Bloodborne: PS4 “Memory Leak” Makes the Game Much Easier, Resulting In Easy Boss Battles

A new secret discovery has been made in PS4 exclusive Bloodborne which works surprisingly well, and allows the players to lower to difficulty making the game much easier, and making the bosses almost brain dead zombies.

This discovery was made by reddit user meatballz and confirmed by others in the comments. As described by him, the game might have memory leak issues resulting in the bosses having a reduced moveset if the game is left running for far too long on the PS4. While he isn’t sure on how to accurately describe this issue, he has confirmed that it does indeed work by sharing videos of a boss fight before and after running the game for 12+ hours.


Here’s what he had to say regarding his experience.

Leave your game running for 12+ hours.

Seriously. There’s a memory leak issue in this game that causes bosses to have a reduced moveset after the game has been running for a long time. I wondered for a long time why so many bosses in my initial playthrough seemed so easy. Turns out I’m not just a Bloodborne badass who can 1-shot the bosses other people have trouble with, it was because I marathoned the whole game in one sitting and around the 12-hour mark bosses became much simpler.

I just tested this yesterday by turning off the PS4 power saving options and leaving Bloodborne running all night. Sure enough, when I played in the morning Logarius had transformed from an intense spell casting maniac into a senile old man who did nothing but attack with his scythe over and over. BSB stops jumping all over the room and doing multi-hit combos and just politely spams his side-swipe, Amelia stops healing, One Reborn stops pooping acid, every boss changes in some way and ultimately becomes much easier.

Other comments confirm the same has happened with them. Bosses can actually have a reduced moveset if the game is running far too long, resulting in a much more simpler and easier battle with them.

Yeah especially online guides. I think for the roof guy boss, I saw a YouTube guide and all the comments were complaining about how the AI was spamming his melee attacks in the video which didn’t happen in their game. This explains it

Another reddit user echoed the same comments stating that there was a difference between some of the boss fights uploaded online compared to what he had to experience for them.

I had this issue on my first playthrough too.

  • Mergo’s Wet Nurse did nothing but walk towards me while flailing. No dark cloud phase. She was basically stuck walking towards me like a slow lawnmower.
  • Micolash did nothing but try to hit me with his fists. No tentacle attack, no cosmos attack.
  • Ebrietas repeatedly faceplanted and spit blood at me. No cosmos attack, no forward lunge, no variations.
  • Logarius just used his scythe attack, zero spellcasting. He was permanently stuck swinging at me like this.
  • Abhorrent beast did nothing but his 3 hit combo in every phase.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed at the bosses until I started looking up Youtube videos and I saw them doing completely different things. Then I learned about the memory leak. This is very important information that everyone should know. It needs to be stickie’d at the top of this subreddit for maximum visibility, as it can potentially ruin your first playthrough.

While we don’t really recommend this method if you want a challenge, it can work for you if you are simply stuck at a boss battle and need some help.

What do you think about this news? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Guest

    That’s not a memory leak, if it were a memory leak, the game would most certainly crash upon running out of memory. Perhaps it’s a bug with the random number generator, or a bug with the game timer overflowing.

  • Jecht_Sin

    I’m quite sure I’ve read of similar behaviors depending on the Insights one has. Then.. Who the f. is going to leave the PS4 on for 12 hours?!

    • Eric Gallegos

      I literally have not turned off my xbox (360 and one) or my ps4 since I’ve owned them. =P

  • MattS71

    My PS4 just exploded….I may have had it on too long……

  • omarcominyo

    Burn out your console instead of learning the right technique!!

  • Miguel Azevedo

    Another new release thats a complete mess technicaly!!Way longer level download ,Framerate and frame-pacing issues,now memory leaks in the game..and still no patch to try fixing all this.If the game is not ready why release,they already made the money now screw the gamers right!

    • xboxmaster

      xbox720p owner detected, or, pc no games owner exposed

      • Miguel Azevedo

        Sorry kid but i fortunately work and have all consoles in existence since the N64 not to mention a PC above average;if imreplying to this thread its because i already had the pleasure of playing Bloodborne so contrary to you i know the technical mess this game is,now go play your sub 30fps games and have fun.

        • xboxmaster

          i play games not frames

          • Michael McKechnie

            Awesome. +1

        • fasterr5

          What framerate and frame-pacing issues? Did you even play the game or are you just making shit up. I had no framerate problems in my game except for in 1 area and that was because I joined someones game to help them in co op so I don’t know what you’re on about the framerate like it’s a huge mess and unplayable or something. You’re probably a PC gamer who just gets a hard on for 60 and anything else is unplayable frames so it’s understandable you’re just a freak.

          • Michael McKechnie

            Amen. You rule. Well put.

        • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

          Funny all you did in the end was make the same assumptions about him that he did about you, so no real progress really.

        • Jecht_Sin

          yeah, yeah, yeah. And still you define it a technical mess? It isn’t perfect, but it’s far from being like that Skyrim broken junk. Very far.

    • Michael McKechnie

      You are ridiculous. Even with the issues you mentioned bloodborne is by far the best made game on current gen. Period. And p.s. a patch to fix these issues less than a month after release? Maybe in heaven, here on earth however, someone must have the time to create said patch before it can be released.

  • Jamic

    So thankfully Im not affected. I dont marathon the game for 12 hours straight or even if I do, I put the machine in sleep mode quite often.

    I just experienced that few of the bosses were surprisingly easy despite other people saying they had huge problems with them (like Rom)