Bloodborne Has Already Exceeded The Order 1886 In Term of Digital Sales and Popularity

Bloodborne is the recently released PS4 exclusive from From Software, which has received rave reviews so far and currently has a metascore of 93, which makes it the highest rated exclusive on any platform this year. It also ranks among the top rated platform exclusive next to Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U. The Order 1886 was another PS4 exclusive that was hyped to hell and beyond, but unfortunately received mediocre review scores giving it a metascore of 65.

SuperData recently released their digital sales report for video games and stated that The Order 1886 was a “modest” success, but they also acknowledged that due to complaints related to the game’s length (and critical reception), the game might not hold well in term of sales.

The Order: 1886 managed to make a modest splash, entering this month’s top ten list at number 8 with $7.1 million in sales. However, following a string of complaints about the game’s short playtime, it is unlikely the game will stick around for very long.

PlayStation Store offers the users to rate the game that they have bought so far, and while the ratings are not a perfect representation of the sales, they do provide an insight on how many copies the game might have sold. It is a flawed metric to judge the sales performance but nonetheless, it offers an interesting insight on the popularity of both games.

It is interesting to notice that Bloodborne, despite being a more niche series compared to The Order 1886, has already exceeded the digital sales of The Order 1886 on the PlayStation Store (in EU), while also maintaining a near perfect rating.



The above ratings reveal how people like both exclusives, and gives an estimate of how many copies might have been sold digitally. Another interesting thing to note is that the Bloodborne sales figure in EU count just 4 days of digital sales while The Order 1886 has been out for more than a month.

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  • Eh, sod it… I’ll be honest.

    So I bought The Order 1886 because I love singleplayer games with thick atmosphere plus storyline and enjoyed the hell out Wolfenstein The New Order. So I thought The Order will be another game that gets Alternate History right.

    Never was I so wrong! This game is just plain boring! I get the fact that it is “short and cinematic” but the devs clearly treated gameplay as least priority and it shows! Along with some horrible design choices.
    Sold the game to friend and got Bloodborne. Just got into Forbidden Woods and my god! I consider this one of the best things that happened to gaming!

    • Justin

      Totally agree! Bloodborne is one of the few games I would ever give a 10. It’s so damn good and addicting

  • Sean Harris

    Just got the order 1886 and blood borne.not played either yet due to waiting for the updates to download and I’m up early in the morning for work.good news is I’m off work Fri to Tues so plenty of time for gaming.if there’s anyone just starting blood borne you can add me psn id:death-soldier78

  • Jecht_Sin

    And why should we trust this SuperData? No one has any access whatsoever to the digital sales on consoles. Especially regarding the Sony and MS exclusives. In terms of popularity (because it can’t track sales. People may have borrowed or bought second hand a game) one is better checking the site psnprofiles.

    Currently in there The Order sits at 39K owners, while Bloodborne reached 28K. Again, the absolute numbers are way too low since it doesn’t track all PSN ids. But in relative terms it could be accurate, at least for the western players. GTA V for PS4 for example has 133K owners.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Gee you think, I’m just amazed The Order, which is a very good game by the way, did as well as it did what with all the fanboy “journalists” working so hard to kill it.

    • Bob Bobbert

      Well that’s because of ADVERTISING. Ever stop to think that, maybe the game actually is TERRIBLE?

      Think of the record breaking Destiny, why did it sell so well even though it was simply a grind fest with no soul? Hype. Advertising. Hardcore gamers SHOULD hate on these good selling bad games based solely on hype. Just like how you guys made a ruckus over the XB1 when the normal media found it fine, why do just suck up to well hyped games?

  • Manoj Varughese

    I like both games for what they have promised to deliver. The first one for it’s cinematic style and other one for being one helluva action RPG.

  • datdude

    This article confuses me. I would have been better off not reading it.

  • rudero

    So the whole article is written from user review stars? What a waste of Internet. Kids, do your self a favor, finish college before trying to sound intelligent.

    • You can only rate a game on PlayStation Store after buying it. So basically 1 rating = 1 guaranteed sale. Of course, as mentioned in the article, this is not an accurate figure for sales, but it does show the popularity of Bloodborne, digitally, versus The Order 1886.

  • the order 1886 made 7.1 million in sales?

    • Digital sales only…..

      • 7.1 million is modest? That sounds like a huge achievement or am I missing something?

        • Compared to the sales of other digital games, it is rather modest. Not to mention the WOM wasn’t good.

        • Stefán

          Dollars not copies. Just around 100K sold

      • JimmyNice

        So we’d have to guess at disc sales… what is the average now on PS4? I found a Bloomberg article that said Microsoft said 40% of their sales were digital and Sony said for them it was 33% (this was in Dec 2014).

        So using those numbers (again all estimates) that means we are looking at roughly 21.5 million in total sales. At roughly $70 a pop, that’s roughly 307,143 copies possibly sold.

        Now the question is, what is that versus costs.

        The reason I’m interested is because while it clearly had it flaws, I love the world of the order, and I really hope they greenlight a sequel.

        • The cost might be high because the game has been in development since 2010.

          I would love to get a sequel too, since I enjoyed the world of The Order.