service for stuff I wouldn’t have played otherwise? We’ll agree to disagree.

            I think it’s fair to say that getting het up over what clearly is a reaction to PS+ and the perceived decline in value of the XBL service is pretty daft. Maybe MS will up its game. Maybe it won’t.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      And even more are riding Microsoft’s d!ck, which is even more sad considering you would have thought the xbone reveal and E3 2013 would have opened their eyes, but I guess a xbone drones will always be just that, after all as they say ignorance is bliss.

      • Carl Johnson

        If you’re talking about drones and riding d1cks, you’re probably the one riding someone’s dick. The guy clearly said he likes everything, yet you act like it’s some political faction war.

  • Hendog

    people complaining about getting free shit…….now that’s funny

  • Also folks I wouldn’t run with this as news yet. No one from MS has made any official announcements that I’m aware…and believe me I would know if someone had.

  • Indeed, but with Xbox I get the keep the game if I ever drop Gold…so it being released to PS Plus last year isn’t as huge as folks make it sound.

    • aeris bueller

      You will never drop Gold. And if you do it will be because you’ve finally wised up and moved to PS. This is the case for 99% of XBoxers where you’re not allowed to so much as look at your machine until you’ve paid your subscription fees.

      • moved to PS? I’ve owned every single console ever released for the US market shy of the PS4 and Xbox One, and that’s only because I’m waiting until I move into a larger place to have more space for all of my stuff.

        Instead of blowing Sony grow a brain.

        BTW…I do enjoy that you like lying…but at the same time it’s sad since it seems in your case to be a mental health issue. πŸ™

        • aeris bueller

          lying about what exactly?

          • You’re saying that you’re not allowed to so much look at your machine until you’ve paid a subscription fee.

            That’s the largest load of horseshit I’ve seen today.

          • aeris bueller

            Do you really consider that a lie?, or do you see it for the obvious exaggeration it actually is? The XBoxOne is pretty much useless without a subscription. You can’t even watch netflix or check your email. The level of absolute blind and selfless devotion it must take for fans to delude themselves into thinking this is a company deserving of their defense – it’s just mind-boggling to consider.

          • You can backtrack all you want…sony pony πŸ™‚

            I own consoles from everyone…and I don’t discriminate except against the blind fanboys that love to suckcompanydicks

          • aeris bueller

            first off. sony pony is a crappy insult, since ponies are awesome. Secondly, I didn’t backtrack anything. Only someone with english as their fourth language who’s also never experienced humor or sarcasm would think I meant you literally can’t look at your XBox without a subscription.

          • You mean someone like me that learned to read at the age of 2, had college level comprehension before the 3rd grade, tests out within the top 0.0001% for intelligence worldwide, and has worked on some of the largest gaming projects in history?

            Sure I must be an idiot…keep trying moron.

          • aeris bueller

            And you still can’t identify obvious exaggeration? Also, ha, I remember bragging about my IQ percentile back in high school. It was tough being so insecure. Also, I haven’t created any of the largest gaming projects in history yet, but I also work in the industry, not that it holds any relevance to the conversation, and your inability to identify basic nuances of written interaction, or your inability to identify obvious marketing double talk, leading you to believe you actually get games for gold for free. If you’re the same Shane Nokes, I see you worked on MS games before, which seems to convert a lot of developers into mindless MS drones, so maybe it’s not your fault.

          • I can…and it’s still a form of lying…which you obviously haven’t figured out yet.

            Also I wasn’t bragging about my IQ. I was addressing an insult you tried to level at me.

            Perhaps you should read what you write before you spew another bit of menstruation from your mouth. πŸ™‚

            I’ve worked on far more than just games. I said projects…which includes more than just gaming titles, and yes that I’m that same person.

            I’m glad to see that your Googlefoo at least works.

            BTW I went to the store yesterday and bought an item that costs $3. I received a second item at no additional cost…so for both it cost me $3…and if I had just purchased 1 of them it would have still cost me 3.

            What would you call that second item since I would have had to pay $3 either way.

            Bam…no more need to reply to you. I just made you look like a complete idiot…which is the truth. :).

          • aeris bueller

            I didn’t insult you, as you have me in nearly every reply so far. I was pointing out that your misinterpreting my words as being literal was an intentional ‘mistake’. And yes, you were bragging. Takes one to know one, and I was one.

            “I’ve worked on far more than just games.”
            Is this more bragging? Again, don’t see the relevance to anything.

            “and it’s still a form of lying”
            No it isn’t. There was no intent to deceive. It didn’t even cross my mind that someone might pretend to take it seriously out of desperation to pile one more fallacy upon their pillar of illogic.

          • Hyperbole is a form of not telling the truth. You can try to wriggle out of that all you want to. I wasn’t taking you seriously…but I was calling bullshit on the underlying sentiment you were trying to express.

            Don’t pretend you weren’t trying to bash on the MS stuff. It just adds another lie to your pile of them.

            BTW if you can’t see the relevance of someone who knows how these programs work from the inside out then either you’re lying again or you’re even more stupid than I thought…and that’s saying something since you literally keep stooping lower on the intelligence pole with each new attempt to lash out at me. So yeah…keep it going. I’m being entertained now for free. πŸ™‚

            Also trying to make the less than subtle inference that I’m a drone just prove that you lie about not insulting me. Even an insult by inference is still an insult.

            Jesus Christ…how many times did your mom drop you on your head as a baby?

          • aeris bueller

            I actually have a party to attend, so I’ll be back later for more fun. But yeah, your childish anger in all comments (not just in response to me) shows how god-tier butthurt you are about the company you love so dearly, and their shit policies.

            I also “know how these programs work”, and none of it changes any of my points, or your intentional attempt to construct a distracting fallacy. If you look through a list of logical fallacies, it’s actually quite humorous how many you’ve managed to use as arguments in this thread alone. Argument from authority, ad hominem, strawman, etc, etc. You trying to unlock and achievement? Kudos to you.

          • Uh huh…a ‘party’. Likely a Sony Circlejerk…but yeah go ahead and go to that non-existent ‘party’. πŸ™‚

            Do you know what’s really hilarious? That you present those logical fallacies, and yet don’t seem to know what any of them are. πŸ™‚

          • TrollWar

            “sony circlejerk”???
            From the one who claims not to be a fanboy…
            Someone here is full of shit, and it ain’t me.

          • You obviously didn’t read all of the posts. I had already been called an ‘xtwat’ and various other names more than once. I was responding in kind.

            However I don’t expect you to take the time to actually read through things properly since I don’t think you are actually serious about this and are just looking for a reaction. πŸ˜‰

            I would say nice try…but that would be a lie.

          • Novacell

            ‘What would you call that second item since I would have had to pay $3 either way.’ BOGOF πŸ™‚

          • Yup, Buy One Get One Free. It’s a Value Add item, just like the GwG stuff. It’s the same price as before, but with bonus stuff thrown in…and even if you choose to not take advantage of it…it’s still the same price. πŸ™‚

            I think you were agreeing with me here, or so I assume. πŸ™‚

          • Shane Nokes needs to STFU

            It’s easy to lie over the internet. Lol.
            Correct me if i’m wrong, but wouldn’t somebody in the top 600,000 smartest in the world be able to offer a reasonable argument without mentioning cock sucking, or lowering themselves to the level of racist insults?

          • Of course lying is easy over the internet. That’s why I have no problems ever answering questions that folks pose to me. If you want to actually have some of those answers and aren’t just attempting to troll me as well (which it seems you are given the name you’re using) then ping me over on Facebook. The link above is to my real profile, and I can give you proof of my credentials, education, testing…whatever you want.

            I never have issues with backing things up.

            As regards offering a reasonable argument…that’s nearly impossible once folks start trolling you, and when they troll me repeatedly? Well I believe in the rule of a disproportionate response. You smack me, and I drop a nuke on you. You kick me and I vaporize the solar system.

            It usually ends conflicts quickly, but not in all cases. In the cases that it doesn’t at that point I seek base amusement at their expense.

            It’s not that hard to understand…even smart folks can get enjoyment out of pissing off assholes. πŸ˜‰

          • Daniel Hill

            You weaken your argument when you choose to start insulting someone’s grammar. What does that have to do with this debate?

            I bought an Xbox One to play games. What the hell do I need to check my email for on there?

            It’s funny that people didn’t utter a peep when Sony announced that you now need to play their games online, but literally anything MS does get attacked. It’s nothing but a mob mentality that makes everyone part of it look like sheeple. Just play your games and shut up.

          • aeris bueller

            I didn’t say anything about his grammar. I was calling him out on pretending to take my ‘can’t look at your Xbox without live’ comment literally, and calling it a lie.

            I was also one of the most vocal critics (in comments of course) when Sony started charging their toll for online play.

          • Daniel Hill

            Fair enough. That shows some perspective on your part. Your comments just weren’t really reflecting that. I just don’t see the need for this arguing. If you like what you’re playing, who cares what everyone else does? Just let him pay for his XBL, you pay for your PS+ , and everyone’s happy.

          • aeris bueller

            There’s no need to argue, but I think shit-eating (accepting, defending, or praising bad practices of a company) is bad for everyone, and I also enjoy fanboy console wars and arguments just for the fun of it. If you read through the comments, though, you’ll see he was the one going apeshit about it

          • Daniel Hill

            It just seems really petty to me. It’s pointless and it never goes anywhere. Not for me.

          • aeris bueller

            I understand. It’s definitely not for everyone, but I’ve loved the actual ‘wars’ part of console wars for a long time. I also like deconstructing faulty logic, which is what this thread with Shane has devolved into.

          • Daniel Hill

            If it ever went anywhere, yeah sure, but it doesn’t. I don’t even usually scroll down to comments anymore. This threat reminded me why.


    This is a great game. I think it’s just the PS fanboys complaining. I wouldn’t worry about them. Even tho I’m not a Hitman Fan. It’s a very recent and popular game. People I know that played this game said it was great. If this is true. My hopes for GWG is back. People will be excited to play this game. That’s a fact!

  • Prettyboyred

    I like and think that it’s cool that Gold members are given two free game each month. But it is disappointing, that I’ve been a Gold member for three months, and only one game has appealed to me. It would be cool if we could vote for what games are offered to us each month.

  • That’s a great game can’t wait to download it…

  • Crapgamer

    This is stronger than PSN+ this month IMO. Arkham City is a pretty old game, and I own it on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U already. Good job Microsoft!

  • Toadie T

    Geez, another game I already own for my 360.. disappointing MS.. how about giving away Banjo-Kazooie off Arcade.

  • Toadie T

    Geez, another game I already own for my 360.. disappointing MS.. how about giving away Banjo-Kazooie off Arcade.

  • Joe shickler

    Are people really going to fucking complain and take shots at Microsoft, even now? How pathetic of you. They don’t have to give your ass free titles every month but they do. People complain about older titles being given and then they still complain when a newer title is given. Ungrateful shits.

  • Joe shickler

    Are people really going to fucking complain and take shots at Microsoft, even now? How pathetic of you. They don’t have to give your ass free titles every month but they do. People complain about older titles being given and then they still complain when a newer title is given. Ungrateful shits.

    • lol

    • Jorge Almeida

      And they forget the fact that they “ACTUALLY” give them to you, they don’t rent them to people, like if you lose your gold membership you can still play them contrary to other consoles, that’s another thing people tend to forget

      • aeris bueller

        right! you get to own decade old games forever that would have cost you at least $2 or even $3 in the wal-mart bargain bin.

        • Decade old games? Seriously dude, quit blowing Sony…they don’t care about you.

          • aeris bueller

            I didn’t say anything about Sony.

          • Ian William Hazelwood

            this game is only 2 years old and at some retailers its still $20.. But alrighty.

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Hello hypocrit it’s a two way street.. And congrats to you for defending the worser service. If you didn’t you might actually get more decent games.

          • Worser? LMAO. Dude thank you for the laugh.

            Maybe when you grow up and can learn how to speak something other than gibberish you can join the little kids table…and then the adults table a few decades later. πŸ™‚

          • todd Wright

            cry about it

          • Gekko36

            So he doesn’t support Sony his decision is now more valid than yours. I don’t buy Japanese products because I believe they have a strangle hold on the electronics market, so I support European and American kit.

            In my view I would fight tooth and nail to have a balanced console market, where competition is even and no one company dominates. Especially with online services, as Sony and Microsoft have almost identical plans.

            Free Games? – Check
            Online Play – Check
            Party Chat – Give or take – Check
            etc, etc

            Based on the recent performance it’s going to be a very even race., unless someone pulls a rabbit out of a hat.

          • Exactly..competition is good. πŸ™‚

        • CHAINSAW305

          Nah.. this guys right. I hope more “Xbox Fan Boys” actually think like this guy so we can actually get some decent stuff to play with from the GWG program. We don’t have to get recent/brand new titles. But darn a game that’s literally a “decade old”.. lol! That I could buy for 5$ at the “wal-mart bargain bin”. Sleeping Dogs was a really nice start. Hitman Absolution would be even better.

        • Sea-HAWK fan

          So true. Most gamers (90 percent are the #’s thrown around) have PS plus. So basically in a way they do own the games. They can play to there little freaking hearts desires. Just admit COMPARED to PS Plus, Xbox Gold stinks so far. No need to talk about renting as you call it. We don’t bring up playing F2P games, Netflix, and everything else besides MP for free all the time.. : ) If I ever choose to get a vita, I will have TONS of games right off the bat. Big what if.

      • rxl209

        cancel your xboxlive then try to play some multiplayer……looks like you really didnt keep the game after all

        • Multiplayer is not the only aspect of games. I would still own the game and I can still play every part of the game other than online multiplayer…AND even when cancelled I still own the title. Quit lying douchecanoe.

          • rxl209

            yes im sure nobody buys halo for the multiplayer, they buy it to play the dudebro campaign over and over again

          • Halo isn’t the only game that has been released as a part of this program. Keep changing your argument though. It just shows everyone what an idiot you are. πŸ™‚

            I just keep knocking them down as you set them up…and to be honest you’re the only one looking foolish here. So keep responding. I’m home all day today so I’ve got plenty of time. πŸ™‚

          • rxl209

            trust me i know…shoot many robots XD civilization, just game after game of complete garbage. you xtwats will never get anything worth downloading unless you admit this promotion is a disaster

          • You know what? I know you’re still not able to handle life since your mom raped you as a child.

            Look I can type naughty things too. Now go back to her basement. πŸ™‚

          • rxl209

            lol way to argue nothing ive said. if you cant see the difference between whats offered with ps plus and whats offered from xbox live then yup, youre an xtwat

          • ….and you know what your moms twat feels like. How sad.

            I do love how you list only a couple games still out of all of them. Keep acting like a child and I will keep treating you like one. πŸ™‚

          • rxl209

            lol you mad because games with gold is a joke XD…enjoy hitman, i did……..a year ago on psplus……..and i still have it, there goes the whole “but you get to keep the games”

          • Drop your PS Plus member and try to play it. Have fun with it not working.

            My fiancee for now has dropped her LIVE (she’s been too busy to make it worth paying for) and she can play all of her games that she snagged from Games with Gold without issue.

            You can’t do the same. So my point is made…and you can piss and moan all you want…because it’s feeding my amusement at how little your mind seems to be. πŸ™‚

          • rxl209

            oh im dropping a membership but its not ps plus, im dropping xboxlive, i dont need games i have on my ps3 on my 360 years after ive played them. have fun playing shoot many robots, thats a real classic

          • Good, and guess what? You’ll have access to everything that you’ve purchased and were given as part of Games with Gold. πŸ™‚

            BTW I would prefer folks like you drop Xbox LIVE. It makes the work that some of my friends do easier when there are less douchecanoes on the service. πŸ™‚

          • rxl209

            dont worry, when you get a new games with gold game just ask me what it was like when i played it years ago on ps plus, hey maybe youll get lucky and hitman was just an april fools joke and youll get a real game

          • No worries. I wouldn’t ask you directions for directions to a hospital if it were a life and death matter.To me your judgment is just that terrible. πŸ™

            BTW. I have no conclusions on it being an April Fools Day joke or not…and personally to me a game I don’t own that I now get to own at no cost is ALWAYS a bonus.

            That said, I know for a fact that this information didn’t come from MS as of yet as the person who would be the first to make this announcement didn’t, and it’s coming from a random twitter feed that likely is trying to pull some sort of joke.

            That said I look forward to playing Hitman: Absolution since I hadn’t snagged it for the PS3 or Xbox 360 as of yet.

            BTW, in all seriousness man (and ranting aside) you should seriously look into the issues that cause you to rage against MS for no reason. It’s not healthy, and to be honest hating Microsoft wasn’t even cool when everyone was doing it in the 90’s.

            They are human beings just like everyone else…and several of the folks there are dear friends…just like the friends I have at PopCap, NCSoft, Nintendo, Valve, etc.

            I don’t back a specific horse since all competition is good…but trying to deceive folks just because you haven’t liked the game choices so far just makes you look bad to the community at large.

            It makes it hard for anything you say to be taken seriously…stop and think about that for a second.

            (Before you point out my cruder posts and try to say something witty back to me…you should probably realize that the gaming community at large knows what my personality is like and they know when I’m just pushing buttons)

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Go ahead keep raging and have a heart attack. I ain’t saving you lol

          • If English wasn’t your 27th language you would have noticed that I said that they were raging…not me.

            I’ve been laughing my ass off this whole time Ping Pong. πŸ™‚

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Wow you sir are lame at comebacks. Thanks I would be thankful to know atleast 27 languages.

            And back to the point.. They didn’t write a one page essay about nonsense. You did though.

          • Yes because I was addressing multiple points from about 7 of their other posts all in one to save myself the time typing all of them one at a time.

            BTW just because I said English was your 27th language it doesn’t mean you learned 27 other languages it mean you failed to learn the first 26, and now evidently have also failed at learning the 27th as well Panda Express. πŸ™‚

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Ehhh.. A likely excuse. Can’t keep track of your own words then??

          • No excuses required when you’re telling the truth. You should try it some time Nail Salon Kimchi πŸ™‚

            The point was that we were both trying to condense our stuff into a single thread…but you weren’t here for that, so you wouldn’t understand.

            It’s ok Ken Wasabi. πŸ™‚

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Alright. There’s no point in going further because I visit a gaming website to talk about games. But if the person’s gaming consist of mainly 4 year old games then see ya later in other thread.

          • No, there’s not point in going any further (at least on your end) because you’re not making any progress.

            You came to prove me wrong and insult me…and instead I decided to be 20x more insulting and still managed to show that your logic wasn’t worth shit. πŸ™‚

            Now if you want to ever have a decent discussion at some point with a modicum of intelligence involved then feel free to try again, but this time without the unnecessary snark. You’ll find I’m a reasonable person when someone isn’t trying to be insulting and challenging from the word go.

            BTW, I play games from all eras. It’s a shame you think that the only game that has value is something released within the last week.

          • rwpjr84

            Does it make you cry a little that the only one that thinks you “owned” anyone is yourself? You pat yourself on the back like you won something, yet you look like a total fool. “20x more insulting”. Lmao.

          • Yeah, I can tell you have to either be mentally impaired or just lazy. You’d notice all the upvotes on my stuff, and the distinct lack of upvotes on those who are being idiots on here.

          • rwpjr84

            Holy fucking 4-5 upvotes Batman. Still not the same as them saying “OMG Shane Nokes, you’re 20x more insulting!” Haha. You’re a clown. Btw bro, are you smiling or what? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

          • Keep reading through the comments. You’ll notice a pattern where I generally have a significantly larger set of upvotes than those who are attempting to insult me.

            As for right now? My face is currently neutral. You haven’t yet provided me with any real sort of entertainment nor reason to be upset.

          • rwpjr84

            Was your response seriously to review your upvotes and declare that this means you “owned” the people you replied to? Aren’t you like 50 something years old bro? That’s sad bro.

          • Actually you’re the one that said owned in relation to this thread, not me. I said that I managed to be more insulting than them, and still managed to prove that their logic wasn’t worth shit.

            I never said owned. I said that when you compare the upvotes they received vs the upvotes that I received a pattern is present. That pattern is that people generally preferred what I had to say over what the others had to say.

            I’m also 33, and not your bro….so you’re wrong on both counts there as well.

            Do you enjoy this habit of being wrong? If so you are fitting in nicely with the people I responded to here a month ago. πŸ™‚

          • rwpjr84

            Don’t you just love the written word and how it keeps a record of everything that you say, assuming it isn’t destroyed?

            “That’s the reason I still own nearly 40 years worth of consoles that
            I’ve been collecting since childhood including all of the games”

            So you’re 33 and you own “nearly 40 years worth” of consoles that you’ve been collecting. Did you start collecting consoles as a newborn and you never learned what basic math was? 33 isn’t nearly 40. 35-39 is nearly 40, and you didn’t start collecting them at birth, despite whatever stupid thing you’re about to say to make yourself sound reasonable.

            So were you lying then or are you lying now, bro? πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

          • I do love the written word. It’s also very important to read things correctly, so as to avoid making yourself look like a complete moron (oops too late for you).

            I said “nearly 40 years worth” of consoles, just as you pointed out. That’s a very important fact to take note of…and I’ll explain just how this all works out.

            I started playing video games at a very early age thanks to having a ton of gamers in my family. Some of my earliest memories involve playing games on a ColecoVision with my uncle, starting around 1983 or 1984. I’m turning 33 in 2 weeks (I rounded up in my earlier post…so sue me) and have been collecting video game consoles since the mid-80’s.

            Now before you go, “Hold on…herpaderp, but you said 40 years Shane, and the mid-80s isn’t 40 years ago,” let me explain.

            Everyone I know, knows that I love collecting bits of technology, especially gaming technology. Due to that love I own consoles from the mid-70’s including some really cool stuff like an early Atari unit and an early TeleGames system (basically an Atari 2600 style unit). Some of these units I’ve purchased my self, and some have been gifts.

            There are pieces in my collection that are nearly 40-years old at this point (just a couple years shy).

            So yes I’ve collected nearly 40 years worth of consoles. I didn’t say that I had been collecting them for nearly 40 years. I’ve been collecting them for closer to 30 years.

            I know that’s a tough concept to grasp for folks like yourself that are reading impaired…since it not only involves reading…but comprehension of what is written.

            That’s ok though. I’m not taking you all that seriously…but it is fun to have another complete and utter imbecile to mock. πŸ™‚

          • rwpjr84

            Yeah right, that’s not at all the reason for you saying “40 years worth”, you’ve just come with an elaborate story (and I preemptively said you would come up with some bullshit) to cover your lie. You only said “40 years worth” because you meant to convey that you’re some “veteran gamer” in order to legitimize your opinions on which subscription service was superior. It had nothing to do with the age of the technology and you know it. However…

            If you really do wanna take it there, you’re 33 years old and treating “upvotes” like a popularity contest in order to discern who “won”. Winning as in who proved their opinion about a video game console subscription service. Pretty sad bro. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

          • Actually it’s the exact reason for me saying 40 years worth. The nice thing about reality is that it doesn’t require you to agree with it for it to exist.

            You can pretend all you want that I’m not an industry expert that owns nearly 4 decades worth of console technology all you want.

            All your denial does is sweeten my feeling of victory in this conversation. πŸ™‚

            Keep going though as I find people as idiotic as you thoroughly entertaining. You provide me with much amusement. πŸ™‚

            BTW if you think that someone providing information in a simple to read manner is elaborate, then I’d hate to see what happens when you try to do a math problem…

            Oh wait…I’ve already seen you attempt to do that, and you fucked up with the actual reading part of it that you didn’t get the math right.

            That’s ok though…your mommy loves you enough to tighten your helmet before that shortbus ride every morning. πŸ™‚

          • rwpjr84

            That’s not what you meant when you said 27th language. Liar.

          • Aww, you’re thinking again…and apparently like all of your other attempts it seems to be a non-starter. Also yes I meant exactly what I said I meant…but it’s nice of you to assume otherwise.

            Your mother must be proud…now I’m done here for today, since I just wanted to check in on why my inbox was getting hit with multiple e-mails…and it’s so cute that you’re thinking of me when my birthday is this month. πŸ™‚

          • rwpjr84

            If you’ve been laughing the entire time, you should get a psychological evaluation ASAP. See if they can prescribe you anything for “UMADITIS”. I hear it’s a vicious disease.

          • rwpjr84

            Lol you’re mad.

          • theblightsun

            How much time did you put into keflings? Im curious. The only game from the gwg program that I didnt already own was keflings…. and keflings is ass crumbs.

          • None so far, but that’s more about me doing a lot of travelling and such since my mom had a stroke this last August. There’s been a ton of complications and such, so my gaming life has been pretty much neglected.

            I don’t have a portable GAEMS setup (not a typo it’s a brand) so most of my gaming since around August has been either on a tablet or phone.

            I have heard a lot of good things about the Keflings games however from a ton of people. You’re one of the first people I’ve heard say something negative about them

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            umm yea I can drop both services and wouldn’t play games on either. Even with XBL gold I would only play Hitman A. Other than that I rather not waste my time on that. I rather keep insulting you lol

          • In order to keep insulting me you would have to successfully have done so first.

            Just out of curiosity was it weird when you found out that the only reason why you were adopted is because your Chinese birth parents needed to have at least one smart child due to the laws there about how many children a family is allowed to have?

            …or was it totally not awkward to find out that they actually had a daughter after that…and still decided it was a better bargain for the one child they were allowed to keep?

            Now, that was an insult…so do keep up Wing Nut Foo πŸ™‚

          • bigshynepo

            All your credibility just went out the window when you start taking shots at a person because of their supposed ethnicity.
            I’d delete your comment if you want to come off as the better man.

          • Nah. I don’t worry about that at all. My credibility isn’t at stake over anything.

            Thank you for actually saying something that wasn’t entirely stupid though. I hadn’t posted for hours when this joker decided he was going to try to insult me…and thought he had good insults. So I figured I’d show him what actual insults look like. πŸ˜‰

            With how many years I spent cleaning up after jackasses online I’ve got a near endless supply of things I can dig into. I’m just planning on pissing him off enough that he nerd rages himself into a vomit fest. πŸ˜‰

          • bigshynepo

            I’ve been in your position countless time, the internet is getting to be a hard place to have an intelligent conversation. I totally agree with your GwG argument, and as at PS+ subscriber, losing the games after subscription is the biggest caveat. I still think PS+ is the better program for now but GwG is taking all the right cues and owners just need to be patience to reap the rewards later this year.

            I just don’t like seeing seemingly meaningful conversation devalued by cheap shots over culture, race, etc. I like to think that, on the internet, our discussions stand on their own merit and I appreciate you doing your best to bring some commonsense to this thread. Cheers!

          • You’re very welcome. As you can see I have no issues with responding intelligently to folks who are willing to have intelligent honest discussions.

            I just also have no filter when it comes to getting trolls to go away…I literally just keep dropping awful bomb after awful bomb until I disgust even them.

            It can be oddly therapeutic…and before anyone questions it (not you bigshynepo) no I’m not a racist. I actually hate racists. I’m just not above decimating trolls who I don’t even consider to be normal humans worth consideration.

            Think of me as a Lisa Lampinelli. I will go after anyone who equally who thinks they can troll me. I usually wear them out pretty quickly. πŸ˜‰

          • bigshynepo

            “Think of me as a Lisa Lampinelli”
            That was my laugh of the day, I’m sure you’re better than that!
            I am actually certain that video gaming discussion has hit an all time low. I don’t envy my friends with Bioware and EA for the BS they have to endure while reading and responding to internet discussion.

          • Sadly enough community management stuff like that isn’t the worst thing to deal with.

            Something really mind-numbing and soul-crushing is spending countless hours in Uno trying to find the pedophiles and such who love to pull their wangs out for any woman, kid, or really anyone who wanders into the room. πŸ™

          • rwpjr84

            LOL!! I should’ve saved my commentary for this one. Priceless.

            “Think of me as a Lisa Lampinelli.”

            As in you’re fat, ugly, and you talk a lot about how much you love black cock? Ahahahaha.

          • As in I believe that there’s no topic that’s out of bounds when it comes to making fun of it. If you limit the concept of what you can make fun of, then you have to start limiting other things as well.

            I’m sure you understood that though, and just intentionally decided to play dumb…or I could be wrong and you really could just be that stupid. πŸ˜‰

          • Oh and I do agree that right now on the gaming proposition as far as the titles being ‘fresher’ and such that PS+ is a better deal.

            That’s the funny thing that was making me laugh is that folks think that because you work in the industry that you’re automatically biased in some way…

            Sure that’s the case a lot of times…but there’s also a lot of times that people around here bounce between companies. I have friends that bounce between contracts for Valve, Nintendo, Big Fish, PopCap, etc.

            Contractors usually jump at the projects that interest them, not necessarily the company behind it. πŸ™‚

          • rwpjr84

            More of patting yourself on the back. “I’d show him what actual insults look like. ;)”. Lol what a butthurt fag.

          • Aww, a homophobic dickwad shows up a full month later and decides to insult me.

            I’m so entirely devastated that I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

            Oh wait, yes I do. I’ll keep living my awesome life, and you can keep living your sad one. πŸ™‚

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Atleast I have two healthy parents lol Serves you right about your mom lol.

            Okay back to talking about video games.. Oh but you can’t because I proove you wrong everytime so you get pissed and then have to resort to other subjects not video games.

          • It doesn’t matter if the body is healthy if the intelligence that they managed to impart on you makes Corky from Life Goes On look like Stephen Hawking.

            The interesting part Crab Rangoon is that you haven’t proven me wrong on anything…but you are making me crave Asian food.:)

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Yea like your fat self needs more. And if that’s the case let me be the dumbest and happiest person ever..

            After you eat food? Care to talk about games much? Oh wait.. your games consist of 3-4 year old games. That i don’t even remember much about those games after I played them 3-4 years ago.

          • Actually I’m not fat, but with the squint you have there getting dressed must be like looking in a funhouse mirror every day.

            I’ve averaged between 180-220lbs in my adult life. I used to bike 10-20 miles a day and also was certified as a lifeguard for some time.

            The problem is that when your spine starts to disintegrate due to a non-curable condition and you break several ribs in an accident you tend to gain weight while recovering.

            If you ever want to actually have an adult conversation let me know though…otherwise I’ll just keep hurling the insults your way for my own personal enjoyment. πŸ™‚

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            aha a likely comback. Just because you’re proven wrong. This a video game site. I play video games

          • Nice insult. Did you just get your first ball hair so think you’ve turned into a man or something Wang Chung?

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            What that’s you said? I talk about video games on a video game website.

          • David Jones

            civilization revolution wasn’t garbage you just believe it is because your a one-genre fan boy. One genre fan boys who expect the world on a silver platter are paramount to the highest levels of idiocy. Do you expect to get a just released game as games with gold do you even know how they obtain and sell games with gold. You obviously don’t or you would actually shut up. In order to sell the games with gold Microsoft must first buy the license from the developers and then re-package it for the games with gold service. It is not game after game of complete garbage unless you think like that and the games have been in every genre because the Microsoft gaming community is diverse and not a one trick pony. The vast majority of people i see complaining about Games with Gold make up three different varieties the first is FPS fanboys who believe they are superior and every game needs to revolve around there genre as it is the only one people should care about. Secondly is they believe the games are bargain bin games well let;s see the past 4 games are Dead Island at $20, Toy Soldiers Cold War at $15, Civilization Revolution at $30, and Dungeon Defenders at $15. This gives an average value of $20 per game hardly a bargain bin lineup. The third reason is that they expect new games and get mad at what has been released and the oldest game released was Assassins Creed 2 and was 3 years old at the time it was released and that is the oldest with the exception of Halo 3 because they needed a decent Halo game and 4 was to new. If you expect Titanfall or Ghosts with the program then pny up the dough instead of expecting a handout. If you don’t like the program you are free to your opinion just don’t get upset if every game isn’t too your liking it is not supposed to be.

          • MontyTripleCs

            Well I own both (ps+ Xbox live) and I find then both okay. They got their good games and bad ones but the main thing to remember is they are all FREE so to speak. Beggars can’t be choosers and when the Hell has it been a problem to get games for free? Cmon guys they are FREE games. Just download ones you like and skip what you don’t.

          • 111AlaN111

            Says the Sony fanboy who has shitty Singleplayer games only, accept it, the Ps4 free games are shit too, plus you only have knack,killzone and infamous wich are 20 hour games, so shut up

          • Novacell

            Lets be honest, PSPlus is a great service, and yes we are in effect renting the games, which includes PS3, PS4 and Vita. How many game’s are you going to play once completed? I played Hitman when it came out finished it and traded it in for another game.. Just because you get to “own” a game doesn’t mean you are going to play it in a years time. Thats why PSPlus is an attractive offer play, finish and forget and if you wish to play it a few months later it’s there or you to play again. When Games for Gold comes out for Xbox One which format do you think Microsoft is going to use? Yip, thats correct, a similar approach to Sony PSPlus. πŸ™‚

          • By saying ‘Yip , that’s correct’ that’s making an assumption using evidence not in hand.

            Considering my practical working knowledge from having spent years inside of Xbox I would be willing to place a rather large wager on you being wrong. In fact I’d say I’m about 99.9% certain you’ll be completely wrong.

            BTW I have a tendency to replay all of my games…and I only buy those that I know I will want to keep and play more than once.

            That’s the reason I still own nearly 40 years worth of consoles that I’ve been collecting since childhood including all of the games (yes even the dreaded ET).

            I fail to see anyone yet state to me why owning a digital title is inferior to renting a digital title when the price is the same….and to be honest that would be a rather bad argument to try to make.

          • Novacell

            The only way Microsoft can make Games with Gold workable and profitable is to rent the games. That way Microsoft can bring in more games for Gold ‘Microsoft allowing you to keep the games even when your subscription expires has an impact on what games it can include in Games with Gold’ <<< reference from Spencer

            Renting shouldn't be seen as a bad thing, as the current format places restrictions on what Microsoft can offer on Gold.

          • Games with Gold isn’t designed to be another revenue stream. It’s meant to be a value-add to the already existing Gold offering.

            If they were looking at it as an alternate revenue stream then we would agree completely, but that’s not how Games with Gold is viewed internally. πŸ™‚

            I also don’t view renting as a bad thing. I just view ownership (even if it’s just a license that I own) as better. Especially in the case of digital titles since I can just remove and re-download again if I need to at a later date. πŸ™‚

          • Novacell

            True in a sense of being ‘Value-added’ but someone still needs to pay the developer of the said game, depending on the developer, how much they want for their game Microsoft need to pay them for the consumer to get that value. If its costing Microsoft too much money to be viable especially for the Xbox One due to being a new console then renting maybe an option Microsoft will implement so that they can offer more games without the current restrictions that they face today with the current structure of Games with Gold.

          • Kayoss860

            Hey Shane are you a racist bigot? Let’s see you’re white, you make fun of other ethnicity when it’s uncalled for. You actually fit the the racist stereotype. But maybe it’s not a stereo type when it applies to you. If youre going start making rude comments about ethnicity I can play that game with you too. I’m surprised you have time to play video games. Don’t you need to attend kkk meetings are go tag swastika images on your neighbors garage doors?
            You talk about intelligent, but you resorted to racist remarks to try to win an argument over a video games and you also talk about a mom raping her own child. I bet you must be abused as a child, because we all know racist jerks like you sleep with their own sisters. How is that for stereotyping?

          • Actually you just engaged in the same thing I was doing, but aimed at the wrong person.

            I was being over the top in my behavior towards trolls in order to piss them off enough to get them to go away.

            If you had more than half a brain you would have figured that out.

            I’m sure I fit the racist stereotype though…let’s see here. I’m actually multi-cultural in my heritage, had family that died in the holocaust (even though I’m not Jewish by religion…well any religion really by choice), and my entire professional career for the last several years has been all about policing online communities against trolls.

            You assume that I was trying to win an argument. I wasn’t. I was just out-trolling the trolls.

            Someday you might grow up a bit and realize that sometimes you have to best someone at their own game in order to get them to go away. πŸ™‚

            Then again I assume you know that and are just trolling me in turn.

            Your next response will be very telling on that account. πŸ™‚

          • BTW, thank you for actually engaging in a real conversation on this instead of being someone snide.

            As you can see I do reply to those who are trying to actually have a discussion with actual replies. I only get snarky and snide with those who aren’t looking for a real discussion. πŸ™‚

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            In other words you get offended. But it’s alright.

          • Nope. I was commenting on the factual actions of others. They were being snide and snarky (like you’re attempting to be and failing even more miserably than they did).

            I’ve spent years having to hunt and track down pedophiles, having to hunt and track down people trading drugs for cash online, and various other things like that.

            Offending me is nearly impossible….but evidently offending you is simple Hung So Small. πŸ™‚

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G


          • todd Wright

            if that is really a picture of you i’m truly sorry

          • rwpjr84

            Yep exactly what that means. He’s raging. Good job making him type all of this shit, I’ve gotten a good kick out of watching this 50 year old fat guy flipping out over GWG vs. PS+.

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            You would be correct if owning game X and renting game X. But I get to rent quality A B C D E games. And keep calling it a rental. Most people keep the service anyway to play online. The free games are just a huge bonus for PS Plus.

          • I will…because it’s just a rental without a specific end date…like Netflix.

            Are you saying that the discs you get from Netflix are not rentals? If so you’re an even bigger idiot than I thought. It must be all that Chinese water…full of toxins.

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Nice try to downplay an ultra sucessful company like Netflix and their subscribers. Of course they are a dumb company and all the subscribers dumb /s

            Haha what does it matter people are enjoying the service. They clearly aren’t like a weird person like you who cares more about monetary value in their entertainment.

          • Where did I say that? I was comparing ownership to rental. If I buy a movie from Amazon, even a digital title…then I bought it.

            If I get that same movie from Netflix and then cancel my membership…then I still have to buy it elsewhere or start the membership again if I want it.

            It seems that you have no ability to process basic logic there Hop Sing.

            Then again if it doesn’t matter then why are you trying to argue with me about it? I mean after all it doesn’t matter right Lee Fing Bush. πŸ™‚

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            “Actually the average retail value per month is $35 for titles given out
            as of right now…but don’t let reality and truth affect you.”

            That’s what you said. Then I said In actuality I played more than that worth on PS Plus.

          • Indeed, and you tried to calculate a retail value based on that. Come on Cream of Sum Yung Guy keep up with the worthless shit you keep posting.

            You don’t make it as fun when you forget what you yourself have said. πŸ˜‰

            Although it’s still pretty fun.

            BTW, if your fathers Cream of Sum Yung Guy had been more potent maybe he wouldn’t have been so ashamed that he would have felt the need to send you away. :PF

            Oh, and if you’re willing to stop being a dick and discuss things intelligently I can drop the insults if you want….but they’ll keep coming if you keep trolling.

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Aha go play your lame 3-4 year on average old games.

      • Zack Grutza

        id rather rent the games u get from ps+ then the games u get to keep for xbox at least itll keep me wantign to rebuy the ps+…problem with microshaft is there games r like 5$ a game + the subcripstion is more but the p+ is 50$ but most of the games u get are 20$-30$+ games

        • Actually the average retail value per month is $35 for titles given out as of right now…but don’t let reality and truth affect you.

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Oh wow $35? I’ve played close to $200 since I got plus in Demcember. And I’m counting games as a $15 value. Mind you those are the games I’ve played. If you count the games offered it’s double that. And I go by Retail Value you can triple that.

          • What retail value? You don’t own any of those titles at all. So the retail value of what you’ve actually gained is near 0.

            It sounds like someone can’t even do basic math.

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Nice try on spin. I play video games not money. I equate my time spent on video games on fun factor and experience. I can careless about the monetary value of what I played.

          • Then why did you bring it up in your reply to me? You were arguing the money proposition after all. Nice try Chop Suey.

          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            Because you brought up the $35 in the first place. So if you want to talk about that “criteria” I beat you in that too. I beat you in fun factor and money prosition. You only win on full ownership of a game. Which you can own your $2 game πŸ™‚

          • Jason

            Bro… honestly, you can’t rank for shit. You have got to be the unfunniest fuckin’ dude whose comments I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading on the internet. Really? Some guy looks asian so you go with gems like Nail salon kimchi? Ping Pong? Lee Fing Bush? Could you be any god damn cheesier?

            What next? A dude who looks Indian says something you don’t like so call him some shit like chicken curry or Seven Eleven? BRILLIANT. My mind is blown at how bad your elementary school level jokes are. The sad part is, you seem to be proud of yourself as some sort of ‘offensive loose cannon’ or something but you sound like a complete jackoff.

            If you’re gonna clown some random dude on the net and then big yourself up like some smug fuck, at least actually say something funny or inventive. Good god…

          • I was trolling a troll. The cheesiness was intentional. The sad part is that I was being completely obvious about it, and somehow you still missed that and took me seriously.

            How sad for you. Good Jeebus….

          • BackoffBro

            You weren’t “trolling a troll.” You are a troll. Someone says something you disagree with, and try to back up their side of the argument. Yes, this guy you are arguing with is a douche, but you have been MUCH worse, with the racist comments and (frankly, stupid) insults. No matter what excuse you use as to why it is you say these things, he (mikeslemonadefromN4G) isn’t the troll that needs to leave. It is you.
            Please, either stop being a dick, and try to have a decent conversation, or just leave.

            (Posting as guest because this is the first person on the internet whose logic disgusted me enough to care.)

          • Yes. It’s called a disproportionate response. It’s basically like using a nuclear bomb to swat a fly.

            In most cases it gets trolls to go away instantly. In the cases that it doesn’t I escalate. If that still doesn’t work, then I just go all out and laugh my ass off at the obviousness with which I’m mocking them.
            If you do want to have a real conversation about this (and believe me with my years in the gaming and tech industry with communities I have plenty of stories and knowledge) then feel free to contact me on Facebook. The profile I’m signed into here has it linked.

            I don’t have a need to hide myself…which you seemingly felt the need to do for some reason. I guess for me I just prefer to always be me online as much as possible. Even on the sites where I use handles they are the same handles I’ve been using for about 20 years or so, and everyone knows who I actually am.

            I never hide it…because to do so would lend credence to those think I’m just a random troll or keyboard warrior.

            I attach my real identity in some way to everything I do…because to do otherwise is pointless. πŸ˜‰

            I mean seriously if he had kept going my next name was going to be Woo Ping Kauf.

            I couldn’t get more obvious with the fact that I’m counter trolling…

          • Mo

            Well said bro!

          • Oh boy…some people don’t seem to understand when someone is being intentionally terrible and cheesy.

            My next one was going to be Woo Ping Kauf…

            Also I didn’t pick him…he picked me and wouldn’t go away…so I decided to counter-troll and just be absolutely terrible with it for fun.

            My fiancee and I were laughing watching the trolls returning for more.

            Besides if I was going to throw out a terribly cheesy Indian insult it would be something like Bindair Dundat (sound it out) πŸ˜‰

          • rwpjr84

            Lmao!!! This ^ shit right here. “offensive loose cannon”, ahahaha.

        • Matt Wolf

          What in the name of FUCK did I just read?

      • brianc6234

        Sony gives all of their games. Why would you stop getting PS Plus? By the time people want to stop with PS Plus those games won’t matter anyway.

      • CHAINSAW305

        I’d rather have a great game to play for a month than have a older than dirt or an unpopular title ,that I would maybe mess around with for a day, forever.
        If Hitman Absolution becomes free. That will be awesome and I’d look forward to the future for the free GWG program.

      • Jason Griffith

        I like oranges

      • You are flat out wrong

        Xbot rectal anguish is best rectal anguish.

      • jdp12

        would rather get 60 games that I “rent” for free (never going to let PS+ run out though), than 12 games for free if you’re a gold member (at that time)

      • The Wolf 47

        Ok, so that works for the first year. What about the second year?
        How are you going to get the second year (if there is one) free game without paying for them?

      • RoadShow

        Xbox is a brick without xbox live. It would be far better off with a sub. plan like PS+. I’m not talking shit about games with gold. This is a good title. Glad that Sony forced Microsoft’s hand and after 12 years of worthless xbox live they finally are giving something for the sub.

        Xbox one without xbox live:

        Single player games
        Disk based movies

        PS4 without PS+:

        Single player games
        Disk based movies
        Free to play online games
        Video chat
        Video capture/upload
        Cross game chat
        Friend Spectate/Take over mode
        Access to streaming services
        Internet Browser
        Online movie rental

        Then with PS+ we get huge free games and for less than XBL

    • aeris bueller

      Yeah, they’re so ungrateful to demand a certain level of quality from an advertized feature of a service.

      • Joe shickler

        You’re joking right? They have given out quality titles. Assassins Creed 2 is a classic… I replayed it 5 times. Dead Island was amazing fun and I sunk hours upon hours into that game. Giving out Halo 3 brought the community back to life a little more than how it was. Dead Rising 2, Crackdown, and Fable 3 were all awesome titles! Dungeon Defenders was also a great pick up. There’s more to name, but I can’t remember them all. I think they are doing a great job with this program and people are too snobby and demanding.

    • rxl209

      the games with gold promotion has been a joke, a flat out joke. im insulted by the garbage they shovel out. finally they give out a decent game and its something psplus subscribers got a year ago? what a failure games with gold turned out to be. id rather get nothing than this

    • theblightsun

      The only game offered through gwg that I didnt already own was keflings. Keflings is an ass crumb game. So fir microsoft to offer up titles that collectors purchased years ago is lame. Aside from that, “free” diesnt always mean “good”. If I offered you back a breath if air that you already exhaled, would you be happy to receive it? How about I give you, for free, that sluce of pizza you ate fir lunch 2 years ago? (It would be a dried out turd) would you enjoy receiving it? Its free! do yeah, oeople complain about gwg because everyone has an opinion. Youre complaining about other people exercising their freedom to think so obviously you dont appreciate individuality and freedom of thought exoression. You ungrateful shit.

    • Jason Mounce

      “They don’t have to give your ass free titles every month but they do”

      They infact, have to. Not because they’re generous, but because they have to forcibly follow what Sony is doing with PSN+ because PSN+ and Sony emerged the dominant force to be reckoned with in recent years.

      If Microsoft didn’t dangle these incentives, it’d only be THAT MUCH MORE blatantly obvious of how inferior it is to PSN+. I do enjoy seeing that you think Microsoft is doing this as if it’s a charity or as if they genuinely give a rats ass for you. They give free old titles to shut you up and kiss their ass in a nutshell.

      People thus, are allowed to be ‘ungrateful’ because to be ungrateful to Microsoft is to be a Realist.

    • The Wolf 47

      Well, if they don’t like the service, then go on the PS+ instead.

    • ilovedopewhores

      keep in mind hitman has a game breaking bug that erases saves so unless u bought the physical copy the free game dont even work and they new that and claimed they was going to fix it and they never did that was in 2012 so yea

  • Joe shickler

    Are people really going to fucking complain and take shots at Microsoft, even now? How pathetic of you. They don’t have to give your ass free titles every month but they do. People complain about older titles being given and then they still complain when a newer title is given. Ungrateful shits.

  • Jason Mounce

    Another low-blow to satisfy their consumer base.

    At least many of you acknowledge you’re being fed Table-scraps. This isn’t even comparable to what PSN+ offers, this is a comedy that people actually think PSN+ and Microsoft Gold are equal as rivals anymore. Halo 3? Civilization? Assassin’s Creed *2* …..all these, old games or mediocre games that either everyones already played, or its just sales of them have declined and no one would ever purchase it.

    It’s the equivalent of a random game chosen out of a $19.99 Walmart Bargain Bin. Truth.

    • Crapgamer

      You don’t consider Arkham City to be an old bargain bin game? Also, I’d like to point out that these are two completely different services. GFG gives you 2 games to keep a month, totaling $35 combined, where as Sony rents you games for as long as you’re a subscriber. Microsoft has said they could do the same thing on Xbox One if people are fine with just renting the games.

      • Jason Mounce

        Arkham City and Hitman Absolution are of very similar release dates, however, I for one haven’t finished it yet nor own it. I borrowed it from a friend and played it half-way through so perhaps I’ll be able to finish it since it’s a huge game, much larger in quality and in duration than Hitman. That and Arkham City arguably is a higher-quality game both in acclaim/praise and in development. Hitman Absolution is overall a good game from what I hear, but one of the worst of the series from a ‘fan’ perspective so I’ve heard.

        Yes. You do get to keep the games but none of them seem really ‘Keep’ worthy, or, Omgbloodyfantastic!~ If for instance, that you stop paying for Gold Membership and you get a game that is say, Halo 2/3 or more Multiplayer focused, do you think you’d ‘Keep’ the game? In essence, yes. However, the flaw remains that you Need Gold to play the games that depend on Microsofts’ servers especially. It’s a Pro for Singleplayer or Non-Online games unless you need Gold to also play them, I have yet to see if you need Microsoft Gold Membership to even play any of the Free games you’ve been given as I’d SUSPECT Microsoft to pull a stunt where it’d request you prove your identity Online before you can play the Free games.

        I’m personally fine with Sonys’ ‘Rental Membership Service’ because for me its like. If I TRULY wanted to play the game they’re offering (for as long as the membership lasts) then it’d be clear that I should play the game within that Year and finish it. If I don’t? Clearly it’s not that important and I don’t need to own it or temporarily own it. Given an option to play a game and beat it within a years’ worth of time and then deleting it is what I normally do. Like say, Dead Space 1 and 2, I Platinum’d them and then what? I have no reason to re-tread it. So I’d never download it again and if I REALLY wanted to own it for sentimental value, I’d then grab the Retail disc for collective properties, I refuse to think of a ‘Digital Collection of games’ outside of PC/Steam, which am sure many fear becoming the norm as well, but that’s a totally different topic now.

      • dapaintrain

        Yes Arkham city is a bargain bin game it’s an old game. Would you still pay full price for it today?. Games get old and no matter how good they are they end up in the bargain bin.

      • rxl209

        dont worry, in a year youll get batman on games with gold XD and youll get to keep it (even though i see know scenario where i dont have ps plus)

  • V For Vincennes

    I can get behind Hitman Absolution. Rented it when it first came out and never had the time to finish it. Pretty good choice for the first of April.

  • Pretty disappointing.

  • rxl209

    thanks for the game i already beat when psplus gave it away, fuck you microsoft

    • sikemike03

      So you complain when it’s a popular game, and you probably complain when it’s a lesser known game. Fuck them for not giving you a popular game that you haven’t played yet, right?

      • Convergence87

        ms gives its users virtually nothing; yet fanboys want everyone to go crazy over the little they give.

      • rxl209

        theyre giving away a game psplus gave away over a year ago, theres no excuse for that, garbage promotion and an insult

        • No…that PSPlus gave you a non-renewing rental for…that basically extends out automatically as long as you stay a member.

          This is them actually letting you own the game, even if you drop Gold…not the same thing….but let’s not let reality intrude.

          • somestrangeryoudontknow

            Who cares if it’s just a rental, it’s not like people play their games over and over again. Some people don’t even finish the games that they buy and most people just play a game once. Id rather have rentals from this or last year than games that are over a year,two or even more years old that i most likely already have.

          • Yes, let’s change the argument shall we? I’ve got all day…keep changing what you’re complaining about folks and I’ll keep making you look stupid…which in reality only hurts you.

            It gives me an entire day of enjoyment. πŸ™‚

          • UrUgly

            get a life buddy

          • Have one working on some of the coolest gaming projects ever.

            Sounds like you need someone to give you a good ass-kicking though. πŸ™‚

          • rwpjr84

            Do you have a job or a fucking girlfriend by any chance? Earlier you mentioned “having all day” for this (talking in a fucking video game website comments section), and now you’re going on about an “entire day of enjoyment. :)”. Fuck I’ve just spent about 20-30 minutes reading these comments and replying to your idiocy and I’m quite ready to retire. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

          • It was a Sunday, as in the weekend. Also I am engaged and she happened to be here reading along with me laughing at some of the absolutely insane idiocy being spouted off by others.

            She knows where I’ve worked and what I’ve worked on first-hand. So she thinks it’s funny when people argue with me about things that I’ve either worked on directly or indirectly.

            If you can only handle 20-30 minutes of reading at a time it’s probably best that you take breaks. πŸ˜›

          • ShowanW

            Shane, it’s not worth arguing… Human being, and their “I’m entitled to it” attitude just astonishes me.

            Then they are wondering why PSN can’t be improved at a quicker pace. Sony is too busy paying the license fees on the games, u feel ur entitled to…

            As a PS4 owner myself, this saddens me…

          • Indeed. I’ve owned practically every gaming console released (from the 70s on) so I’m not a fanboy of any kind…but for some reason people who are Sony Fanboys (not Sony Fans there is a difference) just love to go after people.

            I’ve just decided to respond in kind for some laughs today. πŸ™‚

            BTW, I haven’t snagged an Xbox One or PS4 as of yet. How has the PS4 been for you? I haven’t run into anyone I know personally that has snagged one yet, so I’m always curious what folks think of it. I’m trying to decide whether to snag a PS4 first or the Xbox One.

            The only reason I’m leaning towards the Xbox One being first at the moment is some of the multimedia stuff…but at the moment I’m also cutting the cord on companies for TV and such so those probably won’t be as big of a factor as I was initially thinking.

          • ShowanW

            I snagged them both (PSN: showeezee) (Live: diezel78) if we are comparing the PS4 and One to where the 360 & PS3 stand today, it’s not even close. But Sony and Microsoft are working hard to get the new kids on the block up to par.

            The Xbox One GUI can use some work (though it seems gimped on purpose so that Kinect can be used to navigate it.) you can fly through the UI with Kindect.

            it’s really tough to say that both console are super awesome right now (though both are very good right now) but neither are worth, their price tags yet but that is changing fast.

            inFamous and TitanFall seems to be the real start of next gen…

        • 111AlaN111

          Ps plus is like Mc donalds: buy our shittyo online service and get a free toy!

          Xbox Live has more quality. Less lag, dedicated servers, doesn’t get hacked nor goes down

        • icapturethenade

          Who the fuck cares? I’m always happy to be able to KEEP and add a game to my collection.

    • CHAINSAW305

      It’s ridiculous to complain about a game like this given away for free. Even if you’ve played the game already or you’re not a fan. You should be happy that Microsoft is given away an awesome game like this.

      • aeris bueller

        they aren’t giving them away. It’s part of the subscription you pay for. Keep in mind that the subscription you pay for doesn’t actually do anything aside from allowing you to use your own internet connection.

        • A subscription that didn’t increase in price as a part of this program…which makes it a value add item…hence at no additional cost it is a ‘free’ addition to the program as far as the user is concerned.

          Grow a brain.

          • aeris bueller

            “Keep in mind that the subscription you pay for doesn’t actually do
            anything aside from allowing you to use your own internet connection.”

          • Yeah…that’s a bullshit lie.

      • rxl209

        last i checked xboxlive wasnt free

        • It’s not, but the price didn’t increase either, so that means at no additional cost you now get these games, and you actually OWN them, not just a rental like PSPlus.

          So something that adds no additional cost to a total for a sold bill of goods is called a value add item or a free item with purchase.

          So yes…it’s essentially free for Gold members…

          Also Xbox LIVE is free. Xbox LIVE Gold is what you pay for. Get your facts straight.

          • aeris bueller

            goodness bro. make sure you’re keeping records for all this overtime you’re working

          • I’m at home…but keep suckingsonyscock πŸ™‚

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Good-something I can play πŸ™‚ I enjoyed this game though I know longtime veterans had their qualms. My dad and I never finished playing this game together so I hope we can do that when April Fool’s Day comes around. Speaking of which, what if I/O Interactive announces something on that day to coincide with Absolution’s release on Games with Gold? Really upset that I couldn’t download AC 2 on Games with Gold since I hadn’t renewed my subscription then πŸ™ at least I have the physical copy though.

  • Brandon Canterbury

    Cool I liked that game, sold it when I was broke, cant wait to have it again.

  • Darklurkr23

    Sweet I hope by June though they FINALLY come out w/ a One GWG. I’d guess the Golf game or Crimson dragon

    • andy

      Or Lococycle ^_^

  • Wargreymon559 .

    Lol poor M$.

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