Batman Arkham Knight Update 1.13 Is Live On PS4 And Xbox One, Adds Free DLC

Batman Arkham Knight’s latest update is now available for download on the PS4 and Xbox One. This is the same update that was released a while back on PC and it added DLC support and included the Crime Fighters Challenge Pack#6. This new free DLC is finally available for all the PS4 and Xbox One users.

This patch is around 1.2 GB in size and as promised earlier, it also adds heavier rain to the game along with the free DLC challenge map pack that was picked by the community.

This community challenge map pack includes two different sets of maps, Predator and Combat. The predator maps that are featured include Wayne Manor Main Hall and Batcave from Batman Arkham City, Sanatorium, Medical Facility from Batman Arkham Asylum. The combat maps that are featured include Iceberg Lounge, Monarch Theater and Crime Alley from Batman Arkham City.

In addition to his map pack, players will also get a free skin called Batman Incorporated. You can check out this DLC skin in the image below.


Batman Arkham Knight was released with a $40 Season Pass. The last set of Season Pass DLC was released in December and it included a major story expansion called Season of Infamy featuring brand new Batman villains.

Batman Arkham Knight is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive.

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  • JuanTizmo

    Huh. So my patch was 6.571 gigs. That’s different.

  • Benjamin Betts

    Earth 2 Dark Knight skin should come with the update too.

  • omarcominyo

    The season pass was complete shite

    • Anthony Massie


      • Brock Lesnar

        Cause it was just a bunch of skins, race tracks, challenge maps, and 9 minute long story driven side missions, aside from “A Matter of Family” DLC. That’s how. Season of Infamy was disappointing too as it was too short. Game was fun but like omarcominyo said. It was a shit season pass.

        • omarcominyo

          I can’t believe he even asked!!

          • Brock Lesnar

            So true and I absolutely hate this season pass trend where the customer spends money on a season pass that gives you a ton of useless crap and a few thing that should be good but are completely lackluster.

          • omarcominyo

            The depressing thing is my season pass code didn’t work so amazon refunded me, then after 2 days it worked so I told them to charge me again for it!! Should’ve kept my trap shut!!!

          • Brock Lesnar

            Lol. Funny thing is I bought $60 on a PSN card and the code on the back wouldn’t work. I think we both got warned about that Pass. Some force was trying to prevent us from buying it.

          • omarcominyo

            HaHaHa. Well I’m not buying next seasons that’s for sure!!

          • JuanTizmo

            Why man, why?! You beat the system then let the system win!

          • omarcominyo

            I know, damn honesty!!!

          • Anthony Massie

            I wanted some info before I bought it! Sounds like I should hold off? Its $30. I’m just curious to see new content.

          • omarcominyo

            Fair enough, if you like doing challenge rooms over and over you might get some money’s worth, just don’t buy it for the story dlc, they’re over in 15 mins!

          • Brock Lesnar

            I’d say buy the story missions DLC’s if you really want to find out what happened to some of the characters before and after the game and the “Season of Infamy” expansion to add more villains/missions to the games main story. Challenge packs can be fun but they’re basically just used to give you XP and earn upgrade points. If the season pass goes on sale I’d say go for it. Just don’t get it full price.

        • JuanTizmo

          All that, AND it was $40. That’s obscene.

  • Richard Clolery

    i received the update, and i can’t play my arkham knight game anymore please help

  • Aaron blanchard

    Wow, that batman suit for free looks like……. like….a batman suit! And with the heavier rain who will be able to tell anyway! Just kidding… great game and thanks for the free swag. And thanks to the author for the detailed information, great article

  • atomicjuicer

    Sweet. Cant to see the heavier rain.

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