Batman Writer Paul Dini Has Confidence In Rocksteady’s Latest Project, Asks Fans To Trust Rocksteady

Batman Arkham games were originally written by Paul Dini. While he didn’t write Arkham Origins, he did write the previous two games by Rocksteady Studios. Although, it seems like he is not going to be involved in the conclusion of the trilogy by Rocksteady Studios. Still, it seems that he is confident in the ability and work of Rocksteady Studios and urges the fans to trust them.

Paul Dini seemed rather surprised over the announcement of a new Arkham game. “Um, the Arkham what now? All news to me.” said Paul Dini in a tweet on Twitter. Later, when he got more info about the project, he seemed rather pleased with what he saw and had confidence in Rocksteady ability to handle this new game.

Okay I just read the announcement and saw the father/son promo. Really the first I’ve heard of it. However, it looks kick-ass…

And as it’s Rocksteady, you know it’s going to be great. I can’t wait to see more.

Trust Rocksteady, gang. They know Batman.


Given that Paul Dini wrote the other two Batman games by Rocksteady, it is rather nice to hear good words about this new one from him. Hopefully, Rocksteady can deliver another classic and close their Batman trilogy with another successful entry.

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  • Hank

    How many times can you use the word “seems” when you write an article without it sounding like a essay from 7th grade?

  • jb223

    So has anyone read the Game Informer piece? Do we know yet who is writing the game? I’m worried that it will again be the horrible writing team responsible for Origins & Army of Two, overseen in an obviously very slight manner by Geoff Johns for street cred. The Copperhead comics crossover from Origins & now the Arkham Knight character comics crossover from this title seems like that might be the case, but I really hope not. It’d be shame to have an amazing game draped over another atrocious story….at least Origins had plenty of fundamental flaws in gameplay to go along w/ the fundamentally flawed storyline so it could just be some forgettable fleeting fun, ruining a Rocksteady game would be a true tragedy though. Alliteration not intended haha

    • Guy

      No, Rocksteady has already said that they had nothing to do with Origins and that, consequently, WB Montreal has nothing to do with Arkham Knight. Also, Arkham Knight has been in production long before Origins was even out, and since the story is one of the first things to develop when making a videogame, I doubt a single creative team would be able to handle both games.

  • BalramRules

    Trilogy (3 entries)? Surely you mean saga (4 entries)?
    I’m guessing you’re probably referring to the fact that Origins was made by WB Montreal, but still, the tough reality is, it’s a saga now. :1

    • Trilogy by RockSteady Studio. The Origins game is a separate one and might see the continuation of its story but it doesn’t really count in Rocksteady’s Arkham.

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