Batman Arkham Knight: You Can Now Get Free “Zur En Arrh Batman” DLC Skin

Warner Bros. Interactive has released a new Skin DLC for Batman Arkham Knight and it can be yours for completely free, if you follow these instructions.

As we have covered in a previous article, Batman Arkham Knight has received a brand new update on the PS4 and Xbox One. This new update includes some new features as well as some updates for WB Play and Downloadable Content. We can now take a look at the September DLC as well.


If you have created a WB Play ID to get the free Anime Batman Skin, you can now use it to claim another free skin. This new skin is for Zurr En Arrh Batman and you can get it for free by signing in at WB Community using your WB Play email and password. You will be then asked to enter a screen name for the forums. For those who want to get this skin for free, you can post a message in this thread on the forums.

Batman Arkham Knight is now out on PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • Владик Пекарев


  • Zoom


  • Shwarcz

    WbPlay Batman

  • luciano de jesus

    manero obrigado pelo suporte jogo top demais.

  • Marcelltheml


  • MordecaisuGamer


  • MordecaisuGamer

    WbPlay Batman

  • MordecaisuGamer


  • Джокер Майерс

    Послушайте хатчики,как мне открыть или где скачать костюм Anime Batman Skin ?

  • noel mckay

    How do you get the batman skin

  • DragoonZero01

    I want this costume!! 😀

  • fuckface

    Doesn’t let me into the forums. Just says ACCESS DENIED

  • Kyle Adair


  • drdvdplayerhandbook

    According to the WB Games Community Official Thread:

    “It is not necessary to post to unlock the Zurr En Arrh skin. While we do welcome anyone to join in on the forums. We will delete any blank posts or posts that say. Just here for the skin.

    Signing in on the site will unlock the skin. No post is necessary”

  • ReMorte

    What the hell. Its bad enough they give us incomplete games. Now they make it hard just to get the dlc to make it complete.

  • Brazil

    Just tells me I do not have privileges to access it when going to the forums.

  • Pearldrummer1990

    I linked account to uplay,joined community fourms still doesnt give me the fucking suit

    • Battymanmenman

      amen dude. i cant really say anything though because it seems to be the trend in games to make you sign in to a bunch of shit to unlock stuff and struggle for hours to get it.

    • Guts

      why uplay?

  • Tj Hutchinson

    Does it work

  • Spidey

    It didn’t work

  • Saad Ahmed

    Is this skin out on PC too?

    • The skin was added with the latest patch (1.05) which is only out on PS4 and XBO. So nope.

    • Dylan Hutto

      I’m sure you could find a MOD for it, if you’re into that. I Know its not the same, but it’s whatevs.

  • Jack

    How do you get The skin

    • After doing the required and unlocking it from WB Play menu, you can select it from the “Showcase” menu. It doesn’t require to be downloaded and it is actually included in the update, I reckon.

  • lightfootsumo

    same thing happend to me bruh


    Bellissimo gioco perfetto

  • Jay King

    i cant even sign into wbplay AT ALL!!!

    • If you keep getting an error, just retry again. It will eventually work. WB Play sucks 😛