Battlefield 4 PC Beta benchmarks hint at brighter prospects for AMD CPUs

Hardcore Russian GPU website, GameGPU has posted a detailed bechmark analysis of the multiplayer beta for Battlefield 4 on a range of hardware specs. Key attention is paid to the Frostbite 3 graphics engine, the DirectX API, graphics quality settings and important visual aspects.

Frostbite 3 is capable of rendering large landscapes with destructible environments. The technology supports dynamic lighting, the HBAO variant of ambient occlusion, procedural shading, various post-effects (including HDR and depth of field), particle system and texture mapping techniques, such as bump mapping. The maximum size of multiplayer maps available in the beta is 32 × 32 square kilometers, out of which 4 × 4 km of space is available for on-foot soldiers.

The advanced graphical settings available in the beta can be seen below.

A screenshot comparison of the different graphical settings available in the beta can be seen below. Not surprisingly, the most notable difference in visual fidelity comes between low and medium settings.


From the screenshots, it can seen that there is a significant drop in texture detail on the ‘Low’ setting. In additional, reflection maps of the surrounding environments are only visible on the ‘High’ and ‘Very High’ setting.

Benchmarks, using various GPU configurations with the game running at 1080p, can be seen below.


The biggest surprise came in the form of DICE’s optimization of Frostbite 3 for AMD CPUs.



What’s most impressive is that Battlefield 4 can completely use up to eight CPU threads. The distribution of load on AMD processors calibrated much better than it did for Intel. If this is a sign of things to come for multi-threaded CPU utilization in games, the prospects for AMD CPUs may well be brighter than what we have today. Couple with the potential of Mantle, this could very well lead to an edge for AMD’s PC components at we we enter the next-gen era of gaming.

The PC multiplayer beta is currently only available to those who preordered the game, Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers and owners of the Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition Online Pass.  Everyone else will have to wait until 4th October in order to gain access.

Stay tuned for further updates on Battlefield 4 as they become available.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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  • game474

    What?! 4xAA causes just 7-8 fps loss!! And it’s so evenly patterned!

  • game474

    You showed us all AMD processors and just i5-2500k which we all is not even equal to a 3470. SO show us other Intel i5 processors….AArrgh… I’m confused, may have to go with a 4570 now 😐

  • Schmich

    Battlefield 3 used 8 cores as well fyi.

  • TT

    Tast GTX570 and GTX660 framerate medium settings please

  • Kman

    Driver version??

  • Vulcanproject

    How does it completely use 8 AMD threads? Quite obviously someone can’t read a graph because I’m seeing one thread on the 8350 at 95 percent, one at 77 percent and the rest at just 50-60.

    The i7 2600k comes up with similar utilisation and unsurprisingly in the graph above pretty much equals the 8350 in performance.

    You can see the game uses high end processors better now, as in a fast intel quad or the 8 threaded AMDs but its not exactly a win for AMD, just a smaller gap than usual….

    • MickT

      well, when you look at the pricing for intel’s i5 compared to the 8350 there’s not much difference. but considering the i5s don’t have HyperThreading it could be better to have AMD

  • dave

    Looks like EA and DICE are optimising AMD cards as the next gen consoles PS4/X1 use this architecture.

    All the retailers around the world are forecasting the next gen consoles are going to have record breaking sales due to the pent up demand and the price they are offered at, so it is a smart business decision for EA and DICE to optimise for AMD cards over others.

    • Matt

      It doesn’t work that way… They have to cater to the entire PC market or they lose sales and upset the fan base. Nvidia has a higher market share than AMD does at the moment so there’s no way anyone would mess around with their money flow like that. AMD bought into the development of BF4 which is why there’s so much advertisement favoring them but as you can see from the charts there’s not much if any difference between competing cards. I know there’s always mantle to look forward too as well but the improvements it brings is still to be seen.

      • Kevin

        Actually according to steam, the market share gap is smaller than you’d think. As for pissing people off, maybe when NVidia was offered to create hardware for the Consoles but they shouldn’t have been as greedy as NVidia always is. That caused them to loose out, therefore their own fault (as usual), secondly NVidia takes technology and lets it stagnate for the rest of time only because its a gimmick they believe we “Need”… don’t believe me ask the Lead Creator of PhysX why he ditched NVidia for AMD…. I’m not a fan boy of either side, I currently use an NVidia GTX 560 ,and I can tell you that the drivers are awful (don’t get me started on that) and also I could have had a much better AMD Equivalent for the price I paid… PhysX … lol used it once so much for Tech of the future useless crap. Long live AMD’s innovation!

        • Matt

          Steam survey reports 51.98% Nvidia usage compared to 32.66% for AMD… That’s a pretty big gap.

          • Kevin

            Sure if you count the amount of useless < 640 cards kept in Laptops 😉

            In that regard just because Intel has 15% of the market share of cards that couldn't dream of playing BF 4 they optimise it for them too ?
            Yes AMD has GPU's in laptops as well, but the laptop GPU market share favours NVidia too which also means they have a whole lot more cards, but very weak ones that picks up their market share.
            Its what makes those numbers that makes it less of a problem for companies to favour one side, in terms GPU's capable of playing BF 4 id say the market share is almost if not equal.

            From EA's point of view, if you had to choose who to favour, would you choose the company that innovates openly (therefore actually benefiting all by using the created technologies) , or do it NVidia style and FORCE the company to optimize for them to leverage their technology… benefiting no one not even the PhysX users.

            My reply was more about the Upset users than steam hardware trends btw. You think AMD users weren't pissed every time a game they liked used PhysX or was NVidia Optimised and branded ?

            Get over it, the tables have turned on NVidia and its their turn to whine about not being optimized for, but people must be blind to think companies changed Partners AWAY from NVidia for no reason at all… there's always a reason, and if Crytek, EA, Crystal Dynamics and the rest can see it and others can't… well "sheep" is the correct term for that.

          • Matt

            They have a break down you know… The 560Ti and 550Ti are in the top spots following the Intel HD series. The 5770 is the most prominent AMD card.

            I don’t have time to talk to biased fanboys about the subject because your already starting to spew out the same shit as everyone else who only know whats spoon fed to them.

            Educate yourself about the industry and don’t take sides.

          • Kevin

            A fan boy using a 560… sure dude after having the card I can say I would rather have gone AMD for this upgrade but I have no buyers remorse because the 560 can do what I need It to.

            On the taking sides note, you were the only one.
            You were taking NVidias side, “Ahhh shame they wont be optimized boo hoo”, I wasn’t taking any just telling you that AMD had the same issues so go cry to your NVidia leaders.

            Most prominent DESKTOP card, does not mean more or less NOTEBOOK gpu’s for one or the other. Wow your dumb don’t even know what a laptop is?

            On the spoon fed note, the game dev’s must all be spoon fed then, and just for some reason utterly hate NVidia to just break their ties with them. Sorry dude you’ve brought nothing but Steams numbers to the table, of which you don’t even comprehend completely.

            Any way sucks to be on the other side of the fence eh ?
            Your making this a Fanboy fight, when all I did was say AMD had these issues previously, and Nvidia put them selves into the corner they are in. That’s not fanboy at all but fact… Sorry AMD has more positive facts to put out and SEEMS like people are defending them but they clearly don’t need to be defended, otherwise every Console maker and Game developer wouldn’t be using them.

            Oh and you didn’t answer me, should EA optimise for Intel as well, or would it be unfair for them too?

            Take me as a fan boy if you want, but then I apologise for liking superior products that don’t cost me an arm and a leg.

          • Matt

            Your hypocrisy is astounding…

            Your the one that brought the Steam Survey up to begin with and you didn’t even bother to look through it and instantly claimed it’s all laptop GPU’s skewing the results which it’s not. I only stated the fact that Nvidia has the larger market share and you came barging in with your hatred towards Nvidia while still making sure it’s known that you use their products. What am I supposed to sit here and tell you… because if it’s not praising AMD then you’ll just make up your own counter argument because it’s not something you want to hear. Both companies have questionable tactics but apparently it’s worked out for them because they are both still in business… praising one over the other is asinine and comparable to the countless retarded little hype minions that get excited over consoles and the flame wars that ensue. Coming from a developers point of view they have to optimize and troubleshoot for a multitude of builds so in this situation specifically AMD has paid them off to advertise and optimize for the Mantle api which is exactly the same tactic you were bashing Nvidia for doing… the results above show that for the most part that Dice has done a good job making sure other systems are able to perform as intended.

            They are multi-billion dollar corporations not good guy/bad guy characters.

      • Stan D’Art

        Matt youre a retard just die motherfucker 😀

        • Matt

          Stan you Czech dickhead go be poor somewhere else.

          • Stan D’Art

            Haha poor if you werent poor ud be running fastest rig and not crying around your piece of crap 2gb middle end 680. aww amd running tactix, aww nvidia awww u fucking nolifer scum

          • Matt

            Go back to masturbating on Chat-roulette

          • Khalbrae

            Can’t tell if serious or if two friends taking the piss on each other.

  • Matt

    I don’t know what to make of these scores… Looks to be even for the both the red and green team. The cpu’s have to work harder on the AMD side it looks like… I’m saddened by the 30FPS max out for my 680 but I can always adjust the settings to get 60fps I guess. The beta is based on an older build than whats actually going to be released and then there’s always Mantle for the red team to look forward too.

    • Fenreck

      mmm Which is your CPU?

      • Matt


        • Fenreck

          and you AA configuration?? resolution?

          • Matt

            I’m waiting for the 4th… I’m not a premium member so all I’ve got to go off of are these charts.

    • Kevin

      Also I don’t think these benches are 100% correct, if they really are I would like to know why I can play BF4 on ultra with only Post AA @1080p with only a GTX560 and Athlon II x4 @3.4Ghz averaging around 40 fps where as this post shows it maxes at 22fps with a beast of a PC LOL! Seems like some bench markers need to sort their PC’s out, I can even post a Fraps with proof if needed!