Batman: Arkham Knight has broken street date

It appears that copies of the Playstation 4 version Batman: Arkham Knight are now making their way into the hands of a few lucky gamers. An individual has posted a number of screenshot with his user ID clearly written on a paper next to the disc as proof of ownership.

The user, who goes by the name Tripheoh, has posted screenshots of the game booting up on his TV. It’s only a matter of time now until the user starts to post screenshots containing spoilers, so those who are looking to play the game spoiler-free should probably steer clear of any leaked footage coming from Tripheoh or anyone else who claims to have a copy of the game.

batman1 batman2 batman3

It’s likely that this is a rare case of one individual getting their copy early, though given how it’s common for popular games to break street dates nowadays, we’re expecting more gamers to get their hands on the game in the coming days.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the game’s availability as they become available.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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  • Mysterious Gamer Dude

    Well. This is sucks. I HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE THE FIRST TRAILER THEN ROCKSTEADY DELAYED IT FIVE TIMES!!!!!!!!!! This game better be worth the wait, the people who post spoilers can go crawl in a hole.

    • otakudbzgt

      3 times

  • Rob Destro

    I got the game last week the joker is alive and well twist off fate the joker becomes batman

  • Lief

    son of a…!!

  • Panty Sniffer

    better than sweaty thongs

  • Jet Davis

    Serves rocksteady right for delaying the game so damn long. I hope several copies get out and put on torrent and rocksteady loses millions

    • JurryJRR

      I don’t care about delays if it makes the game better. I am thrilled they delayed witcher 3 as it is one of the best games of the year

  • ASTRO_Henry

    In my opinion, people who get it broken street day don’t matter to me as its probably still has bugs and glitches. Come Launch day patch most of the bugs and glitches will be sorted out which will be a better experience. I can wait for my digital copy to play at launch day.

  • Christopher Binder

    So much for going to E3.

  • gary

    This is ridiculous if you are going to release the game early then do it across the board.

    • Fraught

      Copies are always sent to shops before release date, so that they’ll have physical copies in stores the day it comes out, without problems.

      Some dickheads who works at these stores give out copies before the game is released, though, either on purpose, or without knowing it’s not yet released.

      • gary

        Still I know the copies that slipped out can be rendered useless because that happened to my friend with Advanced Warefare.

  • Amir

    Oh no! This is Mortal Kombat X all over again. Spoilers will pollute your favourite threads as more and more get this game before the official release. We’re fooked!

    • Wargreymon559 .

      stay off the internet problem solved.

      • Anonymous

        And another problem rises

  • stephj 2

    Wtf I hate this shit I’ve been waiting for this game since the first trailer and planned on getting it in February for my birthday but you guys delayed it then I preordered it and you guys delayed it again this is not fair might as well release it now so I can go pick up my copy.

  • Devonne Matten

    NOT fair…. Now a bunch of PS4 Asshats are gonna ruin it all with spoilers. I’ve been checking up daily for newly released information, and now I can’t do that until it’s actually released, for fear of spoilers.

    I’ve been robbed of 9 ish, 10 days of pre-game hype and excitement build up… I swear to god if something get’s spoiled I will NOT be happy.
    Happy Birthday me.

    You can guarantee shit’s gonna get loose…

    • Eric Austin

      Hey don’t generate the whole PlayStation Nation

    • Razor Sean

      Like Eric said, you’re generalising the whole of the PS4 community. Don’t be mad cuz PS4>Xbox dOne.

    • YourThaTypeThatAlwaysLose

      Maaaan, I feel your pain. Lol, I really do. Batman Arkham Knight is literally the ONLY game I really, really want to play. I cannot contain my excitement for this game.

    • Wargreymon559 .

      Batman dies and the joker is still alive.Happy BDAY 🙂 hope you enjoyed your present

      • Phil

        There’s going to be multiple endings, so of course Batman will die in one of the endings. The Joker, however, has been officially confirmed as dead.

        • Skippy

          Really? I haven’t read anything about this game having multiple endings and it would feel really odd considering the series has never had those.

          • otakudbzgt

            if you complete the game with less than 7 side missions completed,you will get the normal ending.
            if you complete the game with more than 7 side missions completed,you will get the normal ending with more events.
            if you complete the game with all 14 side missions(not sure about riddler),you will get the full ending.

          • Skippy

            Oh ok! So instead of events changing or the outcome of Batman himself, those are set, but the villains and heroes will have more closure depending on missions? Awesome! Thanks for the info

      • Anders WellnessCoach

        I’m pregnant(im a guy) so come subscribe to my youtube alright..;D?! PEACE!

    • Allah Akbar

      calm down douchebag, after a month of this game being release. all the hype will fade, and everybody attention will now have their eyes on mgs pp

    • Justin Zerbel

      All we have to do everyone is stick together, If something has batman arkham knight in the title DO NOT CLICK ON IT FOR FEAR OF SPOILERS. WE all hate spoilers.

    • YourThaTypeThatAlwaysLose

      Do you have a PS4? If you’ve got a twitch and stream often, I’ll follow.

  • Puckish Rogue

    I just want to know all the villians who are in it…

    • Phil

      Poison Ivy, Arkham Knight, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Penguin, Firefly, Riddler, Hush, and Harley Quinn are the villains. Other villains might return as well as side-missions, but not as part of the main story.

      • Hossy

        Hush has not been confirmed yet, but fingers crossed

        • otakudbzgt

          all the villains confirmed:
          arkham knight
          poison ivy

          two face
          harley quinn
          man bat

  • ivy

    I want one too:,,,( like nowww