Batman Arkham Knight’s October Update For PC Will Add Support For All In-Game DLC And Patch Content

Rocksteady Studios has confirmed that the upcoming PC update for Batman Arkham Knight will add support for all the DLC released so far, in addition to all the improvements that have been included in the various patches for the console version of the game.

This news was revealed by Rocksteady Studios on the official Steam forums for the game.

Just popping up here, guys. The end of October update is currently planned to bring the PC version fully up-to-date with all of the patch content and non-exclusive DLC released across all platforms at that point. So when it launches, BAK for PC will have content-parity with console (with the exception of platform-exclusive DLC).

Warner Bros. Interactive had already confirmed that the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight will be re-released at the end of October so judging from this news about the October update, this might bring the PC version up-to-date with the console version of the game.

batman-arkham-knight-october-dlc (6)

Batman Arkham Knight sales were suspended on PC after its disastrous launch. The game continued to receive support after post-game with patches but none of the Season Pass DLCs have been released for the PC so far.

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  • The Worlds Finest Scante

    it just sucks that they’re not telling us when they’re going to release the game. They can say late October all they want but it’s the 16th and there is no word on when the games is being released.

  • Mustavi Sadi Aryan

    But will Batman Arkham Knight on the PC have all the DLC installed from the very beginning?

  • jwvanderbeck

    Finally. So now how does WB plan to compensate everyone who bought the season pass but did **not** get one of its advertised features which was early access to DLC content before it unlocked to everyone?

    • Gabriel Monet Vareschi

      I’ve also noticed, Especially with Nightwing’s Dlc, that it wasn’t released the week before as advertised.

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