Call of Duty Ghosts Patch 1.03 released on PS3

After a 200MB patch arrived on PC for Call of Duty Ghosts it’s time for the PS3. The PS3 version of Call of Duty Ghosts received a 172MB sized update earlier today numbered Patch 1.03 that appears to be mostly include fixes.

In Multiplayer player are reporting numerous improvements to the game’s visual unlocks, the addition of Operations where you complete certain challenges and other minor improvements. They also fixed Search and Destroy, now you can choose 6 round and the 1.5 minute timer limit. There’s also the new ability to mute individual players or mute everyone in the lobby.


Infinity Ward hasn’t released the full patch notes for Patch 1.03 but we’ll keep you posted. What changes do you want in future patches? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • eric jainski

    Fix the multiplayer switching when two people are signed in on different accounts but from one console it sucks now

  • KanataSD


    Also get rid of the stupid spawn timer in hardcore.

    (Yes I realize I’m bitching to the wrong people)

  • Mark Purcell

    Fix spawning next to enemies. Fix enemies spawning next to you allowing them to get the kill and ruin your streaks. Also make the X button allow you to get back in the game instead of waiting 15 sec. If you are wanting to change class then fine but not when you have the class you want ready to go. Also detectors for mods (but this is on Microsoft it’s their console being hacked not the developers fault and sound like an excellent class action on MS for clean gamerz) Proven hacked like MW3 was on first nite. You tube and gaming sites all showing the hacks. Can’t deny it and you can see the leader boards showing all the hackers out there. To be honest. If you want big maps. Go with BF4. You can do many more things other than forced to camp worried the enemy will spawn next to you. Map detail a 5 star. -4 stars for corrupt game play and dirty spawns. Infinity Ward. You did it again. An epic fail of really no one knowing what they are doing for multi-players gaming. MS needs to ban hackers. Stop screwing over clean gamerz just to get another Christmas sale. We know MS if you ban subscriptions then you lose money and sales. This is the basis of a class action suit. Making billions but screwing over the clean gamerz. Remember it is your (MS) obligation to abide by section 1.9 of your own contract. Contracts are recipicle and detectors can be in place for modz. Gamerz don’t even have to report modderz. I know I use to mod and detect other modderz. Instant high pings is the first trigger. The more modz turned on the higher the ping. Not worth the XB1 for another expensive console that will be hacked either. Install detectors and permanntly ban modding consoles or one day face a class action suit that will easily win under section 1.9 of your contract MS/Microsoft. Sony and PC gamerz can tag along too and join in.

  • op_gamer

    The PS3 version’s graphics have definitely been improved with this patch, noticing a lot more dust and smoke effects.

    I’ve just been playing multiplayer and extinction mode (which is great fun) mainly since launch, have only played a few chapters of the single player. Upgrading to the PS4 version this Christmas (if I can get hold of a PS4!, they are sold out everywhere), so will finish the single player in 1080p goodness.

  • Jesse Martinez

    Weapons are okay , fix spawns thats the reason we are all dying

  • Joseph Lan

    Nerf almost all the weapons.

    You die way too quickly in this game; even in comparison w/ MW2 or MW3 (games already known for their high-damage, easy-to-kill weapons). If they could do a comprehensive damage nerf on most of the weapons, then it would make the game more skill-based, as it would not quite be so easy to get a kill using all these OP weapons. Good aim and the ability to hit more shots on target would be required to do well.

    • smashbrolink

      The one that needs the nerf the most is the bulldog, and at medium to long range distances, handguns actually need a BUFF, if anything.

      Also, many of the perks are far too expensive, and thus the perk system, despite being slightly improved, still feels pretty constrained.

      Nothing should ever be above 3 points, and they need to give us more points to work with later on…[I’d be satisfied with a total of 16-18 possible points when all equipment is removed.]

    • dave

      No, my friend, just get better at the game. Like all of previous Call of Dutys multiplayer, you will get better the more you practice. I’ve improved my k/d ratio on PS3 from 1.5 to 2.3 and got some big killstreaks this weekend just by these simple tips: Learn the maps in squads mode, get a good class setup you like, and always have your gun aiming up when you go around a corner or look through a window and don’t be afraid to camp a little when you have to. 🙂

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