Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 4 Is Now Live On PS4, And It Is A Big Download [Update]

Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 4 seems to be up on the PlayStation 4. This latest patch aims to fix a wide variety of issues ranging from performance to graphical glitches. Ubisoft officially addressed the additions to be included in this new patch as follow.

This patch will address issues with stability and performance as well as online matchmaking and connectivity (among other fixes and improvements).

If you want to download this patch, you should be aware that it is about 6.7 GB in in size, which is pretty big for a patch.


Ubisoft has also shared the official changelog of the patch, which you can check out below. The patch is now available for PS4 and Xbox One players and will be released for PC players at a later time.

Stability, Performance and Save Game

  • Fixed numerous random crashes both on Campaign and Coop
  • Implemented multiple optimizations and fixes to improve overall performance
  • Fixed save issue caused by the companion app on the main menu (loss of data)
  • Fixed save issue caused by contacts list (crash occurring). Users should now have access to save

Gameplay (navigation, fight, stealth)

  • Fixed various navigation issues
  • Fixed issues with lock picking chests
  • Fixed additional haystack issues

Character, AI and Crowd

  • Fixed various character, crowd station and NPC issues

Online, Matchmaking, Connectivity and Replication

  • Fixed various matchmaking and connection issues both in matches and when starting a match.
  • Fixed various issues with voice chat
  • Fixed join-in-progress issues
  • Fixed various replication issues between host and clients
  • Fixed issues with player rank and COOP/heist rewards
  • Fixed issues with Helix credits
  • Fixed issues with the My Club feature

Menus and HUD

  • Fixed HUD icon issues and issues with map information
  • Fixed various Initiates issues
  • Fixed additional issues with notifications

Mission tweaks (campaign, coop and side content)

  • Fixed various low occurrence walkthrough breaks in both Campaign and COOP
  • Fixed various NPC issues
  • Fixed issue with the quest log disappearing for specific side missions

World and 3D

  • Fixed various collision and mesh issues
  • Fixed additional issues where player would fall through the world
  • Fixed specific areas where textures were missing


  • Fixed crash on “Quit to Windows” in free roam mode
  • Fixed crash on accepting multiple “Join the club” requests
  • Fixed issues with TXAA
  • Fixed issues with PCSS
  • Fixed issues with textures on NPCs
  • Fixed black texture issues on MSAA-4x, MSAA-8x and TXAA
  • Right Control now can be assigned as a hotkey
  • Minor UI fixes

Ubisoft explained that the reason the patch size is so big is because they replaced parts of the Paris city map which had issues, which has resulted in a large patch size.

Originally, it was supposed to arrive earlier but was put on hold because Ubisoft wanted to ensure the best possible experience for the users. It is now finally available online, and judging from the file size, it seems to be a very substantial update.

Assassin’s Creed Unity was released in November on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game was plagued with bugs and glitches along with a terrible performance at launch. The later patches have managed to fix most of the issues but there are still some left, which should be hopefully fixed in the new patch.

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  • Connor Marshall

    Too bad I already completed it, such a shame too. The story was just boring and meh, so the glitches just made it even more off putting. If Victory is the same, I will leave the Assassin’s Creed franchise for good because no AC has been as good on story since Ezio’s. I feel they are being made every year just for the money now. The spark has gone. Same missions, just different characters, and enhanced graphics. They have enhanced everything, except the story, which is really the most important thing in a game. Unity had potential but instead it was just made to show off the PS4/Xbox One’s new engine, everyone was distracted by that, that they forgot to write in a decent story. We want an adventure!

    Imagine a new Assassin’s Creed game, with all these insane graphics, free run system etc; with a story like Ezio’s. Wouldn’t that be something?

  • Manoj Varughese

    okay waiting for PC!

  • Philip Hynes

    apparently there’ s a new issue on XB1 which when enabling the update the 6.5 gig patch is instructing some users to re-download the entire game hence the 40 gb size on some peoples patches.

  • MightyFox

    SHAME ON YOU UBISOFT!!! Do they even test their games before releasing them?!

  • coolgamer

    such a shame…
    releasing a game and taking 60 bucks from people, a game that wasn’t finished yet.

    i would like to sit in front of all those lazy cuunts at Pubis-soft, and ask them this:

    “your game went through the regular QA process, where bugs are reported, etc, testers play the game 1000 times, during 1000000 hours, so, EVERYBODY is AWARE of all those issues, bugs, bad framerates, etc. HOW DARE YOU RELEASING A GAME THIS BROKEN?”

    there should be some laws, for punishing this kind of situation. at this pace, soon, gamers will BE BUYING games, KNOWING they are full of bugs, will reboot or freeze the console, etc, but hey, that’s life. Soon, we will have to accept buying a beta version of a game, download a 10 gb patch day one, so the game at least, start, accept awful framerate, texture popup, screen tearing, low res graphics(read: hey, here is your 1080p game, but we have used nintendo64-like textures, to be able to run it at 1080p), and keep playing the game, rebooting the console every 10 minutes, and do that the first 3 months after release, until they release a first patch, that will bring you the last 30% of the game, its textures, etc, so you can finally finish the main campagin.

    this is what gamers will have to accept, from companies like pubis-soft, for the next years.

    again, a shame.

    what’s the point of having a QA team, to test the game, and be sure the game quality is perfect, everything runs perfectly, etc, if the company will STILL RELEASE the game on the release date, no matter if the game is finished, or a 70%-finished beta version ?

    bunch of dishonest liars. tens millions cool guys are giving you billions $ for your games. we need some respect. releasing unfinished-downgraded-bugged games like watchdogs, assassin creed unity, or ps4 ports from games like rayman, that look exactly as the ps3 version, without using the ps4 power at all, that, isn’t respect.

    pubis-soft: you can forget my money. and games like farcry 4, i will wait until they cost 1/4 of the price. no way you will get 60 bucks day one.

  • sir bunns

    i started my X1 to 40gig update for unity, not sure where they are getting 6.5

    • Edward McCauley Jr

      yea me too. but no news on that….

  • d0x360

    The Xbox dash says the update is 40 gigs…

  • Krimson Knight

    Does this improve the framerate in cutscenes on XB1?

  • Dikan45

    that’s HUUGE!!