Assassin’s Creed Origins Runs At Dynamic 4K Resolution On Xbox One X, Frame Rate Not Decided

Assassin’s Creed Origins was just revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference and the game has been marketed with Xbox One X exclusive features including 4K resolution support. However what wasn’t confirmed regarding the game was that whether it will run at ‘true 4K’ resolution or a different rendering solution.

In an interview with Geoff Keighley for YouTube Live, Assassin’s Creed Origins producer, Julien Laferrière talked about the resolution and frame rate of the game running on the Xbox One X. Since the game has been heavily promoted for the Xbox One X with improved visuals, some people were wondering if the game actually runs at 4K resolution. According to Julien, the game runs at a dynamic resolution on Xbox One X that adjusts resolution depending on the rendering load. It is essentially dynamic 4K resolution so depending on how it is handled, the game might output lower than 4K during intensive scenes.

Another interesting tidbit that was revealed was about the PS4 Pro version of the game. According to Julien, the dynamic resolution is also used on the PS4 Pro and other platforms. When Geoff asked about the frame rate for Xbox One X to confirm whether this resolution allows them improved frame rate on the Xbox One X, Julien didn’t reveal their target frame rate but promised that they are aiming to deliver the best experience possible on each platform.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is out on October 27th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • DarkAllNight

    Same to you babyboy, google away can show you the broken promises mamaSony gave you little kids with the fake 4K 60FPS, or should I say 1080P 60FPS on their own exclusives and never delivered, but hey, since it’s obvious only Microsoft can hit the big news Sony can get away with this shit, since its fanbase accepts everything with open arms like you are doing.
    Also LoL, love how your biased ass considers AA and A games and Indies games on the Ps4, but the same for the Xbox doesn’t count, normal Pony hipocrisy, but that’s ok, you’re the guys accept buying the same game 3 times for some stupid reason and praise Sony for it.

    For you? I dunno, I bet it could go a 1000 years of improvements and Xbox won’t stop sucking for you, but for me, she’s the best one compared with Nintendo or Fony. Specially since when they make a mistake they try and correct it, while when mama Sony makes a mistake she keeps it quiet cuz she knows there are blind people like you that won’t go after them about it.

    Destiny 2. Capped at 30 FPS and Bungie considering not using 4K why? Simple, they stated so it won’t cause a “Gap” between Xbox players and Playstation fans, since that shitty machine can’t run it even at 1080P 60FPS, not a single game basically since its release, but of course your sorry ass won’t ever mention them. Even the SWITCH will have 1080P 60FPS games. But anyway, gotta let the Ponies dream that Sony is the better one.

    • Revolver Ocelot

      “It’s OK when MS do it!!!!” Is that your best defence now Uncle Phil’s house of lies has crumbled to dust? All those awful-looking “exclusives” at 30fps on the Xbonks. I guess that’s Sony’s fault too. AA and indies? So like that awful MS conference of yours? Don’t worry, I’m sure Super Lucky’s Tale ill be 4K on the Xbonks. Maybe. Hahahahahaha!

      I love watching you losers scurry around looking for an excuse to cling to the cancer of the industry. Funny thing is, PS4 has more 1080p 60 games than the S**tbox Done, and Wipeout is 4K 60 on the Pro and looks better than any Xbonks games at the same res and framerate!

      Any other excuses, loser?

      • DarkAllNight

        Yup, you clearly are blink by Sonys fuckery, dodging them to attack MS. I ask you the same, is it OK when Sony does it? Have you gone after them for all their broken promises? No, I know you didn’t, you know about them, but was just waiting for something similar to happen to MS to play this card while ignoring you guys have been suffering with this since its release.
        I love how Poneis how bash MS for having Indie games when the PRO came out with 0 games, 0 games that could achieve 1080P 30FPS, 0 games with their promised 4K, 0 improvements except “ego” boosting Ponies (that after the Scorpio announcement where crying for a PS5 when the Pro didn’t even hit 7 months old basically) and HAD to live off of Indie games themselves.

        It’s not OK when MS does it, and contrary to Poneys like you, they hear from us, we don’t take it all up our ass like you kids do nowadays.
        Also, best defense? Yeah right, the one of the “best” things to say is that we are only seeing this problems thanks to the shitty Ps4 that is pushing the XboX back, admitted not only buy a SONY executive, but by the developers themselves. But hey, Ponys gotta dream that have some sort of excuse of a console.

        You can even take what the OP said ”
        No true 4k
        No 60 fps
        No exclusives
        False Advertising
        Dead on Arrival!”
        And use it for the Ps4 and Pro’s launch basically, or you are going to tell me Killzone and Knack are good games? Yeah right.
        Also even if Super Lucky’s Tale doesn’t hit 4K as you joke, it will look better than any 1080P shit Fony has so far. Also, Wipeout? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Ok babyboy, clearly the 4K 60FPS are being greatly utilized in this blockbuster of a game.

        Also LoL, after seeing the words “Cancer of the industry” being used against Microsoft I KNOW you are only here to troll and not be useful and this discussion is over. LoL AHahahaha, yeah, because charging for old games at almost full price, shitty network service and deals, forgotten games that haven’t been released, “Remastering” 2016’s E3 in 2017 with promises for 2018, shitty customer service, no worthy services besides paid online are CLEARLY the best thing in the gaming industry. What a joke

        • Revolver Ocelot

          I’m not bashing them for that. I’m bashing them for hyping up that sad little upgrade and that sad little conference and showcasing games that would run well on the base hardware. It’s not surprising, Crackdown 3 looks awful. and Forza 7 looks like a 360 game. By the way, the Pro never promised 4K. Checkerboarding was part of the deal from the start. MS should have been more open with you, you wouldn’t be as much of a laughing stock. 🙂

          “They hear from us” Hahaha, yeah right, I remember all the excuses you made for MS’ crud in 2013 and how you cried for months afterwards when they backtracked. Then all they gave you was patchy emulation and rip-off subscriptions and you think they care about you. Hahahahaha! By the way: you’re seeing these problems because A) the Xbone is holding back both Pro and Xbonks and B) the Xbonks hardware isn’t as good as you think it is, especially that Jaguar CPU.

          Sadly for you, PS4 (along with the Switch) have multiple exclusives, and they were open about what the hardware would be able to do. Wipeout looks far better than any Xbone “exclusive” including another derivative Forza game with 360 textures. 🙂

          Yes, MS has been pioneering cancer in this industry since the start. We should be enjoying free online. Instead it gradually gets removed from us by you and then you expect us to share multiplayer lobbies with you. How about no. 🙂 Remaster E3 2016 in 2017? That was you, FYI. Another Forza, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay. Two of them got delayed to next year, one of which was supposed to have been released months ago. Haha!

          Spare me your excuses, my barely-coherent huehue friend.

          • DarkAllNight

            Wow, will you pay for my chemo after the cancer your babling gave me? Yeah right “Hyping up that sad little upgrad” surely was Microsoft and not Fony hyping away the Ps4Beta and trying to push the Pro, clearly not. If those games look bad to you, you know what? There is nothing I can do for you, if you don’t like them, it’s not my job neither Microsoft’s to make you like them, specially since you think Wipeout looks better than Forza.

            Yeal they do hear from us, contrary to Fony, where your playerbase been asking for crossplay, retro, better services with the Plus, and NOTHING till today. But hey, it’s your delusions, you do what you want with them.
            While we got Retro with the 360, we asked again and now Retro with the Original Xbox, while you guys get what? Your 4 remaster of Shadow of the Colossus.
            Also LoL, I met you like 4 days ago when you came crying your pony legs on my comment and not in 2013, but hey, like I said, you are blindly defending Sony, your brain can’t be working properly..

            OH right, the Ps4 was open about their hardware can do..right, that’s why if you search just a bit back you see news like Fony promising “watch Dogs” at 4K 60 when they could barely do 1080P 30, yeah, totally “Open”.
            I don’t remember passing the Law that forces companies into making paid online, neither did Microsoft, didn’t know I had so much power over you.
            Wow, you can’t even understand words, nice, Sony’s conference 2017 was basically the conference from 2016 with games pushed to 2018, that’s it, you don’t wanna admit it? That’s on you my “friend”.

            Also, even if you can consider that Microsoft was lying and the X can’t do real 4K, just look for the news (since you like them so much) where the game are already looking BETTER on the X, but hey, that’s not the Ponies excuse anymore is it?
            In the beginning oft his Gen you were all about “Graphics this, graphics that, look at my 1080P Games”, now that you realized your Manurestation 4 can’t do it you change to “Oh, but where are the games??”. Yeah, where are the games on hte Ps4? Going to be delayed once again? Or forgotten like FF 7 Remake? Deep Down? Shenmue 3?

            Don’t worry, I don’t intendo on wasting good arguments and trying to make you see reason when the only thing you do is dodge dodge dodge and try to lamely attack, we had a nice chat this last few days. May the rest of your life not be as sad as your attempts to defend Fony.

          • Revolver Ocelot

            You’re an Xbox fanboy, so you’re already cancer. Sorry if it hurts you that Wipeout looks better than Furtza 29. Maybe Turn 10 should stop being hacks.

            Yeah, that’s why you begged for Zen and Vega, begged for an Xbonks reveal event, begged for AAA exclusives and got left hanging. Cross play? Sony started that years ago. BC? Proper BC, sure. Not your sad, lame emulation. Better services with Plus? You mean the business model Live copied? You can keep your subscriptions though, my huehue friend.

            LOL Watch Dogs was back in 2013, and that was repeating Ubisoft’s information. Third party publishers have a tendency to talk up their own guff. At least they learned their lessons and have been open with the Xbonk’s massive deficiencies while MS told you about “no compromises” for a year.

            Cancersoft made it a standard. With how much they were milking from you, Sony copied and then Nintendo. I’d like that back please. You can stay on your quarantine box.

            Oh, so like MS’s conference then. Last year’s conference with games that were supposed to be out this year pushed to next year. Oh wait, it’s OK when MS does it, right? Never mind, at least you got a car and $499 as well.

            Oh yeah, those medium textures dressed up as “ultra” are really going to sing. Hahahahahah! Dynamic 4K 30fps, that’s your lot, my huehue friend.

            No we weren’t. It was all about the price to power ratio, no gimmicks, more and better first party studios and games and more relevant features. Of course, Xbox fanboys aren’t too sharp and they thought resolution was the only reason the Xbone was a joke. You’re in for a rude awakeneing.

            If only you had a good argument, my huehue friend. All I’ve got from you is excuses and tears. Crawl back to your hole. 🙂

  • DarkAllNight

    Proof? News from a website almost no one knows about “leaking” such big controversy..Yeah right.
    Even if it was as controversy. Microsoft herself said the power is there, the developers are the ones who choose if they will use the REAL 4K (Unlike the shitty PS4), or Dynamic 4K, or 1080P.
    So far no official source confirming this, so far only clickbait news. Sad.

    • Kel Sceptic

      Dude, what developer would want his game to run in 1080p instead of 4K?
      Think with your head and use mathematics,don’t think with your your fanBASE!
      Sony said PS4 Pro is 4K console and was pure marketing, why can’t you see that Microsoft useses the same tactics ?:)

      • DarkAllNight

        The moment it gets clear she uses the same tactics? I love how people bash and use all the games the Devs chose to use dynamic 4K and 30FPS when they completely ignore the ones that are sticking with real 4K 60FPS.
        You’re a mathematician for the looks of it, so it’s simple really, like 1+1=2, I’ll admit Microsoft is doing this only for marketing when most/all developers admit the XboX can’t handle 4K 60FPS, and when they stop saying they will have to cap down the XboX version thanks to the Ps4 that can’t handle Higher graphics.

  • Aenea


  • Nemesis

    No true 4k

    No 60 fps

    No exclusives

    Crackdown 3 = Huge downgrade, 360 graphics, 30 fps


    Bad timing & Last place


    • SHEEKEN6969

      Still shits and outclasses the Pro by a long shot.
      And the Gaystation crew cries on.

      • Cris

        What?:)))) Stop being a crybaby and admit the facts. One X could’ve been 10x faster than the PS4 if there are no real reasons to buy it. Microsoft flopped so hard that people are laughing at their arrogance. If a really good guy would like to work at them you would need a CV filled with CEO of X and Director of X for 50 years and then they do this and call themselves competent and with high standards as a company. This is just as lame as it can possibly get.

        • Kreten

          Strange and wt was reason to buy PS4 in 2014, 2015 when xbox had 2x more AAA exclusives? Ohh moving the goal post are we?

      • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

        “Outclasses the pro” but cant do what it set out to do…Theres no innovation. Its simply a SMALL upgrade in resolution. The frame rates will be around 30. Even if not locked they will not reach 60 in any games other than simple track racers and 2d side scrollers/cartoonish games. They have decided on a frame rate for AC, but they are not going to reveal that until the X is on shelves. 100% guaranteed.

        • Kreten

          You are extremely dilirious you don’t see the facts when they are smacking you in the face! No inovation hahahahahaha!

          • Cris

            You are also pushing in the wrong direction as it doesn’t matter if the one X was 10x more powerfull than the PS4 if there are no games on it to be worth it.

      • DarkAllNight

        I’m laughing looking at the “insiders” and famous “Sony engineers” in the comments saying in stone what is not even proved to be the Truth. They are desperate to try and diminish the Xbox in anyway to try and make their Shitstation 4 look “appealing”.

        I love how these fags say “False advertising, no 60 fPS, no 4K” When that was the whole gig of the Ps4 and Ps4 Pro, just need to look at sony’s annoucments, saying they could achieve that, and never delivered, from 1080P 30 FPS to 900P 30 fps games while tthe Xbox One has Forza Horizon 3 at 1080P 60FPS.

        Poor Ponys, they say we lie, when they forgot the broken promises Sony gave them AHAHAHA

        • Revolver Ocelot

          You got played, loser. It’s abundantly clear that the Xbonks isn’t the “true 4K 60fps no compromises” console you hyped it up as.

          AC dynamic 4K on Xbonks.
          Crackdown 3 30fps on Xbonks
          Destiny 2 30fps on Xbonks
          Gears 4 30fps on Xbonks with adaptive scaling
          Forza still looks like a 360 game
          Minecraft high-texture pack barely looks different

          FH3 is 30fps on the Xbone, by the way.

          • DarkAllNight

            Oh another of those “insiders” that knows everything. Tell me the sources, or did you pull them out of your ass just like Sony did with the Shitstation 4 and Shitstation 4 Prostitution?
            I got played? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the Poney hipocrisy of not having games this year, only trailers for 2018. Having promised “4K 60FPS” in a shitty system that can’t even run its OWN exclusives at 900p 30 FPS with that Shitty Uncharted 4 and HZD. Speak louder with true facts and maybe your nonsense can be heard somewhere.

          • Kel Sceptic

            1. What proof do you want more beside mathematics ?
            6TFLOPS GPU on Xbox One X, while a GTX 1070 has 6.5 TFLOPS.
            On a GTX 1070 you get 35-50FPS in Battlefield 1 @4K res, and 60-70FPS in Battlefield 4 (a 5 year old game).
            How can you even imagine you can get Native 4K@60FPS, unless the graphics details are turned down.
            2. Bungie officialy stated that Destiny 2 will run at 4K@30FPS.
            Assassin’s Creed Origins is running a Dynamic 4K with checkboard.

            If you lie yourself the Xbox One X will run games at 4K@60FPS, then you truly have no connection with mathematics.
            BTW: this Xbox One X thing is a deja-vu with the fail of PS4 Pro.

    • Kreten

      So if a game has dynamic resolution means it’s not true 4k? This means that not a single game out there is 60fps game because every single one has at least a few dips in few places!

      But nice spin on it tho!