Bloodborne Has a Secret Creepy Message Hidden in the Title Menu

Bloodborne is a horror themed action RPG from From Software, and even if the game is action-oriented, it has some genuine creepy moments thanks to the design of its monsters and art style.

Bloodborne title menu apparently has a secret message (or just a bug) that can occur if you try to change the language to French at the title menu. This results in a message saying “Updating save data” which then changes into “will be blessed with child.”

I tried to find this secret message as discovered by some Bloodborne players online, and can confirm that we can indeed get it. You can also see this in the screenshot below.


This could be an actual creepy secret message or perhaps just a bug in the game, as the following string of text “will be blessed with child.” can be discovered in the game from a note in Byrngenwerth.

Whether this is a secret message or just a simple bug, it is definitely a creepy one. If this is indeed a bug, we can perhaps see it getting patched out in a new update.

Let us know if you encountered this message when playing Bloodborne in the comments below.

  • Wyatt

    I found a book in a house with a hostile NPC in it. The location is after the shadow bosses, it reads ” When the red moon hands low, the line between man and beast is blurred. And when the great ones descend, a womb will be blessed with child.” I thought it was interesting. The last couple words match that (bugged?) message.

  • Guest

    weird i was wondering why the boss was not using his arcane attack when i came back after a while

  • Clay Bean

    Maybe a programmer found out they were having a baby and hide code in it to announce it

  • Dadrixx

    It’s a bug. Tried it, and got a lot of sentences, including some saying “*blank squares* a été vaincu” which translates “*blank squares* has been defeated”.

    It’s just some text files in the game’s files.

  • anothergamer 123

    how is this creepy, has anybody noticed all the references mocking the church? , holy chalices to make rituals, all bosses are religion mocks, what about the 3 umbilical cords that are needed in a part of the game, killing of babies
    and there are 3 , number 3 , is a reference . this is the most satanic game i have ever seen. and nobody says anything , everybody is desensitized

    • Olek S.

      Not everyone is a deluded religious moron like you buddy.

      • Spectre_Status

        Your comment was just as stupid as his, I haven’t played the game yet but will judge for myself if this game has some subliminal messages or not, Bloodborne is a dark gothic game in the first place but to claim it’s trying to mock the church is something else

        As for you, just because you aren’t a believer doesn’t give you the right to belittle people who do, if anything it shows your insecurity, that you feel you need to go out and mock people and what they believe in

        • Zohak Diaz

          Well said. Pony down

          • Nightwing

            I completely agree with Olek, This not something someone should wage wars over, What happens after death is a mystery. Maybe we have souls, But probably not. Spirtual feelings are based on superstition and “Faith”

          • Section8

            I applaud you good sir.

        • Olek S.

          Oh boy, how sad it is that the world is overrun with PT morons like you.
          Belief without evidence (faith) in anything, especially religious claims, deserves nothing but contempt and mockery in this day and age.
          My comment was as stupid as his? Am i the one claiming that Bloodborne is a “satanic” game. What else, is it also an Illuminati game maybe?
          If anyone is insecure in anything, it’s him, and it is you.
          This idea that any thought or claim deserves respect before it has been shown to be true is ridiculous; the idea that people who believe in said thing can’t be mocked is ridiculous.
          He can believe in whatever he wants, and i can point and laugh at him all i want.

          • jstones

            But why waste your time?

          • Olek S.

            I wasted 30 seconds typing that message.

          • bettergetdave

            I think its the fact that he made a point about his personal opinion directed at no one in particular. You in turn took such offense to it that you chose to respond with a personal attack. Mocking people is a symptom of being insecure. Yea you can do that your right however mocking people for their opinion or beliefs is not going to get you far in life.

          • Olek S.

            I took offense? How can you just presume something like that? If anything it made me chuckle and I pointed out how ridiculous it is.
            And please, random guy on the internet, do not try giving me life lessons on some random comment section of a random gaming site.

          • bettergetdave

            Do you enjoy insulting and mocking people with personal attacks?

          • Olek S.

            Only people who say ridiculous shit.

          • Justin Harris

            Bruh, you can’t see the wind, but you know it’s there. Lol or you’re just going by someone else who has evidence it’s there. Isn’t that having faith in something? Or at least in the person who told you about wind?

          • Olek S.

            Take a few seconds to reflect on what you just wrote, and how stupid it is.
            Using wind as an analogy? We know that wind is there because we can feel, we can test it, we know why and how it occurs, it is molecules of air in motion produced by the uneven heating of the Earth’s surface by the Sun.

          • Justin Harris

            Oh we have a wiki advocate lol. You believe what you’d like. You were damaged years ago. The attitude in your comments show it. you didn’t test it. You believe people who did. Therefore you have faith in them. You don’t have the evidence yourself.

          • Olek S.

            Look at that ad hominem.
            You don’t understand the scientific enterprise nor the scientific method, there’s no such thing as faith in the scientific community.
            Stop projecting your ignorance onto me.

          • Section8

            What the fuck are you smoking? Is it shit that’s allowed in the bible? Oh, sorry, didn’t know you might be religious. What a fucking joke that is. At least this guy (Olek) isn’t following some blind shit that PEOPLE made up thousands of years ago. He has the fucking balls to stand up and say wait a minute. Anyone who is religious needs to take a fucking step back and take a breath. Wake the hell up and ask questions.

            Now, I believe that there’s an omnipotent being that may have made everything ie; the big bag, but that’s it. This being didn’t do anything after that. He’s not there letting you win the fucking superbowl. Or choosing who lives or dies. That’s on us.

            Is this day and age, for anyone who stands up against the bigger tide that is the worl and religion, I salute them. Wake the fuck up.

          • jstones

            It does not take balls to comment on stuff. Just an internet connection. And since soooo many people are “atheist” these days isn’t it more ballsy to stand up For religion? Also, this is just a really good game and has no more of a religious agenda then a Ghost rider comic. I mean, really? Come on people, lets stop looking for an argument for ONCE!

          • ddsd

            Wow, did you copy all of that from George Carlin because your vocabulary matches his. Stop telling people to “step back and wake up” when you’re clearly a high school drop out who failed English lessons.

            Go study some philosophy and theology. The only real reasonable positions are agnostic theism or deism. Atheism isn’t real free-thought, it’s simply an emotional response to religion as you’ve proven.

            And if you think religion is the source of all the world’s problems then you’re out of touch with that pot you’re smoking. America, China and Europe’s problems all come from cooperate greed, politics and in the case of China – a communist government content with its people starving and living in poverty. No religion involved there. Even ISIS would exist without their religion, they simply use it as a justification for their political war.

          • ddsd

            “Belief without evidence (faith) in anything, especially religious claims, deserves nothing but contempt and mockery in this day and age.”

            Funny because you just took the OP’s claim that this game mocks religion without evidence and without investigating it yourself or drawing your own conclusion from a game that really deals with abstract ideas.

            Atheists, ironically, exhibit more faith than any religious people with their recourse to scientific impossibilities which refuse to answer any questions (i.e infinite string universe theory which refuses to address where the first universe came from, not to mention the string universe theory hasn’t a single shred of evidence but that doesn’t stop atheists from believing in it and they do so simply because it doesn’t require a god for them).

            You’re following the movement of “new atheism” and borrowing regurgitated arguments you’ve heard from Dawkins and the like (who similarly stole all these arguments from the deists) so you’re not really any different from the religious “morons” that you mock, moron.

          • Olek S.

            I only responded to his comment, i couldn’t give less of a shit about the game, i stumbled across this article by chance.
            Since when are Atheists directly affiliated with a specific scientific theory? And why the fuck are you generalizing so much? Quit the fucking straw manning you dipshit.
            I don’t know any fucking atheists who just “believe” shit like that, the theoretical physicists who come up with the theories themselves don’t “believe” in them, they are exploring ideas and possibilities.
            They are at least trying to research something and use physics and mathematics to explore the problem instead of just saying GOD DUN DIT IT.
            That’s better or the same to you?
            String theorists themselves have repeatedly said that it should be named String Hypothesis since most of it is impossible to test and has not reached the level of scientific theory, they are fucking honest about it.
            And if you do find some, it doesn’t mean shit.
            An Atheists is someone who lacks the belief in a deity, stop trying to attach irrelevant shit to it, you ignorant, intellectually dishonest dimwit.

            I’m not following any fucking movement and stop being so fucking arrogant to the point of trying to speak for me and everyone else, you pretentious scumbag.

        • whateverblah

          Of course he has the right to belittle anyone he wants.

        • Mannik

          If you notice the message they’re not very subliminal. Liminal, at best. Superliminal at worst.

      • Section8

        Thank you good sir for not being one of the sheeple.

        • ddsd

          He’s just an atheist sheeple instead who regurgitates everything he’s heard from Dawkins. Proven with how his insults aren’t even original just like yours.

      • Erhe R.

        Atheists confirmed for no sense of humor. I bet you pre-ordered the fedora DLC.

    • Stuey84

      Actually as someone who has played and almost completed the game, I can tell you that it has Lovecratian themes (such as madness, alternate dimensions, Universal Truth and death). Also it has its own in game versions of the Church and ministers etc (not related to any real world religions), who are corrupted and mad, along with many other factions, including secular people and institutes. It’s just a story and its not mocking YOUR church buddy, so calm down. The umbilical chords are from demonic interdimensional babies, and you don’t kill any babies – not directly anyway. Just take a deep breath and walk it off. It’s all good.

    • whateverblah

      Sounds like a fun game. I hope they make it sometime in the future.

    • Ephidiel

      also there are 4 “one third of umbilical cord” items in a playthrough

    • ddsd

      Those “references” aren’t mocking the Christian Church or real world religion. And there’s FOUR umbilical cords actually.