Batman Arkham Knight Patch 1.08 Goes Live On PS4 and Xbox One; GCPD Lockdown Story DLC Now Available

Batman Arkham Knight’s latest update has gone live on the PS4 and Xbox One. This new update is slightly over 1 GB and contains support for the upcoming DLC as well as minor tweaks and fixes.

In addition to this new update, users can now also download the latest story DLC for Batman Arkham Knight called GCPD Lockdown. This story DLC features Nightwing as he tries to stop Penguin from escaping Gotham City Police Station. The size of this DLC is relatively small, weighing in at just 1 GB.

arkham-knight-september-dlc (2)

In term of patch notes, there is not much to add here as the official patch notes only list “Support for additional content”. While there isn’t much to confirm about what’s added in this new update, there are reports that it adds support for additional new gadgets for characters like Batwoman, Robin and Nightwing. This might be in preparation of the upcoming October update, which will make these characters available in all of the VR Challenges in the game.

Batman Arkham Knight is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. Warner Bros. Interactive are planning to relaunch the PC version in the coming weeks.

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  • aaron

    When can we be a super villain? Because you……… are my number one. AND I…………. Gotta be some Joker DLC on the horizon. Catwoman doesn’t really count because every woman I know is naturally a bitch.

  • Christopher Pemberton-Ashley

    I have been on my Xbox one since this announcement was made. Yes there was an update over 1 gig in size but as far as dlc being available, that is not the case. I checked for nightingale dlc and it says coming soon. It has not been released.

  • It’s about time they re-release it on PC. It’s been 3 months, and PC players have been left in the dark. Though on a positive it’s good to see them making sure it’s going to be up to standards this time.

  • Jamin

    Funny, I was just on my PS4 and it’s not there. Is this only for USA players, and if so, why did they market the Nightwing DLC and Challenge pack two as September releases over here in the UK; today is the final update day for the PSN store in the UK so clearly the DLC is October for us. I think we deserve that 1960s batmobile early as compensation for being mislead. Or a battle mode capable 1989 Batmobile…

    • keironsmith123

      It will be released at some point today or tomorrow, must be a delay on their end. Also why would they do a battle mode 1989 Batmobile? It never had one in the film and it would be a waste of time and money to alter and program it into the game. So stop panicking.