Call of Duty: Ghosts Lag Compensation info revealed

Multiplayer is an integral part of any Call of Duty game and with the super fast paced game that Call of Duty is the connection tends to matter a lot. Black Ops 2 players have been complaining since day 1 about the game’s Lag Compensation which they believe has deteriorated from previous games. Popular YouTuber Drift0r recently sat down with Executive Producer at Infinity Ward, Mark Rubin, to talk about the direction Lag Compensation will be taking in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

In Black Ops 2 Lag Compensation tends to mostly benefit the host of the game, he/she will have the best hit detection and have a generally smoother game. Rubber banding (getting shot around walls) has also gotten worse in Black Ops 2 which really turned me off from the game.

Let’s get one thing clear though, Lag Compensation is an integral part of any competitive multiplayer game especially games like Call of Duty which would be unplayable without it. In Call of Duty Lag Compensation helps tie the hit boxes to the player models so the bullets register when you shoot them at an enemy player’s body.

Rubin revealed that the core mechanics will be the same as they are constantly tweaking the code to make it better but they will be changing the matchmaking properties to help players get a better connection. In previous games the matchmaking would connect players to hosts near them geographically but that wouldn’t result in the best connection because of how the routing of the connections are laid out. You will often be connected to a person far from you ping wise just because of the geographical region they are in shows that they are closer to you. This is where Routing comes into play, a host with better Routing will give you a better connection resulting in less lag and vice versa. As all ISPs are not the same some will give you better Routing while others will just make you lag.


Infinity Ward with Call of Duty: Ghosts are aiming to utilize a new mapping technique to ensure that players are connected to the best host with the best routing to them ensuring the best connection possible. No this does not mean that lag will be gone, but this does mean it’ll be reduced to some extent.

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Update: Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts has dedicated servers!

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  • PWNYluv

    so much lag and HackerBots… I want dedicated servers. And also 12 players? Is that the next gen???

  • MattSrq941

    The Lag is really bad. Wired or not. It doesn’t matter. Actually, I get better play using a wireless signal. When I am hard wired it’s difficult to play and I’m always host, Coincidence? So, I just turn it off. Evenings after 8 est it improves. People have spent waay too much $$ to deal with this BS. I’m going to look into getting my deposit back for Ghosts. Is it me or when Activision got involved it got worse? Sucks, such a great game has such issues.

  • no

    Fuck online gaming. Hows the story in Ghosts ?

  • That settles it. I am officialy done with COD. The one thing that teared me up about this game (or any other shooter for that matter) was the lag. You’d think that they would put all the money they made on this franchise to good use by getting dedicated servers. But nooooo!!!

    Since I stopped playing past Black Ops, I wished they would fix this mess to bring me back. Guess they only love me for my wallet.

  • HUH?

    This article has it all wrong. The host actually gets the worst lag.The host is reduced to compensate for the other players with lower signals, giving them a boost in the process. You can literally feel the game playing tug of war with your connection for the majority of matches.

    • JSon

      That’s true. Every time I get the host it’s visible that the players lagging have advantage over me. My bulles don’t even hurt then, even if I’m closer and aiming their back, they are still able to turn and kill me most of time.

  • DingleBerryTerrier

    In Private matches the host has worse lag comp than some players in other states. BO2 sucked. My opinion dont try and balance connection like BO2, because players with worse connections will have advanatge and vice versa.

  • Greg Marx

    Fuck call of duty. Every since the first modern warfare…. Call of duty has been one big pile of crap

  • gamerguy

    Pffft – they won’t fix shit! We’re gonna have the SAME problems we’ve always had – not a new engine, just an improved one! And we will always have terrible lag, because those cheap bastards do not have dedicated servers! Fuck those greedy pigs!

    • Onix


    • As Vin Diesel in Fast 6 said, you just gotta have faith.

    • Brother Billo

      Don’t keep buying their games then, dumbazz.

    • Barkebain

      no faith in these greedy pigs – corps care about one thing, and one thing only – don’t believe a word coming from their mouthpieces, it’s just more marketing (lies) to get your money. If they cared the least about gamers or gaming experience, they would have done something about BOPS2 – too late, never again will Activision see a penny from me – never.