Bloodborne Guide: How To Use Beasthood and Beasthood Transformation Explained

Beasthood is a new type of stat for Bloodborne which has a unique use for it in the game. The strength of this stat determines your beasthood when you are temporarily transformed in the game.

The official in-game description lists Beasthood as “The higher this attribute, the closer you are to beasthood when temporary[sic] transformed” which might have caused confusion on how it works, since there is no actual transformation in the game. Atleast not one that is discovered so far.

As of right now, there are only two items that make use of this stat in the game. Beast Claw and Beast Blood Pellet. These items give your character a form where you will have a meter above your head, and it gets refilled whenever you attack. This form increases the damage that you can deal on enemies, and also the damage that you can take during this form.

Beast Blood Pellet gives a temporary buff that refills the Beasthood meter with each attack. The Beast Claw is different as it has a unique attack that refills the Beasthood meter even if you don’t have the buff from the Beast Blood Pellet.

The transformation of the Beast Claw can be seen in the screenshot (via reddit) below.


Since the game is still new and there are plenty of secrets still waiting to be discovered, this stat could have more uses. But as of right now, we only know about these two items that make use of this stat.

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  • joey muick

    i hope there is a hidden cov were if you collect enough blood you will get something like the dragon stone from dks but its call blood of the beast and it transforms you into a beast making you look like the towns people that are almost fully transformed but still walk upright and stuff

  • Asura

    Huh. And I’d read rumours that it caused players who consumed too much tainted blood to actually transform into a beast form, with the only way to reverse it is to consume pure untainted blood from NPCs or other players.

    I guess that was false. Bummer.

  • Kristoffer Brandberg

    No, there’s GOT to be more than this. I really hope Beasthood has more purpose than that. I mean, they couldn’t just add that stat for one weapon’s sake?

    By the way, there’s also a rune called “Beast” which could boost the effects from transformation, temporary granting +20.

    • jason irons

      i have one that gives 50 and has anyone had that meter fill up 100%

      • Trolinger

        Yeah, i did vs Rom. Nothing. Wearin henryks armor which at my state has highest beasthood…


    there must be a beast form they kinda said there was one also they stated that there something like being fully hollow so maybe you can be fully beast forever eny ideas

  • Chris Engels

    ive been searching for stuff on this subject almost religiously thank you for this it help a lot! there has to be more because i doubt they would make an entire stat for only two items.

    • Jason Mounce

      Yeah, it’s something that’ll slowly trickle in as more people play it, and when people beat it, then the community pours over all the info they learned and start adding things.

      • autentyk .

        I have a feeling Chris is most probably aware of how the Souls/Bloodborne community functions, thank you very much.

        • Jason Mounce

          What are you getting defensive and uptight about? You part of Chris’s fanclub or something? I’m just stating my observation towards him – thank you very much. I don’t recall shoving it down his mouth as if I was lecturing him.


          • autentyk .

            Went over my comment again and couldn’t find a drop of defensive nor uptight. Found it all over yours, along with name calling. But hey, when my neighbor’s dog barked at me, I wasn’t offended either..

          • Jason Mounce

            Oh no! Name calling! I called out a person for being a twit?! :O That totally means I must be defensive! Totally. Even though the entirety of your first post is speaking on behalf of someone else irrationally and abruptly as if you were defending their stance and knowledge of things. By the world of magic and Harry Potter I must be inaccurate with this logical assessment, even though your first comment holds No Other Purpose than a defensive one.

            I can see the uptightness, just because you yourself are ignorant about it doesn’t mean it does not exist. You should have more trust in others, and not to flip the lid with comebacks like “I’m not defensive and uptight, you’re defensive and uptight”. Reflection is barely ever a good thing to do.

            inb4 more reflections and by that I mean, I’m also not going to read your responses when I didn’t sense intelligence in any of the two messages you’ve made, I can conclude that a Third post will likely follow suit with ignorance.

          • autentyk .

            shut up, no one wants to read your rants. go out or something…

          • Jason Mounce

            I go out plenty, I’m a university student. 🙂

          • Chris Lane

            Your both acting whiny, go play bloodborne. and be done with it.

          • Jason Mounce

            Who says I’m not playing Bloodborne? I’m killing schmos with my +10 Cannon 😀 good fun.

            p.s. you’re*

          • Trolinger

            Perhaps. THIS is beasthood?

          • Trolinger

            We all witnessed the transformation..

          • Jason Mounce

            Beasthood. -50 Intelligence.

            Poor him.