PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne: Users Discover a Way to Adjust In-Game Difficulty Using Insight

Bloodborne can be very hard or easy for you depending on how you try to play it. Since the game has no difficulty option like most other games, everyone plays at the same difficulty level. However, you might not know about it but this difficulty can be adjusted by the players in-game.

As discovered by some players, the difficulty of the game depends on how many Insight you currently have in-game. The threshold for difficulty increase is >15 Insight. So if you have >15 Insight and are having difficulty with the game, you should try lowering it as it can make the game much easier.


According to reports, if we have a a higher amount of Insight, the enemies can actually get more aggressive, gain new weapons and attacks and they can start spawning more frequently. So if you are getting your ass handed to you by the difficulty, playing with a lower Insight might be good idea.

A detailed post over at reddit also confirms that Insight can indeed affect difficulty of the game.

With 14 and 27 insight there was a noticeable difference in the two monsters i tested in Cathedral Ward.

Lantern guy gained eyeballs on his lantern and he now casts a ranged Spell.

Sycthe guy gains an enchantment on his Scythe that burns you.

Bloodborne was released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 by From Software in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. It is directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of Demon and Dark Souls.

Let us know what you think about this tip in the comments below.

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  • Theo

    Just killed Gehrman with 99 insight… Go HAM kids, don’t lower difficulty. That’s the OPPOSITE of what this game was made for and the opposite of the reason to play it.

  • Nebujin Cerulean

    The amount of Insight does have no effect, or will not change anything. Im running around with 99 Insight for quites a few NG+ Runs, but the Game is not becoming more challenging. Chalice Dungeons are also uneffected by Insight.

  • TrollKiller1

    The examples you give have to do with the switch from DAY TO NIGHT , not insight levels: The fire-scythe attack from the Gravewalker, the new Death dealers in Cathedral ward and Gravewalker lanterns shooting magic balls all have to do with the SWITCH FROM DAY TO NiGHT….lowering your Insight will do NOTHING to stop this… Miyazaki has talked for months about how night will (a) spawn new enemies and (b) existing enemies will gain new powers, something you fail to mention….

  • Haris Yusuf

    What about after beating ROM, i’ve been hearing difficulty just goes after that when the red moon shows up, to the point of having 40 insight, even when it visibly says 0.

  • Eduardo

    Well, I have 43 insight and every enemy is friggin strong, fast and with new skills so I will reduce it today to kill two bosses.

  • Krushulll .

    Well I couldn’t figure out why the vicar was 1 shotting me until I read t
    his. Had 25 insight from clearing optional areas… Dropped it to 10 and she was a good fight, maybe bit easy. Beast took me a few attempts at 25 too.

    I was getting a tonne of echoes but was spending them on vials anyway lol

  • Derek Fallows

    I believe some of those changes may actually be due to *spoilery events* that happen later in the game rather than insight, but I haven’t done much testing.

  • Aria68

    So are you saying, stop adding insight in case it’s too difficult ? and is there any advantage to play in higher insight ? and lastly is there any way to reduce the current insight ?

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      I think you actually might get more blood echoes didn’t test it though.

  • raf

    Great, will try since i cant even seem to beat the first wolf enemy, i dont have any weapons, not having fun really, hopefully this would help….

    • GOW

      are you talking about that first wolf at the beginning of the game?? Well there’s one video where you can kill it with your bare hands but its understood that your hunter will die there and wake up in hunters dream where you will get your 1st set of weapons and then you return back to that same place where you encounter with that wolf again and kill it..

      • Sea-HAWK fan

        Don’t kill,the wolf with bare hands it takes away about 600 blood echos you could have started with …

    • harumph

      Lol. You have 0 insight right now. Go back to the Hunter’s Dream and get your weapons. You aren’t supposed to kill the wolf with your bare hands. They give you two weapons as soon as you get to the Hunter’s Dream. Don’t know how you missed them.

      • raf

        Really? so you basically are forced to die to go to a area and get a crucial object of the game? *sigh* wow…. i knew i was going into a challenging game from what i heard of the souls series but honestly this is ridiculous..

        • Hentailover

          You don’t have to die. You can run past the werewolf and another guy, go up the stairs and to the lamp. It’s just most newbies will die to werewolf the same way most newbies die to the tutorial boss in Demon’s Souls. Game’s pretty remeniscent of DeS in general.

        • harumph

          The crucial objects are literally given to you for doing nothing though. If you’ve fought the wolf and died, then you were sent to the Hunter’s Dream. There’s zero challenge there. And you didn’t even have to fight the wolf.

          Also, go back to the doctor’s office and read all the tutorial messages on the floor.

        • TrollKiller1

          how is it ridiculous when the entire game itself is based on you dying and being resurrected into the “dream”?

  • Jason Mounce

    Interesting. Though the more insight you have, the more things in the dream become ‘real’.

    Like say, if you have 0 Insight, the Doll lady is – basically, motionless, dead, immobile. If you have 1+ she moves, I’d assume the more insight you have, the more alive that world becomes.

  • Asif Bashir

    So how do I lower insight?

    • Jordan Hawes

      There are insight skulls that I believe will lower it or maybe raise it, I’m not sure I haven’t used one.

    • Rayaad Baksh

      When you use the “Beckoning Bell” it uses up 1 insight. You can also use insight to buy items, weapons, armor, etc. from the Messengers in front of the house in Hunter’s Dream.


    Just got the game, will try it out. I sucked at Demon Souls so this will hopefully come in handy.

    • DarthDiggler

      So far this game should be called Bloodbath for me. 🙂

      • datdude

        Bloodbath is what happened to West Virginia against Kentucky last night. Calipari should appear as a boss in Bloodborne.

        • TrollKiller1

          Post of the Day

  • Craig Sloan

    If true that’s good to know.