Call of Duty: Ghosts Odin Strike (K.E.M Strike) explained

The Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer section was finally revealed to the public a few days ago and so far everybody seems to love it. YouTubers and journalists have been busy playing the game for hours after the reveal so new information is slowly coming out.

One of the most interesting aspects of Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 were the hidden kill streaks. In Modern Warfare 2 it was the game ending Nuke while in it’s sequel Modern Warfare 3 the MOAB killed everyone in the enemy team if you managed to get a 25 gunstreak. Now in Call of Duty: Ghosts which is also developed by Infinity Ward we have the K.E.M or Odin Strike.


Now unlike previous games the Odin Strike does not require you to build up a 20+ killstreak, instead it’s obtainable via competition of field orders. According the people playing the game right now the K.E.M strike is only available on the map Strikezone, maybe in the final version it’ll be available on more maps. The Odin Strike like Modern Warfare 3’s MOAB kills the enemy team and because Ghosts features destructible environments also completely changes the look of the map. The lanes and overall structure of the map stays the same but visually everything is in ruins.

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The field orders are mini objectives that you have to complete when you pick up a special briefcase during the match, these objectives include actions like “kill an enemy while prone” or “kill an enemy with your secondary”. There is only one field order that can be completed during the match so don’t expect more than one Odin Strike in a single match.

As far as gamemodes are concerned I’ve seen Odin Strikes on Team Deathmatch and the new mode called Cranked, so far it’s not been confirmed if the Odin Strike is mode specific but expect to find out soon. Well that’s all the information we have currently, but we’ll update this article as we find out more.

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  • BOB

    a KEM strike is easy to get. just play FFA and as long as you have your back to a wall, people will spawn around you.

  • devjones2236

    One thing I really enjoy about Infinity Ward’s version of COD is the nuke/Moab. I wish it was just a standard amount of kills to get one. This is probably more strategic, but not as fun and it will not get my adrenaline pumping like getting nukes and MOABS. Hmmm……. Maybe IW is catering to the people that cannot get high kill streaks??

  • Ronca_

    Well, it looks like very easy to get this odin strike, if it needs to kill two enemies with a picked up weapon or kill 3 enemies like other videos or other orders like this and then a care package bring to you the odin strike and kills all the enemies, let me say, it’s TOO EASY. Maybe the players had a lot of luck because the package is random but if it’s not…too easy.

    • Well I think they put the Odin Strike in all of the care packages by default to show off the streak, maybe in the final game it’ll be like the normal care package with randomized streaks.

      • Ronca_

        I think you’re right because it can’t be so easy. However i hope that in the final game there will be the odin strike also like normal streak obtained with 15-20 kills or something similar to the odin.