Bloodborne only has one Shield in the whole game

Developers From Software are definitely trying to differentiate Bloodborne from it’s predecessors the Demon Souls and Dark Souls series by mixing up things up around. For one there’s the addition of guns and a heavy emphasis on dodging. They also seem to be removing some elements like Shields which we’ve found out there’s only one of in the whole game.

Many people have Bloodborne in their hands now ahead of the game’s Playstation 4 release on March 24, and it seems players will only be able to use one Shield throughout the campaign – the Wooden Shield obtained early in the game.


The controls for the Shield are simple but the mechanics are changed a bit. L2 brings up the Shield and every hit you block takes away from your Stamina. The Shield is not as effective as in previous Souls games as you can’t time your blocks and parry. Also the Shield isn’t completely resistant and will let certain attacks through, maybe because it’s made out of Wood? It’s not all bad news though as it might help with AOE attacks, worth giving a try.

What are you thoughts on the topic? Were you a Shield user in previous A.K.A a Turtle? Let us know in the comments below.

In other news Bloodborne is reported to have long load times and recently went up for pre-load.

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  • Hey Bloodborne, See you tomorrow bitch!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • LYarbrou

    I mean I’m not biased or anything. I do own an xbox but i play more league of legends than anything. The game does sound really cool and love the souls games. But only 1 shield sounds kinda stupid to me. I mean I understand it may not be very central to the gameplay. But at that point they shouldn’t even be in the game then. People love choice and options. They either should of added a wider variety of shields, or cut them entirely. Still not a reason to miss out on it entirely, but does seem like a poor design choice to me. I have a feeling the blind fan boys will attack me now lol

    • xiSpeedy

      nah i agree with you. ps4 dude and i play more league also (trying to get out of bronze, was silver last season 🙁 but yeah one shield is pretty dumb

    • Albert

      It’s a tease to get all you girls whining

  • jacksjus

    GearNuke why do you have tk spoil it. In your attempt to down talk the game you actually spoiled it in your title. Grow up!

  • TristanPR77

    Uh oh I will run to Gamestop and cancel my pre order, I know the developer already told EVERYONE that the game was about offense and not defense and I don’t care to skip one of the best games of the year, I will cancel my pre order just because it has one shield /s

    Lol oh my God, the stupid things people focus on. That is the reaction that the xbox fans are hoping to get. They are praying for Bloodborne to receive bad scores. Must be very sad to be like that.

    • kevin

      Bingo you called it and i couldn’t imagine wasting my time by going to articles for systems I don’t own just to troll. Life is more important and precious to me then that and wanting a game that hundreds of people work their hardest on to fail is sad because your essentially wanting people to lose their jobs which is pathetic just because you don’t own said system.

      • TristanPR77

        Couldn’t agree more

  • Cerny’s Super Slim Cunty Cock

    Splendid job gearnuke! Keep it going where it hurts ponies most. Get ready for average scores tomorrow lol. Charmins would be the ponies perfect partner, it’ll be fun to watch the heartbreaks 😉

    • theshavenwookie

      What’s a pony?

      • What Cerny’s Super Slim Cunty Cock’s mom fucks on stage in a Mexican border every day.

    • kevin

      One you need to stop with the ponies it’s stupid and makes no sense. I mean it’s like you xbox fans think it’s cool and funny because it rhymes with Sony which is truly sad. Two this game with the pedigree behind it and the nothing but glowing praise it’s been getting from critics at preview events and gamers who got it early is not going to get average scores. Lastly go do something productive with your life instead of coming to articles for systems you don’t own just to hate and troll because that’s really sad and just a waste of time.

    • xiSpeedy

      uhh the review scores are far from average dude

    • FactFinder

      Metacritic scores for Bloodborne

      93 critic rating out of 35 critic
      90 user rating out of 801 users

      Awful scores, aren’t they???

  • ariessiren

    Big deal. They already said shields are pointless pretty much. New Game new style

    • Failz

      Then why design a game with shield combat and offer a shield if there not going to proceed with it? Feels half-assed to me.

      • NinoBr0wn

        What shield combat? lol

      • Albert

        it’s a tease to get all you girls whining

    • Cerny’s Super Slim Cunty Cock

      Yup the game is pointless without the power of X

      • Kilo

        This is painfully unfunny on so many levels. Is that the purpose of this?

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