Atlus USA Shuts Down Persona 5 For PC and Xbox One Rumor, Says It Won’t Happen

Persona 5 is currently confirmed for a release on PS3 and PS4 this Summer in Japan. It was originally set for a release as a PS3 exclusive in Winter 2014 which was then later delayed to 2015. Atlus then added PS4 as a platform along with PS3 and the game was delayed to Summer 2016 in Japan.

The official Persona 5 website was hacked recently by a fan who added the PC version of the game as a new addition to the website along with a fake release date. This was quickly proved to be false as people caught on the hack and it was removed by Atlus. After this hack, Atlus USA PR was quick to talk about it on Twitter mentioning how he had a chat with the web security team to make sure that incidents like this don’t happen again.

He was then approached by a fan asking if it was possible to get Persona 5 on the PC. John Hardin stressed that from what he has heard, that won’t happen. He repeated the same to another fan asking about a potential Xbox One version of the game.


So if you had any hope of getting Persona 5 on either the Xbox One or PC, you better drop it. Persona 5 will be released this Summer for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan. The game still hasn’t received a confirmed release date but Atlus is currently hosting a livestream on May 5th that might reveal the official date in Japan, and possibly worldwide as well.

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    Fuck them. If they hate money so god damn much I’ll just pirate and seed all their shit from now on.

  • Chillax

    This comment section oozes aspergers/autism.

  • John Preston

    Hello. We’re a business and we make video games. We’re going to make a video game and sell it, it’s a good game and it’ll cost us millions of dollars to make!
    Don’t worry we’ll sell it to a small playerbase and ignore the fact that the PS4 software is similar enough to the PC/XBone that porting it is significantly easier than the past generations.

    Because we’re a business, and we sell games but only to a small playerbase while ignoring a larger one. That’s smart business sense don’tchaknow :O

  • MrSteam

    You can play the PS3 version on PC via emulator so why not give players the option to purchase a legitimate copy instead?


    why do I have get ps wtf the controller is fkin as!


    If it isn’t released on PC and Xbox One they’ll have quite a lot of people go against their decision but if they have a good reason then it’s understandable. I’m a PC gamer than has owned a PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox Original so I don’t want any fanboys complaining that I or us (PC gamers) beg for every game. Look, nearly every game developer started on PC and then moved onto consoles meaning that if it weren’t for the PCs then you little complaining little shits wouldn’t have any games to play on your consoles. I swear the Sony community has become cancerous after the release of the PlayStation 4 but it doesn’t mean I don’t like the PS4. What has the gaming community turned into?

  • Zavi

    hmm have a ps4 but i will not support any company wich still does this exculive shit…then i rather give my money to bamco…sure their ports aren’t perfect (though they are getting better each time) but at least they realized that bringing games to more than one platform is beneficial for the sales of a game (and thats what i care about the game…not sony not microsoft not nintendo…i just care for the game)
    (before someone says pc-gamers just pirate…aha so why is steam that successfull when we all just pirate)

    • Gary

      Lol what a fucking stupid comment.


      ps has majority of the exclusives wtf and cod destiny was shi because of exclusive bs!

  • Noctis Smith

    fuck u atlus
    give me pc

  • Pirocas is back

    So if i want to play this game i have to buy a ps4?? Hilarious.. i own a pc and i dont want any console.. im fine with it even if il never play persona in my life. I wont spend 300 euros on a bloody console just to play a game.. u keep going on that direction .

  • Nintengods

    Can’t wait for the salty tears when it gets announced for NX from the $onygimps.

    • SlutMagnet


      That thing doesn’t even have Skyrim, a 5 year old game, confirmed AFTER they showed gameplay for it.

      Zero third party support because of last gen hardware confirmed.

      • Nintengods

        P$4 Prolapse can’t run last gen games at a stable framerate. Last gen hardware confirmed. LMAO

        $onycucks obliterated again 🙂

        • Vahdyx

          You’re seriously dinging the PS4 Pro for having unstable frames for a game that’s not only older than the system itself but not optimized for it. Hahaha! Well you should take a look at some Xbox 360 titles running on the One, and let’s take a look at Wii titles running on Wii U.

          All that can be found on the same Eurogamer/digital foundry site. Use the Google if you have the doubts

          • Nintengods

            Wii titles run just fine on Wii U. 60FPS like the Nintendo standard.

            Cry more $onycuck 🙂


          • Vahdyx

            Right because a guy that owns, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, and VR ready PC has something to cry over. Why don’t you stop being a little fanboy loser and get other systems and Google choppy Wii performance on Wii U and learn to accept that there’s no such thing as a perfect system. Which is why I own them all.

            Oh and that pic is good, I’ll be stealing it for Sony fanboys as well.


            need new money and old money

        • SlutMagnet

          Sony? ‘Cuck’? Nigga I bet right now as you have your sausage fingers ready on the keyboard to form a rebuttal that you have much less testosterone levels than me. So keep that cuck, cissy bullshit to yourself and your boyfriends.

          And how am I a Sony fanboy? The only thing I game on is a PC. Nintendo fanboys really are the most insufferable, most delusional.

          Your Switch is going to be shit with Wii U level hardware. Now go cry yourself to sleep.

  • bubbz

    like netherealm, so many are dropping the pc NOT because you are a pc gamer, it’s that most developers HATE MICROSOFT! At some point, i too will have to sell my pc for a SONY PS4,THERE ARE NO FIGHTING GAMES ON STEAMOS & MICROSOFT SUCKS ASS!!

  • Nicholas Lewis

    the comment bar says join the discussion… but all I can see is a bunch of fucking children fighting over which platform is best. GROW THE FUCK UP. You aren’t better than me for owning something I don’t, I can be mildly upset that in order to play a game that I really love i have to buy console that, unless it is to play this game, i could literally give two shits over. Some people have conflicting opinions. Get over it

    • Agreed. I bought a Vita just for PS4 Golden and haven’t really used it for much else ever. Glad I got it cheap. It’s a “it’d be nice to have” thing but my world won’t end not getting to play PS5. IF nothing else I’ll just watch it on Youtube.

      • TheBraveGallade

        they are doing a carpet ban on youtube and twitch for persona 5 for the time being.

        • dre

          i bet azzman beat it before the 7/7 thing he been making 1hr, 2hr and 3hr vids so he might beat it before the time is up

        • dre

          plus I don’t get why banning it if its only on ps4 what if some people who game on xbox or pc wanna see what happen


      My issue with ps is the controller and them getting hack but I wanna play those dope japenese games so unfair!

  • Shinji Ikari

    Who need shite like this.I hope you enjoy your cinematic experience boys and girls 14 fps.

  • Jeffrey B

    PC Begging Race

    • crazysapertonight

      Console begging race)

      • how ya doin?

        PC begging race. Console gamers have never begged at all.

        • noahboah1112

          They literally showed a XBOX 1 player asking for the game -_-

        • Pirocas is back

          What about xcom? Are you sure they ve never begged?

  • John Franco

    Altus was NEVER into PC gaming, so why bother. Way more games to consider besides Persona 5… with a sudden surge of other JRPGs coming to PC (God Eater 1 & 2, Tales of Berseria on the current horizon). Relax PS4 fanboys… Persona 5 was NEVER coming to PC in the first place. As a PC gamer, this was NEVER on my agenda nor did I have any expectations. Later!

    • crazysapertonight

      LOL) I used PS2 emulator to play Persona 4 on PC fullHD/60fps)

      Though I still think, Persona 5 will come to PC oficially

      • Axcel ctw

        hope so but not likely. vita might have p5. there is never a smt game on pc ever. also it seems emulation is getting harder to crack nowadays. not even 3ds got a perfect emulation while the nds emulation came out fairly quickly.

        • Anti-Cliche

          it’s all about the console tho, 3ds is hard to emulate but wii u emulation is pretty advanced considering that it’s still an 8th gen console.


      I don’t want the game I want the items that come with the game

  • robert

    Great news! i hate jrpg’s!

  • Great news!
    Stop begging, buy PS4 and enjoy greatness~!

    • AVtechNICK .

      Selfish idiots…

      • Owh look, a beggar!

        • Reggie

          LMAO I’ve got a PS4 behind me (brother’s PS4) and holy shit I have no clue how you guys manage to be happy paying 60 buckaroos to GO ON THE INTERNET YOU ALREADY PAY FOR

          we may be the PC (PetitionC) players, but atleast we don’t pay twice to use things we’re already paying for :^)

          • Cause we are not poor beggar like you.

          • Skorge

            Because mommy will buy the Ponies their games

          • Aww~ poor beggar who cannot afford both good PC and a PS4~

          • Skorge

            Rid Vesalius: Mooooommy buy me new game T__T

          • Awww, unlike you beggar who begs allowance from mommy,
            Im the who give mommy money every month~

          • Skorge

            Awww the little fat kid is mad that his mom bought him a PS4 when he wanted an Xbox. DOn’t worry Rid, I’ll get you one for Christmas, just make sure you get those grades up 😛

          • James Stuller

            No one like XBOX because games run at 12fps LMAO ps4 run games at 60fps

          • Skorge

            LMAO Xbox has more 1080p 60fps games than PS4. Bloodborne = 20 fps. Corridor 1886 = 18 fps. UnFarted Bore = 26 FPS

            You = retarded, go play your weeb trash game and go beat off to your anime characters you obese unemployed virgin.

          • James Stuller

            there is not single game on Xbox ONE that run at 1080P all them run at 720p some 900p. Uncharted 4 run at ultra pc setting 1080p no xbox game can even match uncharted 4. All them games you run ultra 1080p that why they have low fps it because of AMD. PS4 NEO will fix this by have intel i7 6700k and Nvidia GTX 1050.

          • Skorge

            LMAO all the Forza’s are 1080p, Gears is going to run at 1080p, most multiplats run at 1080p

            UnFarted runs at 22 fps and when Scorpio comes out and makes Neo look obsolete, Scorpio games will make UnFarted and all Neo games look like PS2 games

            You’re terrified and it’s hilarious 😀

          • Mr Xrat

            Xbone games already look like PS2 games, Scourge0. That’s how they barely manage 1080p.

          • Nintengods

            P$4 can’t even hold 1080P 30FPS either. Sad!

            Plan your exit bag when the NX is announced, Paul 🙂

          • Cats Dogs

            I agree Xbone looks like ps2 games in hd when ps4 look true next gen.

          • Tyler “Stereotypicaldeathcorek

            Says the weab trash

          • Tomaterrrx

            Lol you sound so deluded here.

          • Benjamin Scott-Pye

            How did you get Uncharted 4 running on a PC?

          • James Stuller

            You can’t run Uncharted 4 it just Uncharted 4 look like high end pc game to all other ps4 games.

          • James Stuller

            Here a real ps4 emulator iso make you own.

          • Vahdyx

            To be fair, the Xbox Scorpio will be far more powerful than the PS4 and PS4 Pro, so enjoy it while you can because this time next year, you won’t have that same enthusiasm

          • James Stuller

            Wow Xbox Scorpio has nothin on PC

          • Vahdyx

            Well that depends on your point of view. For me I’m gonna say, “Well thanks captain obvious”

            I’m a PC gamer that loves my PS4. I play exclusives on console and game on PC. Hit me up on steam if you have doubts.


            we shall seen in due time

          • Tyler “Stereotypicaldeathcorek

            Ddosing you

          • 3 days. Nothing happened. Sad

          • Vahdyx

            Well let’s get this straight first, you’re not paying to go “online” you’re paying to access Sony servers in which nearly everything is hosted. You’re also paying for a unified service. I can’t tell you how many of my PC friends use VENT which I hate. Others use Discord which I use, some on Teamspeak, others on RazerComms, etc. Some on Steam or in game chat, etc.

            It’s all over the place and though it’s a small annoyance, console players don’t have to worry about it. They’re paying for a service! Similar to people paying for Office 365, or Netflix when they have cable or an MMO.

            It’s not that weird and not a selling or deterring point for consoles or PC.

      • Vallen


    • crazysapertonight

      PS4 is already outdated. You sould wait for PS4K)

      • James Stuller

        PS4 neo will have i7 6th gen 8 core cpu Nvidia GTX 1050 8GB gddr5 RAM.


          James Stuller I’m not sure if that’s a joke but it seems like it but to me it’s surprising that they use an AMD APU.

      • Vahdyx

        The PS4 Pro isn’t that great. It’s better for sure, but certainly not a game changer.

    • Casper

      So when I have a much better system, much more powerful to play this game I should buy a PS4, you are an idiot, a damn fool if you think limiting this game in potiental is good news, you are not a gamer, you are a Sony fanboy

      • Vallen

        If you’re talking about the PC, just pirate and emulate it, that’s all you PC people are good for, theft.

        If you’re talking about XBONE, lol, “more powerful” ahahaha

        • Whxian

          because consoles are safe from piracy

          • Mulatto_Fury

            Actually, it’s just easier to pirate games on PC compared to console. In the heyday of the X360 and PS3, there was actually just as much piracy going on as there was on PC and when the Xbone and PS4 are cracked(if they haven’t been already) you’ll see the same thing.

          • Whxian

            did not expect a comment reply almost a month later… but i hope you realize that was a sarcastic comment, ofcourse there was piracy on x360 & ps3.

        • CoolingGibbon

          Really? Please do elaborate on how all PC gamers are pirates. I’m a PC gamer who buys all his games so I’m genuinely curious. And since you have made such an accusation, frankly I feel kinda hurt, boohoo. Now you better be a good little console kiddie and come up with a proper explanation for ol’ times’ sake, before you know… I put you back in your place and teach you how not to open your little console whoremouth regarding matters you’re not familiar with. Okay, champ?

          • Vallen

            Get lost boy, you little keyboard warriors are laughable. “Gonna put me in my place” HAH

          • CoolingGibbon

            Backing out so soon?

          • Vallen

            Bite me, boy.

          • CoolingGibbon

            No thanks, I’ll need to get rid of the smell of peasantry afterwards.

          • Vallen


          • TL:DR, Son, wanna play the game? Stop begging, buy PS4 and enjoy greatness.

        • Mulatto_Fury

          “that’s all you PC people are good for, theft.”

          I guess that’s why the amount of money generated from PC game sales just keeps on going up and up, eh? All those pirates. You fucking autist.

          • Vallen

            Come at me, little shit.

          • Mulatto_Fury

            It must be absolutely exhausting to be this autistic.

          • Vallen

            You should know

          • Mulatto_Fury

            Oh, man. That’s a good one. And it only took you 3 days to retort.

          • Vallen

            I don’t sit behind a computer 24/7. Go outside, it’s good for you.

          • PC Master Race

            When did weebs like you get so triggered easily? I mean, this is all but just an article over a video game no where as solid enough to have a salty response as “Come at me, little shit.”

            You do also know that PC isn’t the only device used for pirating hmm???

          • Vallen

            I’m just trolling at this point? You took the bait.

        • Bryce Quintin

          You know that you can buy a copy of the PS3 Version, and then emulate that?

          I plan on buying a copy and playing the game through RPCS3 myself.

      • And you’re a poor beggar. I’ve a very powerful PC too, but i’m not a poor beggar like you.

        Want the exclusives, buy the consoles, stop begging, work hard, buy the PS4 and enjoy greatness.

        • Casper

          Who says I’m poor, I’d rather have the option to play a great game on a great machine you moron, and not a piss poor machine with mediocre specs,
          Me wanting the game on PC has nothing to do with me not having enough money to buy a PS4 you fucking idiot.

          • Haha, beggar, keep begging. Too bad you gonna miss lots of awesome games~

            Most console owners have a PC that can play almost all PC games. But PC beggars cant play any consoles exclusives. In the end, console owners win~~

          • Casper

            But in the end the gamers don’t win because our awesome games are limited see GTA V that game is 1000x better on PC than it is on console

          • Alvin Wijaya

            i guess you’re right. we’ll see

          • Cats Dogs

            GTA 5 better on pc because cheep laptops with intel hd 520 max gtx setting and get 120fps. but can other games do this on i3-6100u with intel hd 520?

          • matics27

            You know making assumptions of others is about as ignorant as it gets. I suggest you grow up with that child-like mentality of yours.

          • Stop begging, buy PS4 and enjoy greatness.

          • Reggie

            shill lmfao

          • Austin Huskey

            I own a ps4 and you’re still an asshole, grow up man.

          • Skorge

            Buy a PS4 and enjoy mediocre JRPG’s and 3rd person action/adventure games and…and….that’s about it.

          • ToryFuryz

            Why tf are all your comments calling people children?You litearly told some one befor who are they to tell people what they can or can’t say on the internet when u do the same thing all the fking time? if some one needs to grow up then its you


            u know ur begging to stop other people begging lol the irony

          • ToryFuryz

            ?? i wasn’t begging nor was any one else….

          • Gurnlei

            loling at ‘Most console owners have a PC that can play almost all PC games’

          • Mario Sacconi

            i have some doubts. An awesome PC is way more expensive than a PS4, Mine is over 1000$… People buying consoles don’t want to spend money for a high end pc…

          • Gurnlei

            Exactly. Rid however thinks most console gamers have a gaming PC too.

          • Benjamin Scott-Pye

            So you’re choosing to miss out on great games for totally arbitrary reasons then?

        • Tyler “Stereotypicaldeathcorek

          Rid you have 3 days before I dox your internet be prepared

    • Kidd

      Game SUCKS Anyway!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY

      • Vallen

        this is bait

    • walikor

      YEAH! ps4 master race!
      pc peasants LOL

    • CoolingGibbon

      My my, Sony’s consolewhore took the time to put the dick down and type out a comment about how Sony’s cock tastes so great~~~! A wondrous miracle!

      • Aww, why so salty?~

        • CoolingGibbon

          Not so much salty as mildly fascinated by console wankery.

    • Mulatto_Fury

      Stop being a sony fanboy and understand that a multi-platform release can only help the game in the long run.

      • Nah, stop begging, stop being poor, work hard, buy Ps4 and enjoy greatness.

        • Mulatto_Fury

          I already own a PS4, but seeing as it is terribly outdated in comparison to my PC, I would much rather play games on the system that has the best graphics, frame rate and isn’t limited.

          You wanna talk about greatness? PC MASTER RACE, motherfucker.

          • You mean PC BEGGAR RACE, retard!~~~
            Lol, i too have a powerful gaming PC, but i never beg like you retarded beggars~
            Godlike Gamer Race ftw~!

          • Mulatto_Fury

            I’m not begging. In any capacity. I’m not going to make demands of a company or give them shit for not making their release multiplatform, but I still find it stupid that in this day and age, with the increased costs of development where you need as many sales as possible just to break even(let alone make a profit), that any game company wouldn’t release their game on as many platforms as possible.

          • PC Master Race

            Just remember you autistic cuck, Persona 5 was made by PC. You console peasants keep on forgetting about that.

          • Lol retard, i have a powerful gaming pc thank you very much~

          • PC Master Race

            Lol, that was easy!

          • But im not a retarded beggar race like you. Ive consoles too~ Enjoy both~

          • PC Master Race

            Hey kid, I got a game to develop. Go cry to someone else like you. Bye.

          • Son, only a PC beggar race like you is crying~

          • Finn gaming

            Lol, lmao i’m speechless… kid
            oh and speak english xD the salt is too strong with this kid.

          • PC Master Race

            Without PC your console games would have never existed!

          • Skorge

            What’s your Steam ID then?

        • Wolf Akuma

          Well then “Rid Vesalius” You dont work. Your obsessed with transformers and star wars you live in Malaysia and the only tech you own is sony crap with a medium spec pc with what i can only tell is a minumum 16gb ram. You have taken a couple trips to japan and are currently located in akita oh your religion is also Islamic and we yet again seem to have a damned dead father sob story.. So lets see what to do with you.



          Hows about this.

          Go back to working on the side of the world trade center, get a better pc before you claim to be able to run everything, GET A JOB before you call people poor and for fucks sake put some flowers on that grave you fucking bellend.

          • Eww, a stalker.
            Going all the troubles to create a new account and a research about me, still most of the infos are wrong wahaha~

    • zrex2metagor

      Begger? Boy the for the price of my laptop you could buy 4 ps4s. Pray why exactly would I buy a ps4 for a handful of exclusives? Most exclusives are japanese releases only, and the few that do come out in the NA, are hardly worth buying a console over. I have a ps3 and I barely ever play on it, even in the days where consoles used to get a lot more exclusives than the PC. Plus, your slab of plastic brick cant even play past gen games, why would I pay like a peasant to own a slab of a peasant brick? Beggers? You console peasants are the very epitome of beggary. Since you fools cant even afford a decent rig, you go and call others as beggars. As for you owning a decent rig that can play all games……..I call bull shit, pathetic beggers like you will never spend on a decent rig. How’d you buy that ps4? Mommy made some nighty money and bought you your toy?

      • TL:DR, Son, wanna play the game? Stop begging, buy PS4 and enjoy greatness~

        • Nicholas Lewis

          Is this literally all you do? sit around and spout Play Station propaganda all day? I’m surprised Sony hasn’t contacted you about a job in advertising because you are a master at it boy.

      • MassConglom

        I know right…why buy a fake PC(PS4) when you already have a real PC? And your right, the past couple of years have been really bad for console gaming, they only have a handful of games to look forward too. Ain’t know way I’d buy a fake PC so I can play the only game I might ever buy for this console.

        They really should port a PC release, for us PC beggars 🙂

    • Shirou

      Indeed GREAT NEWS! Persona 5 just stopped to exist :3 yaay

    • Tyler “Stereotypicaldeathcorek

      I dont want a console with shit security on psn kill yourself

      • Awe. Another sad poor retard. Stop begging. Buy ps4 and enjoy greatness


      It’s not begging and stop being anti-consumer. The only reason why you guys have a console is because of the PC industry. Without us you would have nothing to fanboy over, just imagine a world with no fanboys/girls. That’d feel like heaven.

  • miyamoto

    The desperation!

    • MrWinky

      Dem tears…

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