Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Kevin Spacey Compared To Real Life

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare actually has a character based on Kevin Spacey in the game. But have the graphics advanced enough to accurately portray the character of Kevin Spacey in the game?

As usual, this is a just a fun comparison, and it shows that we have come a far way off in term of graphics in videogames. Below is Kevin Spacey in House of Cards compared to him in Advanced Warfare.


If you still haven’t heard the news, Call of Duty 2014 has now fully been revealed. First, it was leaked by Destructoid and then later officially confirmed in the form of a trailer. The game is also going to be released on previous generation consoles along with current generation, which essentially makes it another cross-gen Call of Duty game like Ghosts.

Activision was going to officially reveal the new game this Sunday on May 4th but due to this leak, they had to resort to releasing the official trailer before the planned date.

Are you excited for this new Call of Duty? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Reddz Foxx

    Not excited for new COD. There is going to be target finders and all the stuff people have been complaining about and which has been lowering the volume in which COD is selling. Anything described as futuristic in COD has had this stuff and is killing the series. RIP COD.

  • Eden’s Cross

    meh, using a compressed youtube video screenshot..not exactly fair imo