Bloodborne 1.02 Update Is Now Live On PSN, Will Fix Progression Bug; Changelog Detailed

Sony has released the latest update for PS4 exclusive Bloodborne and it is a hefty update at about 2.69 GB in size. This update mainly aims to fix the progression bug in the Forbidden Woods area of the game, which rendered the game unplayable after reaching that area and playing co-op online.

This new update seems to be live now on the PS4 in North America and should go up for the rest of world shortly after. If you still haven’t received an update prompt, you can manually force the PS4 to download this update by selecting the options menu on the game’s icon and then select “Check for Update.”


This new update size is barely above 100 MB, making the total patch size about 2.69 GB. You can read the changelog below.

Fixes the issue of not being able to obtain the “Lunarium Key” once the user partakes in online multiplayer as a co-operative guest by using the “Small Resonant Bell” or as a hostile guest by using the “Sinister Resonant Bell” in the area, “Forbidden Woods”.

Bug fixes.

Bloodborne is the latest release from From Software, developed in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

Let us know if you have updated to the latest version in the comments below.

  • Ken

    And after downloading the update my sound is stuffed. Why do software companies always create new problems when they “solve” others ?

  • 1.02 bring new bug – blood echoes after death gone forewer

    • Not sure. It disappears if you are unable to retrieve them and die again.

      • i know, its different – them gone at first respawn. I done Bloodborne first walkthrough on 1.01 and all be ok. But in second walkthrough on 1.02 i catch this bug/

        • Brett Grimble

          Sergey is correct, I died to the martyr guy on the roof in cainhurst castle with nearly 100k echoes and the bloodstain was nowhere to be found and I did NOT die before getting back to the spot and even after defeating the boss

          • Now i starting new game, maybe it helps, but i think the new patch has broke something.
            I catch this bug in Cathedral Ward and Hemwick Cemetery District

  • Максим Демьянюк

    They fixed dup bug.

    • Ronj027

      Did they I haven’t gotten to check

    • Seth Back

      Ha I knew they were gonna do that, and then not mention it!

  • dan

    almost 3 gigs and that’s all it does????

    • Actually it is above 100 MB. PS4 shows the “Previous Patch size” + “Latest patch size” in downloads which inflates the patch size.

      • dan

        thanks man! I figured that out about a minute after I posted. I had a brain fart …..but thanks for the info.