Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: How To Fix Crash On Windows 10, Reduce High VRAM Usage

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is unfortunately facing some rather serious issues on PC including incredibly low frame rate on the main menu resulting in sluggish performance, as well crashes and high VRAM usage. Fortunately, there is a way to fix these issues in the game.

If you are experiencing a slow frame rate on the main menu screen, then you need to disable DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution). The issue here relates to the game launching in DSR mode, which essentially renders the game at a much higher resolution essentially crippling performance on PC. This requires the user to manually disable DSR before starting the game.

The other issue that some people might be facing relates to crashes, especially for those who upgraded their PC from Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10. This issue can be easily fixed by download and installing this Media Feature Pack for Windows 10.


Lastly there is another random issue with the game that results in spike in VRAM usage. The solution to this issue is to edit the config file. You can locate the config file in the “players” folder and once you have opened it, you need to change VideoMemory to something lower from default 0.95 in the config.ini and then save it. Hopefully this fixes the VRAM usage in the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is out now on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4.

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  • J.D. The Horseman

    Although old, thanks for media pack mention. Worked asap.

  • paul middleton

    games like this happen when gaming industry caters for kids. Enough of this garbage. its a total rip off of titanfall anyways.

  • King Frosty

    Good job with the bait, I mean the beta, because the final product is trash. It no where near as good as the beta. No variation with weapons anymore. Shotguns – useless again, Melee weapon – useless. It back to same old BS as all the other COD games – camp, rifles, and more rifles! Specialist classes are nice, but nothing was properly balance with their powers. Certain classes still have too much of a advantage over other classes.

    Halo 5 is by far the best MP shooter game of this year. COD – once again a title I’ll avoid again!

    • Artour Babevsky | TY FANGAYS

      “Halo 5 is by far the best MP shooter game of this year. ”

      Well, your opinion went right out of the fuckin’ window.

      How’s your bullet bending aim assist going? Is that why you hate COD? Simply because you can’t aim?

      Keep sucking Microsoft’s microsoft dick, I’m sure it will get you somewhere in life.

      • King Frosty

        Yeah keep supporting devs that bring nothing new to the table, but sponge off of dumb fuckers like you that like buying the same shit every year.

        • Artour Babevsky | TY FANGAYS

          I didn’t buy BO3.

          Damn, you are really deepthroating Microsoft’s dick.

          • AZA1498

            Its not like Cod Bo3s Aim assist is any better on console. The aim assist is so strong you dont even need to do the aiming. it fucking does it for you