Attack On Titan PS Vita vs. PS4 Comparison: One of the Worst Vita Port

Attack on Titan is an upcoming action game from Koei Tecmo which is being released for the PS Vita, PS4 and PS3. It is already out in Japan and thanks to YouTube user Havian, we have a comparison between the PS4 and the PS Vita version of the game.

According to the user, the game appears to be a mess on the PS Vita with a very aggressive LOD and draw distance resulting in enemies disappearing out of view fairly close to players and ugly looking textures at close up. The game also has frequent slow downs that affects the action packed gameplay on the Vita. The frame rate might run fine when there is no action on screen but attacking the Titans can make it drop frequently.


While the result shouldn’t be surprising, it does show that there wasn’t any attention paid to the port as the PS Vita hardware is more than capable of running open world games if the developers pay attention. Unfortunately in this case, it looks to be a game where the primary focus was on PS4 and the other platforms were an afterthought. You can watch the video comparison below.

Attack on Titan is confirmed for the West and Koei Tecmo is bringing all three version of the game including PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Hopefully they can release a patch to fix the frame rate and some of the rendering issues with the game on PS Vita before it officially launches in the West.

Let us know what you think about the difference between the PS Vita and PS4 version of the game in the comments below.

  • BXThorn Xvn

    oh shut up alrdy theres nothing wrong with the dam game i have it on the vita and the only time it slows down is when theres 5 titans on the screen or when you kill them and they fall on top of you. other than that the game it beautiful and runs at full speed wdf are you talking about. how could you compare the vita to the ps4 version when the vita’s not no where near as powerful as the ps3. this fool just wants to sound cool this is one of the top 3 games on the vita especially online and you all know it so jst sdfu alrdy little whiners have noting else to do but want to sound like yal are smart all of a sudden. appreciate what the developers did for your punk azzs

  • random person

    theres no color its not alive they need to fix alot of things its going to be great to have a titan in your backpack

  • XenoGoku

    I totally agree. And thank you for posting this^^