Batman Arkham Knight Patch 1.09 Is Now Live, Adds Character Select For AR Challenges [Update]

Batman Arkham Knight’s latest update is now available for download. This new patch updates the game’s version to 1.09 in addition to introducing various changes, including the much requested character selection for AR Challenges.

Batman Arkham Knight game director Sefton Hill had earlier confirmed that they plan to add character select to the AR Challenges in the next update and it seems like they are finally ready for use after this latest update. If you want to know how to select these characters, read the official description below.

How do I select a different character in AR Challenges?

In the AR Challenge menu, go to the AR Challenge you’d like to play, and press the directional pad left or right – you’ll see the leaderboard portion of the screen is replaced with portraits of the characters you have available, and the name of the character in the selection box will turn yellow. Hit X (PS4) / A (XB1) to confirm, then get stuck into combat with the character of your choice.

This new update brings the overall size of the update to 5.2 GB on the PS4. The characters that are available for AR selection depend on the DLC that you have installed for the game. If you have the Season Pass, you should be able to download and install all the DLCs, which means you can have access to all the characters including Harley Quinn and Red Hood.

Update: You can read the changelog of Patch 1.09 below.

  • New feature: Play as other characters in AR combat challenges.
  • New feature: Hard mode for AR combat and Batmobile combat challenges when New Story + is finished.
  • Removed AR walls where possible to improve immersion.
  • Fixed and reset the leaderboards for the Newton’s Cradle AR challenge – replay to resubmit your previous high score.
  • Support for October additional content.

batman-arkham-knight-october-dlc (3)

If you were looking forward to dedicated leaderboards for these characters, they aren’t included in this update. Warner Bros. Interactive has instead added 3 extra stars for each of the characters and they count towards the Gotham’s Greatest rating.

Let us know if you have updated to the latest version of the game in the comments below.

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  • omarcominyo

    Great game, awful season pass!!

  • David

    Is it just me, or does it seem to run smoother on the PS4 when driving the batmobile after the patch? It somehow looks like they have removed some of the rain…

  • Guest

    Why is that miniscule amount of changes take 5.2GB? Wtf is wrong with developers nowadays? Let me guess, they are make me download and waste my cap and HDD space on DLC I wont buy. Thanks. Inconsiderate bast’rds.

    • Craig Buckland

      Chill Bro! It says “brings the total update to 5.2 gb” meaning its only adding about another 800-900mb to the already 4.2 or so already downloaded.

      • Guest

        You’re right, I shouldn’t get so worked up and I hope you’re right, but its just annoying how they abuse both because they don’t know how to be or wanna be more efficient.

  • aaron

    Awesome article, always good to get the facts, Gearnuke rocks

  • Orion Pax

    nothing about bug fixes ha? i guess they’re done with non-paid dlc support for this game

    • Danilo Rodriguez

      Hit the nail right on the head! Only paid DLC getting fixes while I can’t complete game because of the riddler trophy stagg airship glitch! Way to stick it to the consumer rocksteady! And before anyone’s says just start over! Hell no I shouldn’t have to start over espacially if they hadn’t released a broken game! I shouldn’t have to start a new anything!

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