Batman Arkham Knight Patch 1.03 Is Live On PS4 and Xbox One, Fixes Leaderboards

Batman Arkham Knight has received a brand new patch on the PS4 and Xbox One that is aimed at fixing the leaderboards for the game. These leaderboards have been broken since launch and Rocksteady Studios promised a quick hot fix for them, which has been finally released on PS4 and Xbox One today.

This new update is less than 100 MB in size and should be out now on both PS4 and Xbox One. As announced by game director Sefton Hill, this new update is for fixing the leaderboards, and it can be confirmed from the changelog of Patch 1.03.

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Batman Arkham Knight sales are currently suspended on PC until it is fully fixed. The game launched with a huge list of problems on PC and was quickly pulled from sale until the issues were resolved. Rocksteady Studios are currently hard at work on the PC version of the game.

Batman Arkham Knight is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know if  you have updated to the latest version of the game in the comments below.

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  • Spencer Johannes

    I’m sitting her still trying to download the update it’s been at 5% for 20 min

  • WryMouthX

    No issues on XO.

  • Reagan2791

    Haven’t had an issue with the leaderboard on my X1. Hope this patch doesn’t screw anything up.

  • batman fan

    try fixing the crashes to hell with leaderboards

  • Sandra Brown

    100 MB my ass, ps4 just downloaded 3.6 GB update I doubt its leaderboards

  • Greg C

    I got it on Xbox One and have nearly completed it. I have had no issues whatsoever and leaderboards have been fine too.

  • Kanye Kardashian

    The update didn’t fix the leaderboards but it took away my classic batmobile and one of my batman costumes

  • Tgc171

    best game i played all year

  • Wally

    “When you’ve got the latest PS4 update, the leaderboards should be online sometime in the next 24 hours”

    said by sefton hill on twitter

  • Leaderboards still broken. Been looking forward to these 🙁

  • mhenderson83

    Definitely did NOT fix the leaderboards on ps4 – at least not for me.

  • Allen T

    I just got a 3.5 gig patch for ps4, leader boards still don’t work and now the audio cuts out seemingly at random.

  • aaron

    Who cares about the leaderboards anyway. Except for people who sit and play games 24/7, and if that’s you…….get a haircut and get a real job. The game for the Xbox is visually great and my leaderboards have been fine since day of digital download. Ahhhh…,who am I kidding…I’m last on my leaderboard and I’m angry… Lol.

  • Badouken

    Got the update! Leaderboards are still broken….

    • The changelog lists Leaderboards only. It is strange that they are still broken =/

      • Badouken

        yeah pretty disappointed because pretty much all my friends are playing this right now and it would be fun to compare score / story % before everyone moves onto a new game…