Battlefield Hardline Delayed Till 2015, It Did Not Feel Like A Proper Cops And Robbers Game Says EA

Last month, fans got to play the Battlefield Hardline Beta and saw how different the game was from the previous Battlefield games. The Beta provided important feedback which helped Visceral Games make a better game. The Beta was extended for a week due to all the feedback Visceral and EA were getting.

During the recent EA Q1 FY2015 earnings call, EA Studio EVP Patrick Söderland talked about some of the feedback Visceral Games got when the Beta was live. He revealed that this feedback was one of the reasons behind the game being delayed till early 2015.


Visceral Games tried to bring something new to the table by changing the whole theme of Battlefield from a Military Styled FPS to a Cops and Robbers themed FPS but after the Beta came to an end, fans felt that the game still didn’t have anything new. That might be the main reason behind the game’s delay.

Fans have mixed feelings about this delay. Some fans liked the fact that Visceral Games delayed Battlefield Hardline till next year while some fans think that the game was perfect just the way it was.


Visceral Games shared their thought on why Battlefield Hardline will be released in 2015 on their Blog which can be found here. This delay should not be taken negatively as it gives the developers more time to work on their game and make it better then it already is.

Battlefield Hardline comes out in the year 2015 with the official release date yet to be announced. The game will be available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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  • ShasLa40

    It was lower quality visuals and gameplay than bf4, it was half way between bf3 and bf4, so I hope EA lets them make it better than bf4 and not turn bf into a yearly poor quality set of releases.

  • Joshua Pirog

    Translation: Not enough preorders.

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