Beyond: Two Souls Sold Through 1+ Million Copies Worldwide In 2013, Sold Better Than Heavy Rain In France

Beyond Two Souls was the second Quantic Dream project on PlayStation 3. It has been officially confirmed by Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO that the game has sold through 1 million copies in 2013. It also sold approximately 70k units in France, where Quantic Dream is located, which is a lot better than Heavy Rain at similar time frame.

Beyond Two Souls received highly polarizing reviews. It currently sits at a metascore below 75, which is a far cry from the original Heavy Rain. Quantic Dream is currently working on their PlayStation 4 project.

Beyond Two Souls is also one of the game, that will be available on PlayStation Now streaming service. It was released on October 8th, 2013 exclusively on PlayStation 3.

What do you think of the sales of Beyond Two Souls? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • peterpansyndrome94

    Good! PlayStation Beyond!

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    good, hope the made their profit

    • op_gamer

      I got Heavy Rain on PS3 a few years ago, really enjoyed it, but have not had time to buy this game as I have a PS4 and loads of PS4 games now. Beyond got mixed reviews, but I will pick it up now it is half price at most shops. 🙂

      • hesoyamdonMonster

        i also own Heavy Rain and its a good game, but i am not planing to buy beyond, maybe with in few month it will come free for all ps + members