Batman Arkham Knight File Size Is Absolutely Gargantuan on the PS4, Bigger Than GTA V

Batman Arkham Knight is one of the few third party game with an exclusivity deal with Sony. Sony is also actively promoting it and they recently revealed that a Arkham Knight themed PS4 will launch alongside the release of the game in June. In addition to this, they have also launched the digital pre-order of the game on PS4, which will come with the Harley Quinn DLC for those who pre-order it before the official release date.

Batman Arkham Knight looks like a true next generation game with a huge open world, and as expected, its file size is one of the biggest when it comes to such open world games, even passing the file size of GTA V on the PS4, which was about 41 GB in size.

As revealed on the PlayStation Store, Batman Arkham Knight will require about 48.7 GB of hard disk space. You can check it out in the screenshot below.


Batman Arkham Knight is the closure of the Batman trilogy made by Rocksteady Studios. The previous two games in the series have been a critical and commercial hit and Arkham Knight looks to be the same.

What do you have to say to this huge file size for Arkham Knight on PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • K!NG M3LLZ

    I dont see the big deal; AC: Unity was about 42 GB without updates, CoD: Advanced Warfare was 49 GB, and NBA 2K15 was 46 GB. Since when is 48.7 GB’s a “gargantuan amount”?

  • disqus_Z9V24wXz3R

    They can increase it to 70gb if it will make it even better! Bring it on Rocksteady!!!!!

  • katsumi1980

    About The same size as the average next gen, with bf4 and others, why is this even talked about? Not surprising at all, in fact I expected it.

  • ManuBiggs

    BF4 with all the DLC is over 100 GBS on my hard drive, Diablo 3 was 50 GB and Last of Us was also over 40 GB – so what’s the big deal?

    • This size is without the DLCs and Patches.

    • Thad Vanity

      Don’t forget Titanfall.

    • Kayoss860

      BF4 had so much patches that it was ridonkoulus.

    • FrankVVV

      Is that BF4 on console? Because on PC it’s under 60 GB with everything installed.

    • disqus_Z9V24wXz3R

      I dont know if you have some special version of BF4 or something but with all DLC and the latest patch, the size is sitting at 62gb on my PS4

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Now is it “absolutely gargantuan” on the xbone too or did they magically figure out a way to make it smaller using DX12, SRAM, and pixie dust? Just curious if we are singling out the PS4 as usual.

    • Chet

      It’s a Sony exclusive… won’t be coming out on Xbone

      • Mike

        PS only has DLC timed exclusivity. The game is coming out on xbone also.

        • Chet

          My Bad, the article makes it sound like a PS4 exclusive with “with an exclusivity deal with Sony.” Didn’t think to double fact check them

          • Section8

            It is actually exclusive to ps4 in japan.

  • Harrison Jaegermeister

    You really sure that those aren’t just uncompressed audio files?

  • Soda Popinski

    My 2TB drive is ready 🙂

    • Section8

      I got a 6TB. And 3 of that is for the batmobile. mUHAHAHAHA

  • andy

    “True next generation”??? Unreal 3 is true next gen now? What does file size say about a game’s world size? Skyrim was around 4gbs, the ENTIRE game too. If this game is like the last Batman games then all the cutscenes are all just prerendered video files (even though they still end up looking like ingame anyway), awful compressed video I might add. That is what probably takes up most of the size.
    Its mind blowing what some “gaming journalist” websites think next gen is So if The Order 1886 wasn’t 30gbs but 48gbs it would have been more next gen then?????

    • Rodney Lancaster

      wait you mean skyrim’s open world full of nothing but scenery yeah you must be kidding yourself bro skyrim was a shit fest if you didn’t have mods 4 hr main storyline and even more boring side quest and yes i did every side quest and more so that’s probably why it was only 4 gbs cause they didn’t have much in it and if you traveled to fast you got hit by a loading screen cause it couldn’t load its own game fast enough quest from mods where better than the quest they put in, more over that’s why there mmorpg for elder scrolls failed also cause there company turned to shit after oblivion.

      • Thad Vanity

        “if you traveled to fast you got hit by a loading screen cause it couldn’t load its own game fast enough”

        Sorry to hear you’ve got a garbage PC……

  • Kamille

    the funny thing is that like more than half the space is taken by the audio tracks in different languages. For digital downloads they should offer multiple versions with different language.

    I mean, if modders and hackers can do it then why these companies can’t? When you go to torrent sites you can download these huge games in really tiny file sizes because they remove the bazillion of audio languages.

  • RunStopGo

    I bought a 2 TB hard drive a few months back, so all’s well.

    • John

      Internal? Because I think I need to do the same.

      • RunStopGo

        Yep, it’s a pricey thing though, bought it on amazon for a hundred or so.

        • Kayoss860

          Dude, $100 is a very good price for a 2TB 2.5 HDD. I think you got a good deal. I just wished that the 2.5HDD came in a larger size like a 4TB

          • Abdullah Al Marhuby

            I got a 1Tb HD recently. Couldn’t find a 2TB. But i guess it’s going to be enough for a year and a half

          • RunStopGo

            I think they’re aiming for that in the future, but for now that’s as big as they come.

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    This does not even include the day one patch, random updates and the DLCs.

    • We are royally screwed. We need bigger HDDs =/

      • HAppY_KrAToS

        sometimes, more is more.
        i really appreciate it, when i finish a game like god of war 3, or god of war ascension,and there are like +20 hd videos, showing how the game was done, from graphics,level design, etc etc.
        if the bluray is 50Gb big, and the game, “only” 20 or 30 Gb, why not use that extra space, and put tons of goodies, making-of videos, etc. i mean, i could spend a full day, watching how kratos world has evolved, since day 1, until release. the same with other games.

        it’s a bit sad, knowing this will be the end of the trilogy. now that devs finally have tons of power, to animate those bad boys, at 1080p, put 40 of them on the screen, at the same time, with perfect animations and combos, all with perfect graphics,textures, decors…

        like uncharted, kratos, etc, batman games will always sell. a lot. this may be the end of the trilogy, but i am sure there are plenty of other stories they can make. man, there are hundreds of comic heros.. enemies… plenty of great games can be done.
        too bad,anytime a movie is out, the industry quickly makes a videogame for fans.. and often, it’s a 6/10 game.

        • Fireprufe15

          But that’d be stupid for digital. You want to minimize download size.

      • Kayoss860

        this is why I stick to mainly physical media. I keep my HDD for indies and games that are only available digitally for the PS4 (final fantasy 7, 8, 9, etc…)

        • On both PS4 and Xbox One you have to install the games, so you are spending storage space either way.

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