Bathurst Circuit – Forza 5 vs Gran Turismo 6

We recently got to see Bathurst Circuit for Gran Turismo 6. It looked spectacular for sure. Curiously, we saw the same circuit in Forza Motorsport 5, which is a upcoming next generation Racing Sim. We decided to compare both versions and see what upgrade a next generation game has got over current generation game.

Bathurst Circuit(Mount Panorama) is a famous motor racing circuit that is located in New South Wales, Australia. It has been featured in many other games as well and recently, it was featured in Shift 2: Unleashed. This racing circuit is now coming to both Gran Turismo 6 and Forza Motorsport 5. While we don’t have a like for like comparison, we do have images from both games for this circuit. We have just gathered them in a same place. Be the judge yourself.

You can see the screenshots below

Judging from the screens above, both versions look spectacular for sure. Lighting seems to have gotten a big upgrade in Forza Motorsport 5, where it looks far more natural. The road textures and tire tracks on the road look far better in Forza Motorsport 5. When it comes to the look and feel of the track, both games seem to have nailed it.

We can’t wait to get our hands on both games so we can drift and race in this circuit.

What do you think of the comparison? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Sandwiches4Life

    My 2 cents (PC gamer for the time being): Forza images you can clearly see all the 3d grass and vegetation around trees and signs as well as extremely high texture quality on road surfaces and barriers. All of the trees appear to be 3d also. Not too much polygonal shapes to objects (tirewalls perhaps). The lighting looks perfect and the shadows are really nice! It looks like morning on Mt. Panaroma (I can kind of see fog in the distance to), Gran turismo images show extremely low texture quality on the roads and especially when it shows the Mt. Pan sign. Looks like a google earth copy/paste job to be honest. No 3d grass at all that i can see, just flat surface. the trees all appear to be billboards (2D) and cast zero shadows. The colors seem a little to bright maybe? Definitely in the signs and barrier signs, It appears that many other objects dont cast shadows either and no detail in the pit area or on the pit building (not shown in forza screens). Extreemely polygonal shapes to barriers and lightposts in Gran Turismo shots. With just these observations i would say that these are easily one generation apart. I havent played any forza and havent played a GT since 2 FYI, but critically looking at these images i can say forza is much prettier (at least the environments and lighting). would like to see PS4 version of GT.

  • Tucker16

    I actually live in bathurst myself and see this track everyday amd I can honestly tell you that Forza 5 looks so much more life like than GT6. So much more detail, gran turismo still looks lile it is lacking in rendering of textures and natural lighting etc

    • Blighty

      I was just there, go every year. Must say that I cannot really tell with the forza pics. It’s way to limited to judge. ie, even though it’s late afternoon, the color does look a little off, especially in the first picture. gt6 looks pretty spot on for midday, and with the video seeming to show some very accurate lighting across the hours. It will be interesting.. Forza does seem to have an ever so slight ‘stylized’ look to it’s track graphics, light has always been softer, so that may be a design desicion. However I expect that just that little bumb up in object detail on screen and higher textures on the smaller details (like those tires) – but without a video, and only small images of a few scenes it’s hard to judge.


  • Josiah Grey

    Never seen Forza fanboys feeling so threatened by a current gen game towards a next gen. Calm your tits and stfu. xD For real you people need a life

  • ben dover

    GT6 doesn’t run at a full 1080p or a full 60fps going off the last outing.

    Hearing people say it’s ahead of Forza is almost funny. Forza 5 is leaps ahead as it always has been. Physics. Graphics. Car selection. Sound.

    Keep deluding yourselves.

    Jesus christ. You had to unlock damage on GT5. Hahahahaha! What is that shit and saying that it was still god awful. Along side it’s horrid fps dips and jaggies.

  • Kif12345

    GT6 still has the most accurate lighting! GT6 Track in the pictures looks more natural and realistic than Forza’s track. FM5 track has a yellowish tint makes it look very unrealistic.

    Its very impressive to see a game like GT6 with complex physics running on a 8 years old hardware still looking as good or even better (lighting) than a next gen game.

    • willhe

      lol You’re just an N4G sony girl that even copied and pasted the same freakin remarks.

      • Kif12345

        And ur a butthurt xbot fanfag. 😉

        its my opinion so its gonna be the same.

        • willhe

          the semen of a thousand japanese sailors is dripping out your ass and im the one butthurt? sorry to burst the herpes pimple in your ass but i’ve been playing gt since 1 so what exactly am i butthurt over. just funny when you see fan girls posting the same thing everywhere

    • Tucker16

      That yellowish tint is because the position of the sun is in the morning, therefore the lighting is pretty accurate as it looks very similar in real life

    • Rhino

      I’m sorry but forza 5 is so much better the details in the vegetation in gt6 are so low forza 5 has gone that much extra in details that it looks like a photo. the graphics on gt6 are just so straight there is no colors interacting with the sun light, it’s just grey or red with no tint or shine where as forza 5 does, I’m definitely getting forza 5

    • Eric Monteiro

      Thats ployphony for you. Forza’s a good game, but they pump them out way too fast. By the time GT7 comes out, they will likely be on Forza 9