Call of Duty Ghosts 200MB Patch Released On PC

Call of Duty: Ghosts just got a 200mb update on steam. No notes on the details of the update were released though, neither on steam nor on the Call of Duty: Ghosts official website.

The game launched on the 5th of November and has received quite a backlash from the PC community. After this update, it has increased further. Apparently the game didn’t let players adjust their field of view, which was a readily available option in Black Ops II, the previous entry in the Call of Duty series. An unofficial patch fix, known as ‘Fovely’, was released that allowed the players to adjust the field of view settings according to their preference.

Ghost update

This latest update disables the patch fix, restricting the players to stick to the default FOV settings. It’s evident that any sort of modification to the game, not intended by Activision, can result in multiplayer ban. Although the patch fix, Flovery, has already been updated to work with the latest update, it’s recommended for Steam users not to use it anymore. Until an official patch is released that unlocks field of view settings, it’s best to stick with the default one provided.

I did notice a few frame rate issues being fixed after the update. The game seems a bit smoother than before and seems to stutter on far less occasions. Still, we will have to wait for an official update note to know what has actually been fixed apart from patching the Flovery field of view fix.

What do you guys think? Did you guys notice any difference in game play after the update or it’s still the same as before? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • anthology

    running ghosts on a 7870 XT and i have zero lagg issues, everything runs smooth at 90fps maxed out.

  • Klash (PT)

    Actually, my game did not received any kind of update. I have done more then 20 reinstalls and ive reinstalled on purpose 3 times… nothing worked!! Result: i am forced to keep playing with the stutters and freezes. So far so bad! Ive heard a lot of friends saying that this is the last game of infinity ward. Battlefield 4 is at this time, the best game without the amount of bugs like these…. :/

  • Socius

    Utter trash. In multiplayer it looks like the game is running at 720p, upscaled to higher resolutions (1440p in my case). That doesn’t make sense as my system powered through the single player with everything maxed out. Why make the game fuzzy and low-rez in multiplayer? God I wish I hadn’t pre-purchased all the expansions along with the game…

  • batmanroxus

    It is worse for me after the update. Hackdivision is at it again.

  • Austin Pierce

    how do u get it? or does steam auto download it

    • Qamar Raza Qadri

      Steam automatically updates the game. You can also update game through library. Also enable auto update if it is not enabled.

  • Jon Peterson

    This is why I can never fully jump into the Master Rig bandwagon. Until devs stop treating PCs like “the ecosystem to shop out shitty ports on”, I’m going to keep holding out till after launches to decide what system is best. Preorder bonuses be damned.

  • Kyle Jackson

    It has helped down the frame rate quite a bit, it’s actually playable now, SP version that is.

  • fff

    shitty game for shitty people

  • Matt

    It’ll take more than a 200mb patch to fix that crap game.

  • PrOStOneR

    just hope they fix this game, disappointment so far 🙁