Batman Arkham Knight issues continue, Xbox One problems surface

Batman Arkham Knight didn’t have the smoothest of launches when the much awaited game released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One earlier this week.

The game’s PC port is a buggy mess with furious fans opting for refunds. The game currently has a 5/10 rating on Steam. What didn’t help was that Rocksteady didn’t develop the PC version and left the porting to a 12 man studio. This news which became came up recently obviously angered the hardcore PC Gaming community even more. They therefore worked on the Xbox One and PS4 versions which had problems of their own.


The Playstation 4 version currently runs the best of the bunch and looks to be the lead console chosen for development by Rocksteady Studios. Running at 1080p 30fps on the console, the Batman Arkham Knight on the PS4 still suffers from minor glitches like the Leaderboards not working and the player falling through the map. This is not bad as the Xbox One version however.

The Xbox One version according to our research runs at 900p, which is turning out to be an unfortunate standard for the console. Batman Arkham Knight has an excellent campaign which I’m currently going through myself, unfortunately on the Xbox One when you’re done with it and enter the post-campaign free roam the game crashes on the player. So you may want to hold off finishing the Campaign until Rocksteady sends out a patch to fix the issue. Check out a video showcasing the glitch below:

Batman Arkham Knight is a great game and in my opinion a solid Game of The Year contender, hopefully Rocksteady fixes these issues as soon as possible before the situation ends up being as bad as Assassins’ Creed Unity.

Are you playing Batman Arkham Knight? Facing any problems? What do you think of the whole debacle? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Evan Riffey

    So I finished the game yesterday (100% story completion, about 90% total completion) saved it. Got back on a few minutes ago and the game had me at 70% completion and 75% done with the main story. What happened? It has ,w at the part where scarecrow bombards the gcpd

  • Sabretooth

    ps4, too.

  • Ivan Antonio Sánchez

    I couldnt install…. It stays at 2%… Xbox One

  • Matthew Pratt

    Got to the point of picking up Ivy trying to take her to the Botanical Garden, now my Batmodile barely moves forward. Literally have the trigger fulling compressed and a bad guy in the road will keep the car from moving forward. (Playing on Xbox One) My daughter is playing on her account and has not had this problem (yet). Any suggestions? If I reload the game, do we lose all the progress we have made, or is that stored separate from the game itself? I love the game, it’s been fun to play but the Batmobile thing really sucks.

  • Erik Larsen

    This fucken game on the dumbass xbox one still has a shitload of graphical issues it’s so fucken . annoying

  • Carl Jessome

    falling upside down to outer space. car sits and revs to eternity. piece of shit. i want my money back. class action lawsuit anyone?

  • Jbrack

    Curious if anybody on PS4 is having the problem with not being able to control the damn thing. I can punch and move ok for a little bit then I lose all ability to punch and start just throwing whatever utility I have ready. And I cannot take it off until I restart the game and then I punch for a minute or two and does it again. I can’t control the batmobile or anything half the time. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Mike

    the new DLC Batgirl froze always at the same place, impossible to go further, it’s on ps4, the game story itself works fine

  • Ben

    Most of these comments are bs iv cleared arkham knight 100% and have had no issues the game ain’t broken on xbox one people exadurate so much is pathetic always aiming shit at xbox deal with it xbox will take over one day and I ain’t no fan boy got better things to do I got both consoles and tbh my Dyson vacuum runs quiter then the ps4 my xbone no problems what so ever get over the rod that happened 10 years ago

  • Erik Larsen

    my fucken game on xbox one just had a shitty data file curopption and i had %90 fucken percent done and now its back at 75 what the shit is up with that im super pissed that i have to do all the horrifying shit all over again im pissed at u rocksteady

  • narutofan420

    I’ve noticed there is no download history like on the 360

  • narutofan420

    I keep having a problem with it not wanting to download the new update on xbox one

    • kmfj

      Yeah same here! it’s been stuck on 98%

  • Cameron Fry

    I got up to 49% and now it won’t save my progress on xbone.

  • Justin Savage

    I beat the main story a couple weeks ago offline, then beat the penguin, decon blackfire, and two face missions, after the two face mission my game froze, kicked me to the xbox home screen. I restarted Arkham Knight and was back at the part where you get the second Batmobile. I connected to the internet and got all of the achievements for the progress I had made, but not the completion. (I got the achievements for capturing Two Face, Penguin, ect. but my game says I haven’t got them yet.) I went ahead and re did all my previous captures while online hoping to back it up to the cloud. Once I did that, I went a bit farther, then when it was at a good point, I exited to the menu and quit for the night. I turned it back on and I’m back at the exact same location as before (getting the second batmobile) and when I connect to the internet it doesn’t update my progress. Is this a problem anyone else is having?

    • Robert Grant

      THIS. Exactly. Exactly the same point in the game.

  • Eli Collier

    Just got the game today for my birthday. The opening cut scene freezes once it shows the corner of Jokers mouth but the audio still plays until the music ends then I just hear the fire. Game is completely unplayable.

  • Darryl Borque

    I am NOT through with the campaign and I just start falling through the map on Xbox 1

  • Davis Shatto

    Ok I walked into a random building on accident and the game wouldn’t let me leave and there is no save I can revert back to because of auto save, what do I do?

  • Christian Okeefe

    What happened with my version is that all the dialogue and music is completely muted out despite the fact that I have it all the way turned up

    • Dickie Lynch

      Something similar happened with my game at 93%
      All the music and Batman’s sounds are muted but all the background sounds and thug dialogue are clear. Even gunfire is silent which is really frustrating!

  • batman fan

    im stuck on campaign after the cloud is let off. and i cabn do nothing else it keeps freezing on me really fustrating considering the game itself is awesome

  • Phil Johnson

    I’ve nearly completed in xbox one but now when the game loads I fall through the ground and just keep falling, got a feeling I’m going to have to start it all over again. Also if I do to many commands in rapid succession the game freezes

  • I can’t even get past the main screen. When I hit New Story, it goes to the screen that says “Installing Game Data” and it stays at 0% and never progresses. I’ve tried resetting my internet connection, taking the disc out and putting it back in, trying the install at different times of day… I just want to play this stupid game that I’ve been waiting for for what seems like ages, and WB Games can’t even bother to get back to me after I submitted a ticket. Effing pissed.

  • Anthony Rizzo

    I’m in the middle of playing the game myself, and I’m experiencing my own glitch. After you and Nightwing handle Penguin’s guys and exit the building, you’re ambushed by a bunch of thugs and two turret. After taking them out with the Batmobile, Bruce and Alfred have a short talk, and Alfred’s face remains still. That’s fine, but after that, when the game starts to auto-save, it freezes, and doesn’t start up again, and because it didn’t finish auto-saving, it doesn’t start over from a checkpoint or anything, I have to take the guys out again, but then it freezes again. I LITERALLY can’t complete the game.

  • zX Excalibur Xz

    what would him being out of the game world have to do with beating the campaign?

  • StellarKip1

    It feels like this becoming more commonplace lately. The game crashed on me once on my One but it was still downloading at the time, so chalked it up to that. I’m maybe 30 minutes into the game and it’s a blast. I love driving the batmobile, although the tank battles feel tedious already, not Max Payne blood trails tedious, more like The Library on Halo 1 tedious. The combat is fluid as ever and game is beautiful look at, even at 900p on the One.

  • RamonMendozaGA

    It’s a shame that a potentially great game (from a design and gameplay perspective) might be remembered most for its pitiful execution. Hopefully they get everything patched and working so that we can evaluate the game as it was intended to be experienced.

  • Agentsmith72

    So this comment is for the author of the article… I really hate to bring this up, but you really need to do a little spot of proofreading and editing before you send something that is to be construed as news out into the world!

    Regarding the game, I am disappointed with the number of issues and glitches we have faced as players, especially with how many delays in launching rocksteady used. I hope they patch these errors asap so that it might become a game of the year contender.

  • levi crabtree

    I play on the ps4. Mine is completely broken. It ran smooth for the first few days. My completion percentage was 73. Everything was running great. I saved during a fight with the arkham knight. When I came back later that day I had a corrupted save file. I was disappointed but decided to start over. Now nothing works right. I can’t access anything other than main story missions. I’ve deleted all save files. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing. When I try to access side quests like the riddler stuff or AR missions it says to wait for game to finish installing.

    • Mister J81

      The game installing only works when the game is on, not in rest mode. When you try to access things in the main menu, like extras or Arkham stories, a countdown clock appears. If it’s not moving, close and restart ps4, then access the countdown again. If it’s moving, just leave it and wait, don’t play. Hope this works for you.

  • Jenny Lee

    So you use a post campaign crash that maybe just a few may have experience to put the xb1 version at the level of the PC which was really broken. But you downplay the ps4 leaderboard and falling through the map bugs while none of the has been experienced on the xb1.

    What i see here is that the only broken thing here is your ridiculous article. The xb1 version is at 900p and everyone knew that long ago, but at the moment it runs great.

    • Darryl Borque

      Wrong Jenny, I am playing on xbox 1 and have reloaed my game 4 times and i continue to fall through the map. I cannot stop it

    • Justin Savage

      my XB1 version keeps losing my saved progress.

      • Renegade4Life

        yeah that shit keeps happening to me to 7 god damn times this has happened to me now just as I finish the story mode and finished all the side quests expect for the riddler side quest my damn save keeps bringing me back to where i just finished beating the arkham knight and confronting scarecrow on the roof with Gordon and it keeps happening to now I’m at 81% of the damn game again instead of the 94% I worked my way up to again don’t get me wrong I love the game and I enjoy it for what it’s worth but I can’t keep playing a game that’s going to keep de-progressing back to a point where i keep having to restart all my progress all over again until they fix this issue I’ll just have to stop playing the game till they fix the issue cuz I don’t want to keep playing a game I can’t even finish completely

        • Justin Savage

          EXACT same place it keeps starting me over at with all side mission progress lost. I did it offline, shut er down for the night and the next day turned it back on and connected to the internet. I got all of the achievements for side missions and beating the main story, but started there again and my side missions all read “0% complete”

          • Renegade4Life

            hmm well that part hasn’t happened when it comes to the side missions i only have ever lost my save progress with the militia checkpoints, bomb deactivation’s, and riddler side quests still i shit you not i was in the menu checking out the stuff i had gotten from the riddler collectibles and as soon as i backed out of the main menu i got bumped back to 81% again and this was recent to like what the hell and it doesn’t even matter weather your online or offline this shit still happens with my save progress like WTF is going on

          • Justin Savage

            I was discussing this with some folks on Reddit and one guy said he contacted Microsoft at first since his progress wasn’t even backed up online, they said to contact WB Games, he did and finally got an email back saying they are aware of the situation and working on a patch. Hopefully it will come soon. Such a shame (imo) that Rocksteady seems to have washed their hands of the game. WB is working on all the DLC and the patch(s) for it from my understanding.

          • Renegade4Life

            geez what happened to the days where games didn’t have a fucking catastrophic when they were released back then when a game was released they didn’t have major fuck ups or game breaking issues like this or at least this wasn’t a frequent thing that happened as often as it seems to do nowadays. damn i miss the old days where dlc, patches, and cluster fuck game releases weren’t a thing like they are nowadays back then when a game was released there was no such as dlc and the other stuff i mentioned back then when you got a game it was a full game you got everything you paid for that game you didn’t have this thing where game developers would go and break up the games in pieces and make you pay for it like they make you do now no back then the game would come as is no exceptions or shitty business practices as that seems to be the case these days oh and games didn’t have as many of these prevalent problems as they do now. my point is why has this now became an acceptable thing why is it they we just accept things in the gaming industry the way they are and just allow it to keep continuing why can’t people wake up and see that this isn’t something that should just be accepted we should be doing something instead of bending over and just allow ourselves to continually being fucked over by the gaming industry and corporate greed in general. we should be making a stand and doing something about it instead of allowing to continue on like this any longer so what are we waiting for JUST DO IT DO IT JUST DO IT Don’t let your dreams be dreams Yesterday you said tomorrow JUST DO IT Make your dreams come true

            JUST DO IT Some people dream of success While you’re gonna wake up and work hard at it Nothing is impossible You should get to the point Where anyone else would quit And you’re not going to stop there No, what are you waiting for? DO IT JUST DO IT Yes you can JUST DO IT If you’re tired of starting over Stop giving up so what are you waiting for? JUST DO IT

          • Chaz Nielsen

            Yeah I have the exact same shit happened twice now. It’s ridiculous really. Luckily i found this page and will probably hold off for a while untill they fix this shit.

            I can live with and forgive lazy scriptwriting and story lines that don’t add up and feels half-assed sometimes, but when the hardware/software or developing fails I can’t help but to lose faith and vent…

            I LOVE The Arkham franchise Batman and I love XBox, I have been waiting for this game for over a year and it is the sole reason I bought the ONE Console with ltd edition batmobile and sold my 360. But this is frustrating the hell out of me and as mich as i hate saying it – I wish I went PS4 instead or just kept my 360. I hope they bring out an update soon or something, but now the trust is broken…

      • Robert Grant

        Yep mine too – I loaded it last night and it started me back at the bit on the roof near the end with Gordon. Played it again (with gritted teeth), got further. Then today – same. Back to the same cutscene.

  • Jorge Diaz M.

    They can easily patch it, it’s just a bug, that doesn’t mean the game is broken, it runs quite good on Xbox one

    • Flowingwind

      It does run pretty well on the Xbox One.

    • is4u2p

      No it is broken because they limited the effects on both the Xbox One and the PC, somebody at Sony paid big-time to get that edge in effects.

  • Jim Higgins

    How can you honestly say that this could be a game of the year when most of your article is about bugs and crashes?

    • EO_XE

      Apparently this year had no good games at all… oh wait (Witcher 3 e.g.)

      • Bloodborne,ori and the blind forest and dying light there’s a few.

        • Jeremy Freeman

          Dying Light, Bloodbourne, PGA Golf (counts for me lol), Battlefront will be great, Until Dawn, Rise Of The Tomb Raider (on 360, since I hate Xbone), A Few others as well look very promising. Mostly 3rd party games. 🙂 Uncharted Collection will be great, to go back through and remastered. just like Last Of Us. I was never a Batman Fan anyways, I got 33 dollars in credit with the system i bought, which just happened to have Batman with it. I liked Arkham Asylum for what it was. Pretty good.

          • Jeremy Freeman

            Also The Order wasn’t HORRIBLE, just WAY to short.

    • Because the game itself is great. Bug and glitches only deter from the experience.

  • WalkingInLA

    Is that Iron Wolf guy speaking English? I don’t ‘fink’ so.