Batman Arkham Knight Patch 1.05 Is Now Live On PS4, Adds Photo Mode And More

Batman Arkham Knight has received a brand new update on the PS4 and it looks to be a major update based on its download size.

This new patch updates the game to version 1.05 and the full size of this patch is 4.3 GB. If you have downloaded the previous updates for the game, you only have to download 1.6 GB for this new update.

batman-arkham-knight-ps4 (5)

We will update this article once we get our hands on a changelog for patch 1.05. The most recent patch added support for Batgirl DLC.

Update: You can check out the full changelog below.

  • Stability Fixes.
  • New Feature: Photo Mode.
  • New Feature: Force original voice-cast option for non-English territories.
  • Support for August additional content.
  • Updates for WB Play and Downloadable Content.
  • General gamplay, graphics, audio, UI and localization fixes.

Batman Arkham Knight is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know if you have updated to the latest version of the game in the comments below.

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  • lepter

    Xboxone update stuck on 1%. Not impressed. Cant play game.

    • tplarkin7

      Mine was stuck for a while, then it jumped to 19%. They should allow you to play the game while it downloads (for offline games).

    • T.W. Hackett

      I un-installed the game then re-installed it. It worked for me but maybe I was just lucky. I just don’t want you to get pissed if it doesn’t work.

  • William Fenton

    I see Rocksteady “working like mad” on the PC patch.

    • AstroCyborg

      rocksteady didn’t do the pc version

      • William Fenton

        They’re supposedly fixing it though.

  • Elvis N

    How do i unlock larest suit?

    • Join the WB community using your WB play ID to unlock the new free DLC suit. Check out the WB Play option on the main screen of Arkham Knight.

    • T.W. Hackett

      I have Xbox One and it wasn’t working but then I went to the WB tab – I think by accident because it was always useless. Since getting the game on Day one the only thing it ever said was, “to link or unlink yoyr WB account” (I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the exact words but if you’ve ever clicked on it you know exactly what I mean). Well when the zur en arrh suit became available (is that the right spelling? I’m not in front of my console right now) I clicked on that tab & it had the previous free suit there and a check box. That box was checked because I had obtained it. Below that was the option to get the new Zur… suit. With an unchecked box. After my initial shock of something other than Un – linking my account or being Off line – I clicked on the box to check it then followed then followed the instructions to go to the WB Arkham Knight forums. Set up a forum account then posted some nonsense about wanting the suit. I went back to the game – it still wasn’t available BUT someone suggested to close the game out/exit the game ( you know – go to the pause screen where it says, “Exit”). Then simply Start the game up like normal and after 5 minutes or so it was available. Some people on the forum thanked me for helping them get it so it at least it worked for them. I hope it works for you.

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