Batman Arkham Knight Receives Brand New Update 1.06 On PS4 and Xbox One, Adds Support For August DLC

Batman Arkham Knight has received a brand new update on the PS4 and Xbox One. This new update prepares the game for the upcoming August DLC, which should go live this week.

This new patch is about 300 MB in size, bumping the combined size of all the patches to a massive 4.3 GB. You can check out its changelog below.

Version 1.06

Updates for WBPlay and Downloadable Content.


Batman Arkham Knight August DLC was revealed last month by Warner Bros. Interactive. It contains skin packs for the main cast of characters and the Batmobile, in addition to some of the launch DLC, that was only available as pre-order bonus.

Let us know if you have updated to the latest version of the game in the comments below.

  • Cris

    Who’s having save problems on the Xbox because I am and it’s getting annoying it went from43% to 30%once and from 62% to 30% again it’s clearly a bug in the game

  • Guest

    I hate updates that do nothing like this. Why do they need to update the game to take DLC? Seems ridiculous to me and just a waste of HDD space and bandwidth.

  • Joshua Pirog

    Where’s the patch that makes the game fun?

    • Dan Smith

      That’ll be the no Batmobile DLC you’re after.