Batman Arkham Knight September DLC Revealed In Latest Update

Season Pass Of Batman Arkham Knight Will Include All Retailer Exclusive Content

Batman Arkham Knight August DLC has been officially revealed by Warner Bros. Interactive but what about September? The latest update to Batman Arkham Knight has not only added a Photo Mode, it has also revealed the September DLC for the game.

After updating the game to the latest version, we can see the listing for September DLC confirming that Warner Bros. Interactive are planning to release Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1 in September. Judging from the screenshot, this challenge pack will pair Batman with Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing. You can check it out in the screenshot below.


In addition to this DLC, Batman Beyond Skin and Dark Knight Returns Batman Skin will be released in August. Both of these skins were available as pre-order bonus for the game.

September marks the 3rd month of DLC releases for Batman Arkham Knight out of the promised 6 months. Warner Bros. Interactive has released Batgirl DLC for July and is planning to release various costume packs for August.

Batman Arkham Knight is currently out on the PS4 and Xbox One. Warner Bros. Interactive has suspended the sales of the PC version of the game because of major issues at launch, and delayed the game to Fall 2015.

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  • Antonio F.

    Is that “Crime Fighter Challenge Pack” the return of the epic Challenge Mode from Arkham City???????

    • keironsmith123

      I hope so, i would be fine with that even if it didn’t add them to free roam. Bet its some rubbish AR Maps instead though.

  • Amir

    “delayed the game to Fall 2015”
    please do some research jurnos and stop feeding people misleading infos

  • Montavia Porter

    Please answer

  • Montavia Porter

    Is the batman beyond skin coming out this month because that’s what it says but no one else is sayin that

    • John Andrus

      I just downloaded and installed the Batman Beyond skin on Xbox One. Its pretty nice.

      • how?

        • Montavia Porter

          Like for real

      • Montavia Porter

        How did u do that is it out now

        • John Andrus

          It was waitng for me to install when i was browsing mange game.

      • Agent HUNK


        • John Andrus

          I tried to post a screenshot link but gearnuke wont approve it.

      • Nam Nguyen

        Same here

    • It is out this month. In the DLC section in the game, you see the Batman Beyond Skin listed for an August release. No idea about a date.

  • Agent HUNK

    i hope its not one little fighting board. or a stupid puzzle solving room like they did with catwoman and batman. give us all the characters in free roam !!!

    • Justin Zerbel

      Thats not how DLC Works brother. All the DLc is is content Ripped from the game. Don’t believe Developers when they say it’s not ripped from the game because truth is. Every DLC Piece is already in the game files but it’s locked until you pay. Just look at some games on the PC. you will the dlc is tucked in the game files but we still have to download some kind of file to unlock the content and pay for it. And yes the dlc is just another fighting pack. New characters but same old fighting pack

      • Jerry

        lol ignore this dumbass. They are fucking retards for not letting us free roam with all the characters. LET US HAVE SOME FUCKING FUN YOU NAZIS!

      • keironsmith123

        The DLC is not already in the files, the Batgirl DLC is a 4GB download and the recent updates have added support for the DLC. If the files were already there then they wouldn’t need to do that. Also i suppose you think the big expansion DLC packs due for The Witcher 3 in a few months time is ripped from the game and already there despite them sayings its the size of The Witcher 2.