Batman: Return To Arkham Screenshot Comparison Reveals Unreal Engine 4 Improvements

Warner Bros. Interactive is releasing a brand new Batman collection called Batman: Return to Arkham. This new collection will feature remastered version of Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City, both of which will be remastered using Unreal Engine 4 by developer Virtuos, who are known for their work on the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD and Heavy Rain PS4 Remaster.

In addition to an upgrade from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4, the game appears to have gone through some significant changes including changes in the textures, lighting and draw distance. You can see some of the comparison screenshots below.

Batman: Return to Arkham will be released on July 29th for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game is currently priced as $50 and will feature all of the DLC that has been released for both games so far.

Let us know what you think about this screenshot comparison in the comments below.

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  • I felt the same way with the Last of Us “remaster”. Preferred the older version’s graphics. Just had a more gritty realistic feel to it.

  • Janus

    Wow, these graphics are terrible. Now I’m going to wait on buying this remastered vision until this is fixed but this is just lazy.


    …Improvements? Sarcastic article title?

    • Textures and Lighting is indeed improved. The rest is debatable.

      • Johnathan Moyer

        *looks at Dr. Strange* Improved lighting and textures? Are you sure about that?

        • Yes, I am serious. Doctor Strange looks to be a rather poor shot and the main reason it looks bad is due to the new character model. Look at the Mr. Freeze shot, which shows a nice improvement.

      • IncoherentMoron

        I disagree, particularly in the first comparison shot with Batman standing over The Joker. The Joker is practically invisible, instead of starkly silhouetted against the flood light. Most of what they did with the lighting seems to be to make everything darker, which doesn’t automatically make it better.

  • Douglas Otoni

    WOW! EU4 shot look waaay worse!!

    • DarthDiggler


      LOL yeah looks terrible. (Click on the pic, animated gif).

  • sazse007

    Cant see any improvements

  • Felipe M.

    Barely looks any better.

  • PixelOmen

    Wtf? Other than some improved textures, the UE4 shots generally look a lot worse. I’ve worked with UE4 a little bit so I know it’s not the engine’s fault. I wonder what’s going on there.

  • durka durka

    The pc version maxed out looks identical to this “remaster”

    • John

      pc version is actually better as it can do higher resolution, more fps, textures and etc are better.

      • John

        oh and physx

      • strifeo

        No PBR, new shaders, textures, models ue4 tech in PC version

        • John

          lol those “supposed” features look so good,right? admit it the newcrapsole pics look worse than the 360/ps3 pics which look worse than pc at time of realese at same resolution YET ALONE higher resolution of which pcs at the time could run and even worse looking on consoles of what a average pc from now can run…………

          ugh… these console faagotz need to kill themselves already………. literally reatarded.

          • GUN®

            “console faagotz need to kill themselves already”

            Way to represent the PC gamers.

            Fucking cringe.

          • Lysergio

            Did you actually insult an entire group by while misspelling the word retarded? Niiiiice. Master race huh? hahah

          • Patrick Tuohy

            PC gamers always think they have the best platform, after upgrading evry 12 months to a new GPU just so they can run modern games that look somewhat better than a console. Not enough to bew all high and mighty about it though. PC gamers Pfffft

          • JOHN KIMBLE

            I haven’t upgraded my GPU in 4 years and I’m running Witcher 3 on max. Try again, buddy.

          • Bullshit. Unless you mean it’s doing it at sub 30 fps. There’s no way a 4 year-old rig is running Witcher on max at a solid framerate. No way in hell.

          • Patrick Tuohy

            Talk shit very often?

        • Johnathan Moyer

          Mr. Freeze excluded, those textures and models are either exactly the same or significantly worse. And if the new shaders means putting Dr. Strange in fullbright mode like that, getting rid of reflections, and removing every bit of smoothing and lighting on hair textures, I’ll gladly forfeit PBR.

  • Nick Brainard

    Any particular reason the remasters look like complete shit? Especially noticeable in the Hugo Strange pics. This is awful.

    • Character models have changed between the two version. Lack of a coherent art direction means the new one look awful and don’t mesh well with Rocksteady’s original work.

      • DarthDiggler

        Are these final shots? Most of the UE4 ones look pretty good, the Hugo Strange looks terrible, the beard is all Wooly Willy looking.

        Seems like they just need to make an optimization and polish pass.

        The blue fog / haze is eliminated and reduced in the UE4 shots. TONS more detail on the outside shot of Joker and Bats. Joker closeup looks a little waxy in the face, but that seems to be a feature that is exaggerated slightly from the UE3 shots. The clothing looks WAY better. Batman’s suit does too. Grundy looks better especially the lighting in that shot. Freeze looks better, tons more detail in the suit.

        My biggest beef is with strange. Everything else looks decent or only needs a bit of touch-up.

        • Azef

          100% agree with you man a few touch ups (especially on hugo) an this game would look great

  • Asgaeroth

    I got these games on Steam in some bundle years ago. I tired to play them both, but there’s just nothing to them. No idea how these got popular, fighting stuff in these games is like watching grass grow but takes less skill. I legitimately fell asleep while playing Arkham Asylum at my keyboard.

    • Japneet Dhaliwal

      Literally? You should probably see someone about that.

  • Ron

    Wow… The ue3 versions look amazingly better… this is confusing now…

  • Agent HUNK

    i think youve got the pics backwards….. why do the ones labled ue3 look way more detailed ??

    • Pictures are labeled correctly. The original looks more atmospheric however.

    • WitWolfy

      I agreed the EU4 shot look worse IMO. I’ll stick with my last Gen versions.

    • SyberWeapon

      the original game had loads of pre-rendered videos if i remembered correctly, almost 90% was all recorded videos. (Just checked my GOTY edition, yup) they probably switched to in-game, and as a result it looks a little different with the effects. of course anything pre-rendered is going to look a little better with it’s exaggerated post effects and AA.

      • Johnathan Moyer

        The UE4 cutscene Joker sitll looks worse than the UE3 gameplay Joker, and Arkham City’s cutscenes were all realtime, yet UE4 Arkham City looks several times worse. Look at the Dr. Strange comparison. No reflections in the glasses, improper lighting against the dark background, horrendously ugly, aliased, and poorly lit hair textures, and not a single increase in texture resolution or polygon count.

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