Bloodborne Guide: Insight Level Changes Detailed; How to Gain and Lower Insight

Bloodborne has a cool mechanism in the form of Insight that allows the world around the player to change, and the game can become more difficult depending on your Insight level.

First of all, you can manually gain an Insight level by using the consumable Madman’s Knowledge item in the game. You need to have a minimum of 1 Insight in order to level up, or be able to play the online co-op.


You can gain insights using the following methods.

  • Use Madman’s Knowledge = Insight +1
  • Defeat a boss = Insight + 3
  • Entering a boss arena = Insight +1
  • In Catherdal ward, get grabbed by the Lesser Amygdala = Insight +1
  • Defeat boss when summoned in multiplayer = Insight +1
  • Send a quest NPC to safe haven in Iosefka’s Clinic = Insight +1
  • Kill another player using the Sinister Bell = Insight + 2
  • Interact with Master Willem = Insight +2

In addition to these, there are some sidequests that can also increase the Insight level.

You can also lose the Insight you gained, and it can help make the game easier.

  • Die in an invasion with the Sinister Bell = Insight -1
  • Use the Beckoning Bell for co-op = Insight -1
  • Insight can also be lost to certain enemies, who can steal it from you.
  • You can use your Insight to purchase some items once your Insight is level 10.

In case you were wondering how the Insight affects the game world, here is what it does at each level.

  • Insight Level 1 = Doll becomes animated. Players can level up.
  • Insight Level 15 = Some enemies gain new attacks/patterns, particularly the one around Cathedral Ward.
  • Insight Level 99 = Noises are added in the background including the crying of babies.

What do you think about the Insight level in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • dan

    over 100 the enemies start to alter in appearance too – it’s just little touches but are very noticeable – gives them a much more menaceing look.

    • Nebujin Cerulean

      bad troll… 99 is the max :/

  • roush

    insight is bad for the start of the game,cause you cant immediately get summoned to help people.
    also if you are a normal(casual)player that just want to have fun with others,you have to play through a view areas to get 10 insight before you can buy the bell to get summoned.
    what is bad about it before you get 10 insight is that you as a casual cant summon players as mush as you want for help cause you loose 1 insight each time you call a player and if you have no insight you are screwed.
    what are players going to go when the game is a fiew years old and there are no players to summon,also there are no npc`s you can summon for help.
    I think there are only 10%hardcore players that play through for the challenge alone and then pvp,the rest are normal and need help or must fight a boss then over and over.
    but we will get use to this mechanic and overcome it,if you want a challenge just don’t level up!
    I played hundreds of hours dark souls 2 not for the challenge but to play with others.

  • マリオ

    My insight is roughly around 40 right now. I’m going to crank it up to 99.

    • Dante199020

      I cranked my up to 99. Game is defiantly harder lol.

      • Nebujin Cerulean

        im running around with 99 for quite a few NG+ runs and didnt notice any noticeable difficulty changes. chalice dungeons dont get harder aswell.