Bloodborne Co-op Gets Broken After Using Suspend Mode On PS4; Here’s How To Fix It

Bloodborne co-op might be affected by PS4 2.50 firmware update as people are unable to summon anyone using Beckoning Bell, or play co-op after suspending and resuming the PS4.

Sony just released a new PS4 firmware update that finally allows suspending and resuming a game: a feature that was announced at the very start of PS4 reveal. This suspend and resume feature might be great but it currently introduces a bug in Bloodborne, which leaves the player out of the co-op and multiplayer of the game.


If the player attempts to call for help using Beckoning Bell, they will keep getting disconnected and lose the valuable Insight. Thankfully this bug can be easily fixed by closing the application and restarting it again. As it appears to be a simple bug with the game in the latest firmware update, hopefully it can be patched soon.

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Bloodborne is From Software’s latest game for the PlayStation 4. It is a critical success and currently hold a meta score of 93 on metacritic.

Let us know if you are having issues using suspend mode in Bloodborne in the comments below.

  • Danny van Tienen

    Well i cant get anyone in my game even after restarting everything. I can help other that works but if i use beckoning bell and after a few it says found a chime of a small resonant bell nothing happends no one spawns at me. And when i stop by using the blank shot and continue alone as soon as i die my game gets stuck. That kinda sucks big time i soloed ng but now in ng+ i could use some help at some bosses…..

  • Ryan Polhemus

    Holy shit I need help on Rom. My matchmaking is set to worldwide level 50 and have done coop before. My ps4 was in rest mode last night but I shut it off this morning and have opened and closed the app multiple times. everyone needs help with at least one boss in thesw games and this is my need help boss lol. If anyone is willing I’m waiting in front of the door before you jump

  • Matt

    Yeah i believe this firmware has essentially broken Bloodborne. I cant connect online at all. Just gives me a message as soon as i enter the world that i have been disconnected from the server and it returns me to the title menu.

    Ive tried everything. Anyone else?

    • FiachSidhe

      I have the same thing. As soon as my character stands up I get a window that pops up saying the same thing and returns me to the starting screen. Infuriating. And From Software/Sony do not appear to notice or care.

  • I’m Flat Out Right

    Stop writing false flame bait articles. The update doesn’t “break” anything. When you use suspend/resume it boots you off the “online” portion of Bloodborne. Common sense. A simple fix is to reload your save.

    • Matt

      My game is 100% broken. I cannot re-connect to online at all.

  • golley

    Bwaaahaaaaha…ps4 trash. Cant even play bloodborne now cauze sonys too stupid to put out a system update that works. No thanks…xbox one for me.

    • Roxas3510


    • Revolver Ocelot

      Go away, ShitzaFailEver.

  • マリオ

    Yesterday I was playing co-op in the Forbidden Woods and died, but I didn’t die. I was still in-game and able to move camera around. I relaunched the game and all of the enemies were still dead. Only the traps had reset.