CDPR Comments On Witcher 3 Downgrade Rumor, Continuation Of Choices From Witcher 2 On PS4 And More

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the third entry in the Witcher series. The previous two games have been released on the PC and you can carry over your save from the PC version of Witcher 2 to Witcher 3. Those who are starting the game for the first time on current generation should be glad to know that there is still a way to make your choices carry over on PS4.

CD Project Red Community Manager Marcin Momot answered some questions of fans giving more details about the story transfer, day 1 patch and pre-load on the PS4.

If you have the PS4 version of the game but want to carry over your choices from the previous games, there should be scenario in the beginning of the game which allows you to carry your choices.

Regarding the day 1 patch, it should be available on the official release of the game. It also deals with the frame rate issues that were reported in some of the game reviews and adds dynamic scaling to the Xbox One version of the game.

Regarding the pre-load for the PS4 version of the game, it will be available on PS4 in select territories starting today.

Marcin Momot also decided to clarify their position regarding a recent downgrade rumor that was posted on the official CDPR forums. This rumor stated that CDPR have downgraded some of the visuals effects in order to optimize the game.

Marcin was quick to note that they don’t comment on such rumor but since the game is close to its official release, they want the fans to be the judge and play the game themselves.

Ok guys, I belive a word of clarification is required. These are just rumors, and as we’ve said before we don’t comment on such. Secondly you have to remember that our game is a big release – a lot of people have been anticipating it and quite a few would like to gain some publicity from it even when it means talking about things which are not true. Wild Hunt comes out in a few days and you will be able to find out for yourself if the game is up to your standards. We believe so – we’ve worked really hard for 3 years to deliver you best possible experience – we love The Witcher as much as you do. To conlude we’d rather have you focus on the game and the fact that it’s going to be in your hand in a matter of days. And one more thing – whenever we say something officially, we always put a person behind it.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be out on May 19th 2015 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

  • Nathaniel Graham

    While I don’t really care about the downgrade and I’m very excited for this game (I actually pre-ordered it…very rare), it seems to me that if there had been zero downgrade then Marcin from CDPR would have said so. As it is he didn’t answer the question at all. That said when developing a game as huge as this for multiple platforms I’m sure there is a lot of experimentation that goes on with the graphical fidelity, and “downgrade” is too simple of a term to really say what has happened. Some things may have ended up being better, some things may have ended up being worse, and answering whether or not it results in an overall downgrade to how everything looks can be a complicated question especially when you consider that insanely amazing graphics struggling to run at 20 fps won’t look as good as “just” great graphics running at 60 fps. Sure the screenshots will look amazing, but if you have to have an X99 triple SLi setup to reach 30 fps then what’s the freaking point (for 99.9% of customers)?

  • OptionalLemon

    F%$ gamers nowadays.

  • The PC Master Race

    Once more. Consoles ruin everything

  • Jonny

    Yeeeah, just play the game and then make up your mind, because by then you will have bought the game and it will already be too late for you to do anything about it. For crying out loud just come clean and admit to the extremely obvious downgrade!
    One minute you claim to be on the consumers’ side and want to treat them as good as possible, and the next you’re treating us like moronic half-wits with no eyesight.

  • Ty

    I can sympathize with PC gamers about this issue. Although I love CDPR, I definitely see a downgrade. After Destiny, I don’t believe anything I see at E3, PAX, Gamescom, etc,. I don’t even bother to watch them anymore.

  • Poor PS Poor people


    • stalker420

      PS=Pleb Station

  • notchedbandit

    Dragon Age Inquisition wasn’t downgraded and it’s the prettiest game I’ve played lately (not just graphically, but also artistically). Keep it up EA & Bioware!

  • Marcelo Tezza

    Fuck, i just bought the game because of that 35 min gameplay and then they downgraded, i want my money back…

  • Eithrail

    That’s one of the most pathetic responses to the graphic downgrade imaginable.

    The rumor isn’t about it being up to our standards, it’s the fact that they showed off visuals that clearly had time put into them and then put more effort into downgrading them rather than leaving them available to the PC community with the hardware.

    To make it clear, I play on ALL systems, mostly the Wii U recently, but there is no excuse when a company makes a demo and say “This is the game you’ll be playing” and proceed to kneecap it because Sony and Microsoft want them to downgrade the visuals to match the consoles.

    Responding like that isn’t “Official”, it’s dodging the question.

    • WryMouthX

      Does it matter? PS4 been doing it since day 1 and no one notices or cares.

      • Eithrail

        I does matter, because the trust in the industry went like this:
        First it was pre-trailer promises
        Pretty soon we couldn’t trust pre-rendered cinematics
        Then it was “In Engine” trailers we couldn’t trust

        And now CDPR have done the impossible and shown us we can’t even trust gameplay videos now because they fucked up.

        Pretty soon AAA developers will realize they can releace a video of a cube running around and somehow will release and even more boring game but it’ll still sell well because the regular moron has been conditioned to think it’s good.

        • WryMouthX

          I agree with you but even with those whits lies PS4 still sells like crazy even tho XO i not that much different. People must care and don’t care if Sony lied or not. Not saying every company is good but for past 2 years Sony seemed to be using that tactic and it worked.

          • Eithrail

            Yeah, it’s just frustrating still. Casual gamers will never notice, which is great for them, they can’t really be let down. But for those of us who are into gaming or are in the industry it’s just depressing getting lied to.

            It’s great that the PS4 and XO are selling well because without them gaming would grind to a halt. No developer would spend millions on a PC title with a few exceptions (CiG, Crytek to name some)

            I just hope some day we’ll actually get a game which keeps it’s promises


        You mean consoles in general…..?! Just be honest with yourself here it is not just the one it is all of them.

  • Ricardo Monteiro

    CDPR might be a good developer but they really like to dodge questions and say false-truths and bull-shizzles.

    He dodged this question just like he dodged the PS4 Framerate issue question.

    Saying the Framerate will be BETTER does not necessarily mean it will be FIXED.

  • Brian Ge

    Lol that downgrade response… You can apply it to any product, watch:
    Ok guys, I belive a word of clarification is required. These are just rumors, and as we’ve said before we don’t comment on such. Secondly you have to remember that our organic carrots are a big release – a lot of people have been anticipating them and quite a few would like to gain some publicity from it even when it means talking about things which are not true. Our carrots come out in a few days and you will be able to find out for yourself if the carrots are up to your standards. We believe so – we’ve worked really hard for 3 years to deliver you best possible experience – we love our carrots as much as you do. To conlude we’d rather have you focus on the carrots and the fact that theyre going to be in your hands in a matter of days. And one more thing – whenever we say something officially, we always put a person behind it.

  • Pushkin123

    When the PC version gets released then we will know if there was really a downgrade. No offence but the only downgrade it might have gotten is to optimize for the low hardware specs of next gen consoles, because there are advanced graphic settings only available on the PC version.

    • Joshua Pirog

      No there are not. It’s already been shown that the PC version is the same as the PS4 version minus a few hairworks NVidia effects and high resolution. Everything else is the same as the ps4 version. Youtube has been showing this with leaks of the game.


        Then if that is the case as you have stated it……there is obviously a downgrade that has taken place. As the PC should be able to perform well beyond what a console is capable of today.

        • Articuno76

          “Should” doesn’t mean a thing if they haven’t created assets in the first place to take advantage of that. That’s not a downgrade for consoles, it’s a downgrade so their artists can actually create everything in a reasonable amount of time.

          Outside of a brief concept shown ages ago (which was unlikely to have represented the art quality across the entire game) is there any evidence that the PC version was supposed to look dramatically better to begin with?

          The game looks identical to what has been shown for months now.

    • Dynasty2021

      “Are all models and textures the same?”

      Yes, there’s only one version, without it we wouldn’t be able to deliver the game on time. We would have to strip it down, build and test separately on all 3 platforms which is infeasible. To we do it all on one foundation and then distribute it to all devices.

      We manage the memory differently on platforms that have less of it. Less complex models are loaded, it all depends on what happens on the screen at given moment. To sum it up there are not many differences between PC, PS4 and Xbox One, they rather fix certain problems than change the configuration”

      CDPR have basically confirmed the downgrade is real, and due entirely to consoles.

      Thanks again consoles for ruining everything a game could have been. So sick of this crap.

      • OC Guy

        LOL, maybe it is time you grew up and got a life little man!… You go back to crying over a video game you stupid twit.

        • YOUDIEMOFO

          Way to push some argument. Calling names over the interweb is really big of you.

          Why I f someone is pissed about how a developer is able to lie about their product before launch just to get sales up… pisses you off? Seems like you sir need the life as it is viewed from my perspective. He at least brought some factual information to the table. You just spewed garbage onto your keyboard.

          • OC Guy

            @ Youdiemofo…why don’t you shoot me some contact info and we can discuss this in person.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            You live in Michigan? Cause I wouldn’t stop with just you guy!! STFU on your Trojan horse you like to ride on called the Internet….. Because other than that you are just that…..a loser that sits on their keyboard making up an imaginary world so you may can cope with your “shortcomings…..!!”

            Again you bring nothing but stark negativity and name calling to your bleak, ignorant comments.

            Did I nail it on the shortcomings…….!?

          • OC Guy

            Aww is the tough-guy all upset! You all scared that you have been called out on your stupidity! It sure as fuck sounds like it! I live in CA..Tell you what. I live in Los Angels not far from a well known diner called Jans. It is right next to the Grove where they they film a lot of TMZ.It is also right next to CBS studios. I eat there a few times a week and every Friday night. I’ll be there tomorrow and next Friday same time as always, about 7pm, wearing the my Ducks Jersey. Feel free to take a trip to a decent city and come visit. You talk about a whoopin?…Alright, lets see what happens to you with that! You can bitch talk all you want or put your money where your mouth is! I’ll leave it at that fool! I know you won’t show up… You’re too far. That’s no big deal because even if you were in the city you wouldn’t stop by. You are just that type of “tough guy”! LOL!

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Like the bad ass you are…… Hahahahahahahahaha. Wow. By the way. Your busted ass was the one calling people out, so lay down and smoke something guy….

          • OC Guy

            Whatever fool…Back down. that’s all you have ever done in your entire nothing life…meh, just glad I’m not you.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Man you said it….. “just glad I’m not you….”

          • OC Guy

            Yawn…Great “comeback”… Meh, didn’t expect much from a coward. Go ahead and say something pathetic as usual. Have the last word all you want little boy. Unlike you I have a life and there is no need to waste anymore of it on a nothing loser such as yourself.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            And if you’re serious…….truly serious about the contact info. You sir have some blatant issues that need attending to. By all means send me some and maybe you would be willing to lose your ass in some gas money and a whooping, but that is obviously your call.

        • Partridge Mabel

          Attacking someones character because you can’t attack their argument is a classic fallacy that pretty much shows that you can’t argue the point. It’s basically a big flag that says “I lost this argument so I’m angry”

          • OC Guy

            Epic fail Mabey… I’m not even attempting to make an argument or debate someones character. I see a little fan-boy acting like a little fan boy I am going to treat him as such.What argument are you even talking about? I’m sorry if rejects such as yourself get so worked up over a video game that you literally go over the deep to put blame on other choices that don’t meet your precious approval. I laughed out loud at your stupid attempt to put yourself above it all by declaring a “victory” over your nothing opinion? LOL, like anything in the world you say means a pile of shit to anyone!? Nope. But that’s OK, keep up the arrogance and entitlement! I’m sure that goes over so well with people you think are your friends! Keep it coming! Nitwits like you make for an entertaining read every time! YOu can go back to joining your online buddy Dynasty blaming everything in the world on coles… What neato way to waste time! LOL!

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            He’s a douche….

          • Brandon

            Yeah, he basically just said: ” I am a stupid twit, kick me.”

        • John Doe

          ^ Rtard alert !

          • OC Guy

            Awwww did Johny boy get his feelings hurt because someone doesn’t feel the same way about the pc his mommy and daddy bought him? So sad Johny.

      • BloodHound7281

        So even though this game will be way bigger and better in all aspects then the previous titles, its still not good enough for you! This isn’t ment for all PC players , just you pedestal walkers. Jump off your perch princess and shut the fu#k up! Without consoles tw3 would be 4 times the size of the witcher 2,wow! With us its 35 times the size! Making games takes money! You honestly think they would pull a profit working on this game for 3 fuc#ing years paying everyone’s wages,advertising and everything else that goes with it with PC fans alone,hell no! You think they would have hit 1 mil preorders without us, hell no! We are supposed to be a gaming community not a segregated bunch of whiny bit@hes! Consoles didn’t ruin anything! Instead of bit#hing at us you should be thanking us jacka$$!

        • Dynasty2021

          Gaming is being ruined by consoles, limiting what devs can do, forcing downgrades, and we have nothing these days but smaller maps and limited, boring mechanics.

          Games were better back in the days when PC was undeniably king, with the likes of Half Life etc.

          • Dick Mcdouche

            You know Half Life 2 was also on consoles right? Ok.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Yeah ported to a system that still held a faint glimmer of performance when compared to a fully optimized PC title. Years later and after the facts, but whatever helps people sleep at night. If they did it right and did not have to care about parity the PC version would run circles around any console version.

            Simply put consoles are hindering performance on PC’s. The only thing consoles have done for anyone was put a conroller in their hands and added another gamer to the mix. Technology wise they are destroying true capabilities of future games. DX12 will help to push true fidelity in games while showing that it would not be capable on anything else other than a PC.

          • Dick Mcdouche

            Cry some more. No really, I enjoy it.

          • Dick Mcdouche

            ”Whatever helps people sleep at night”. These things actually don’t keep me up at night. Things that keep me up at night are things that actually matter, cause you know, I have a life. Maybe you should go outside once in a while. Get some fresh air, meet some people. Enjoy some of those real life graphics. They are a little downgraded compared to the 80’s and 90’s, but still looks pretty good.

          • OC Guy

            PC master wasters will never get it through their heads that developers will overwhelmingly make most games for colones first, yet they still pay through the roof for a rig that will never be fully optimized before the next most powerful card comes out complaining all the way about consoles “steeling” their rigs mojo…They have been doing this for decades…apparently they will always act like they are 15 years.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Just imagine if you had some actual money to spend on something that you enjoyed as your past time and maybe you would understand some of what you speak of.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Nothing keeps me up at night as I’ve got a clear conscience…. But your name sums it all up for you…..

          • Brandon

            As you say this you are typing away furiously and your handle is Dick Mcdouche–hypocrite much?

          • vapidwolf1

            Better get use to it,pc gaming as it was is dead,consoles make the money.

          • John Doe

            ^ you must be young and dumb , the PC market leads the gaming industry by a large margin. You are so clueless it hurts , have fun playing at 30 fps you pleb.

          • vapidwolf1

            Oh whatever,keep telling yourself this kid,”oh but,but millions of games sold on steam,millions of pc owners” yeah games they never play,everyone has a pc,God your such a dickhead,rts,mmo,diablo clones week after week,extorniate dlc,pc gamers who actually have a rig capable of running today’s games are in the minority,get over yourself you pompous prick.

          • deucezulu22

            Consoles are ruining games? It was consoles that pushed the gaming world forward since the 80’s. Anyhow I will enjoy this game on my new rig, but c’mon man, the game is getting great reviews. Just enjoy the game.

        • Aiyaz Yusuf Reza

          I agree on some parts and disagree on some parts of your TL inner voice, but i would argue that if games were made for pc’s 1st while keeping the probability of the game being ported for consoles we would all be happy, but because that costs money devs go the other way and that creates the console vs pc disputes, you are correct when you stated that consoles pulled the gaming industry you are correct, but it was because indie devs were not as active as they are now thanks to many methods of crowd funding, consoles pulled it up and pc is now ready to be its successor until console gets above pc and thus the cycle should go. Its a partnership not a competition. If the devs do their jobs right then no dispute takes place is what i am stating. After all, gamers are somewhat brothers in arms in my eyes, we must not fight but understand and compromise, other wise we get the divide and conquer treatment like the gamer-gate incident.

          • BloodHound7281

            I haven’t looked at it like that and believe you are correct! So what you’re saying is to take the path of say the witcher 2 and port it to console later right? I could handle that, however I can’t handle people complaining that i, simply because I own a console am holding them back because I personally have no control over it! But thank you for your comment and how you presented it because it opened my eyes to why the PC crowd seems so pissed off! It makes sense whereas bashing consoles and console owners does not! Thank you! Good gaming to all!

          • Aiyaz Yusuf Reza

            Good gaming to you to brother.

          • Brandon

            Most intelligent PCers are not bashing the console player directly, but consoles themselves. YOU are not holding back the industry, low end hardware in consoles is.

          • BloodHound7281

            Yeah I’m finally hearing the PC crowd and understanding why they are upset! You are explaining things to me in a way that I’ll listen, and I thank you for that! I’ve just looked at so many posts on the internet saying that I’m ruining gaming because I’m to lazy, stupid or cheap to build a PC and that’s not the case! I just prefer consoles always have,hell the last PC game I played was Oregon trail, lol! Thank you for your comment and the way you presented it! Good gaming to you!

          • Brandon

            To you , too! We should all be looking forward to TW3, console or pc, whatever, game on.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Totally agreed…..! Rock on!

      • Articuno76

        Erm… wha? How on earth do you get that interpretation from that bit of text there?? All it says is the source assets are shared between all versions of the game, albeit with alterations made to them rather than several different sets of assets made from the ground up.

        That’s how any sensible cross-platform development with good scalability works.

      • vapidwolf1

        I bet your one of these greasy haired fatties that shouts on YouTube,please say you are it would make my day,it’s just a game mate.

      • Brandon

        I’m with you man, “crying” or not. It’s a shame that consoles have brainwashed people into thinking anything below 60 FPS is acceptable, and as of 2006, anything below 1080p res. I guess we just have to wait another 8 years until this generation, and consoles all together, die out (except for Nintendo and handhelds).


      Optimizing for the lower specked hardware makes sense, but do not gimp the experience where it potentially has unlimited resources to play with on PC.

      Advanced settings or not the game will never look as good to what they have touted/showed a year or so ago.


    Downgrade for sure……. Hate to say it like that, but it is obvious. No one can deny the footage shown at e3 last year as opposed to what is actually going to be released.

    Do not get me wrong. The game looks marvelous and I will be picking it up for PC. Being able to rock it at 4k and easily push passed the horrid 30fps that plagues the consoles.

    • Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, I’m pretty sure the PC version is going to be plague with bugs like every other major title that was released on it, Dying Light and Mortal Kombat comes to mind, just to name a few.


        So you are saying there is no downgrade and that performance sucks because you’ve played it already? I mean I’m going off of what I see, but you are saying it is not going to run properly in lieu of previously released games that have nothing to do with this specific IP.

        • ??

          I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion with my comment to you. First off, I didn’t mention anything about the downgrade.

          Second, my comment to you was directed to the statement you made about the “horrid 30fps that plagues the consoles”.

          I’m simply saying the PC may have it’s own issues when this game is released next week, whether it be frame rate issues or whatever the case may be, that’s all.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Turn the feature off through steam all together. Nothing will pop up and hinder the gameplay.

      • pineanas

        The PC usually has huge issues. But lets not forget CDP RED is a pc dev, both previous withers were PC, the RED engine developed for W2 and extended on in W3 was made for PC.
        If anything consoles are fairly new territory for CDP RED, not PC.
        But as always, I’m aproaching with caution

        • Very true, we can only hope for the best.

      • Amer1ka

        MKX was done by another dev named HIgh Voltage who also made horrible ports of MK9 and Injustice. Dying Light on the PC was perfectly fine and the best version by far. So odd titles to pick here. Especially considering the console versions of Unity were incredibly worse than the PC version and BF4 on the consoles was just as bad. Skyrim never did work right on the PS3.

        Since all companies now know they can release games and then give them day 1 patches with interim patches they do that and sometimes it just doesn’t work out for them. All the new consoles, the older consoles and the PC now suffer from the same BS. I own every console and a couple of PC’s so I know these things all too well.

    • Shinobi

      I think some things look a little different like some of the grass foliage but I do not think it looks way worse like some of you sound….i think rather it has some change or dowgrade even, but they probably improved things too. just not enough a difference for me to care about at all.

    • Articuno76

      You… think 30fps is some kind of plague? Wow… sorrry. I mean, yeah, I guess if you want to disown several decades worth of cultural heritage and innovation the industry as it is today stands on that’s up to you. But wow… totally in shock.

      Millions of people play at 30fps with no issue. Get off your high horse and just spend an hour playing a game. You get used to the choppiness (as long as it is even) and then can just focus on the game. 30fps haters remind me of those people who rag on 60fps for feeling soap-opera like. It’s not a legit complaint if you can adjust in one hour of what? A 100-200 hour game?

      I hope you never have to play a 30fps game again, for your sake. But in addition I think you owe it to yourself to not play one derivative of a 30fps progenitor either. Good luck with that.


        Really guy….. I take it that you have never played a game passed 30fps….because if you had you wouldn’t want to go back to that “sorry standard” anyways. I have no idea what your point is because there doesn’t seem to be one. Seems like you are okay with being lied to from the beginning of these systems’ launch because we were supposed to get a constant 60fps from the last generation of consoles.

        Take it how you want to…….plague or not, but it sounds to much to me like you need some justification on what YOU are playing on. I will be playing my PC games like I have always done for the last 10 years…….at frames far superior to 30fps! If that in some way upsets you….then to bad. I built a gaming monster computer so I could do just this. This is not me comparing my computer to a console (HA!!), but more so pointing out that these new systems are obviously holding the entire developmental process back from being much more superior. Hence the lying both companies are still doing about their equipment.

        • Articuno76

          I have a gaming PC (970/8350) I play on 1440/60 all the time (when I’m not DSR’ing down from UHD that is). Not to mention many of my fav games (fighting games) run at 60 even on consoles (heck, even on handhelds).

          Like I said, you can jump back and forth between 30/60, all it takes is a little while to adjust. It’s a good skill to have because sometimes you just can’t get a game to run well at 30 or 60 (and I don’t like unlocked framerates).

          It seems ludicrous to be so against 30 when many of the biggest most influential games in all of videogame history ran at 30. THAT upsets me. The fact that you might be playing at 60, 120 or even 144 doesn’t.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Ran that way because they “had to” due to hardware limitations. We are passed the hardware limitations……., so I thought.

            People come on. 30fps last gen and 720p-1080p resolution on systems that had a COMBINED 512MB of RAM!!!

          • Articuno76

            Hardware limitations haven’t gone away though. Heck, consoles are defined by them. The only difference is the hardware ceiling has been raised a bit over the last generation. That and the fact that this generations devs are being expected to double both resolution and framerate at the same time, something that’s never been asked of them (with some exceptions like fighting games).

            In regards to RAM, the thing with games is that the appreciable difference in quality has diminishing returns the higher you go. Back in the day the difference between say, 16 and 32MB of RAM was huge, now not so much: A texture might be several orders of mangnitude larger in size and yet look almost mostly identical.

          • David Santos

            C:UsersDavid GamerPicturesLOLScornfulNeedyGalah.gif

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            I get what you’re saying, but in the same respect I do not…. I didn’t expect to keep taking steps backward when it comes to games today and their capabilities. Frames per second being top of my list. Saying that the most influential games had a 30fps cap is one thing, but not understanding why that cap was there is a whole’ other story all together. Technology……advancements in it from years ago to today is leaps and bounds over what was expected hence there was a “starting point” for FPS. Making excuses for FPS and resolution today is so sorry it’s disgusting. Last gen hardware with a 10 year life cycle has 512mb of ram total and they’re able to achieve what they did on that. Today is a “challenge” for devs to get to that golden frame rate and or resolution.

            I just don’t get the excuses/sorry launches that flop on day one due to games being broken. Day one patches have become common place. Do you think devs should be slammed for putting a 45gb HDD space requirement on their game when they fully know that after it gets patched to death it will take up far more than just 45gb?! I do. More or less making you do something that you never agreed to do from their original statements/requirements.

          • Articuno76

            There’s no such thing as “advancements” when it comes to fps. Resolution sure, but fps has always been split 30/60 depending on the type of game.

            There were loads of 60fps games on the PS2, as well as loads of 30fps ones. Same on the PS3. Now the same on the PS4. 60fps isn’t new in the slightest, and 30fps isn’t becoming outdated.

            In large part because the living room display hasn’t moved on from being 60hz, making targeting either 60/30 a sensible thing to do (given that TVs don’t support g-sync like variable refresh… yet).

            If you feel a 30fps cap is holding games back (even though that’s been the case for generations) do you feel equally perturbed by 60fps in a world where 120 and 144hz panels are affordable?

            Although I have to agree on the poor QA quality of many modern games, that’s actually an issue compounded by technological advancement – the result of it rather than a step backwards (though the end experience is a step backwards).

            I also have to disagree with patch sizes – to an extent. Sure some games end up huge, but most patches replace files already in the game so it’s not like a 15GB patch actually takes up the base file + the patch. The real issue there is how huge patches like that essentially force users with capped data to pay through the nose to have a game that works the way it is supposed to, on top of having already paid for the game.

            “Today is a “challenge” for devs to get to that golden frame rate and or resolution.”

            That’s always been the challenge. Always. The difference is back in the day exclusives were more common and there were fewer platforms to release games across (in addition to games being less complex) so devs could meet performance/resolution targets far more consistently.

            Hopefully we’ll see things improve with the last generation support dropping off, giving devs time to focus once again on three platforms.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Let us hope…….. I guess it’s all we can do.!

        • Amer1ka

          I own every console and a couple of gaming PC’s. I prefer getting games on the PC when possible if the framerate is 30 or below on the consoles because I am a gamer. I like good gameplay and 30fps with dips (typically) just sucks. It’s hard to argue that. Also, I’m not sure why you brought up the soap opera 60fps thing because that’ for movies and doesn’t really apply to games. 60fps makes fake props look like fake props and we’re all used to a certain FPS for movies and have been for 100 years. Everything in a game is already fake so 60fps or higher doesn’t make a lick of difference.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Sorry, but anything over 60fps is truly a dream. Especially when you can keep it around 100-120+FPS and are playing on a monitor that has a refresh rate of at least 120hz.

            Unless you have played on something like that I would guess that you would say there is no difference in any games beyond 60FPS. Unless you are the minority you are right……., but you are not and many (if not all) people who’ve played on something like this will tell you it is a different world . It is so much better.

          • Amer1ka

            Uhhh, you either replied to the wrong person or completely misunderstood what I wrote. I wrote why 60fps is shunned in movies but also why 60+ fps is wanted in gaming. I personally try to lock all games at 144hz due to the refresh rate of my main monitor hooked up to my PC. I know exactly what it’s like to play at those FPS’s and how much better it is.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            No I didn’t…… You are the one that brought up the television refresh rates. I just pointed out that consoles are stuck at no more than 60hz regardless of what anyone does. Never have I mentioned televisions and their relation to movies that was you for some reason. I have only mentioned it in relation to video games and their consoles excuses as to why there is mostly 30fps games being released.

            And to argue that someone would have to “get used” to an experience after stepping away from a far superior one (PC) makes no sense to me. Having to step back in a less enjoyable scenario just to attempt to “adjust” just sounds ridiculous to me.

          • Amer1ka

            You only mentioned FPS which doesn’t also have to mean refresh rate. And 60hz has nothing to do with 30fps locked games on consoles.

            You just don’t seem to understand what you’re saying or what others are saying so I guess I’ll leave this one here.

      • OC Guy

        Don’t even try to argue with the PC master wasters. They think developers should bow down to them because they overspend on a brand new video card.

  • ChatWraithShichi

    He totally just said “Just play the game” and dodged the accusation.

    He could’ve said something akin to “we are using the same lighting model, so you’re incorrect”, or a rational admittal like “we opted out of some post-processing to make a faster-running game, you are correct, it is slightly less visually polished than our beta version and projected final build.”

    I don’t get why people dodge controversy instead of being honest/having humility. Even if the complainers are wrong, it’d be immensely simple to show some statistics to quell the whole thing. I have difficulty understanding why no developer has the pride to do so.

    • CDPR are usually respected for their honesty but the way they are doing damage control here is definitely not a good sign.

      • I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt in this particular situation. None of us know what it takes to make a game, let alone a game as big as the Witcher 3.

        Now I admit the 2013 trailer did indeed look good, but a lot of it looked “pre-render” as well. I knew without a shadow of doubt that the game wasn’t going to look like that when the final product is released to the public and even if it did, there will be a small percentage (a very small) of fans that were going to be able to run the game looking like that.

        I really do try to respect the media outlets, but some of you guys tactics to get traffic is just down right childish and immature.


        I agree….. I believe the downgrade is true. I can “see” a visual/fidelity change of the e3 build over what is going to be released. Anyone who says otherwise is truly not attempting to accept the facts.

        Being silent on the subject and simply deflecting comments makes for concern if you ask me. I guess we will know for sure if the consoles are truly holding back the raw power and true performance of the PC when DX12 drops and those games come out multi-plat. I would assume that there will not be a lot of crazy hardcore AAA multi’s since the coding would be so different across all systems. Mostly making the games “somewhat” different as I do not believe they’d be able to achieve the throughput on consoles that the PC will be able to provide.

        • pineanas

          Were one year into console next gen and there is still some ‘hidden raw power’ argument afloat? Come on, DX12 is API, it might be more efficient at using the hardware sure, but across all platforms! And theres no denying that the ps4/xbone raw computational power is unimpressive even by 2013 PC standards…there so hidden power, theres only so much you can squeeze out 1.85 Tflops. Even if this is a guess numer it wount have double that power hidden, and even then it wouldnt touch the single gtx980 at 5Tflops… I know the math is oversimplified but you get what I mean…

    • AllDayIPlay B

      I think it does show humility by not going back and forth, trying to prove people wrong. Anything a developer says will be scrutinized to hell. It would make total sense to rational people like you and I if they explained what, why, and how. Unfortunately there’s also a huge audience who just wants to pounce on anything, completely blowing things out of proportion.

      • ChatWraithShichi

        That’s true, but where there is ambiguity, people will always assume the worst.

    • GotNews4Ya

      If he denied it he is lying.. If he admitted it.. They’d crucify him.. Lose / Lose.

      • So true, there’s no pleasing the simple-minded gamers nowadays.

        • AllDayIPlay B

          Lol everyone is pissed off about something. It’s interesting what our community has become

          • Well it is the internet and everyone has a digital soapbox to scream out their opinions as loud as they want thru the wire.

            It must be the new trend to complain about something.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Yeah I usually get pissed when I’m F’N lied to….. Not sure about you.

          • AllDayIPlay B

            All I’m saying is people need to chill the F out. I get that we’re paying for a product and it may have a “downgrade” but that shit still looks beautiful. Don’t buy it if it bothers you so much. We have no idea why some sacrifices had to be made. Would you rather have devs cancel games because the graphical Fidelity doesn’t match a trailer from 2 years ago?

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Just as long as I actually get what I “thought” I was paying for. And not excuses as to why and what happened to the game. Nobody wants Ubisoft (Watchdogs) happening all over again….

        • YOUDIEMOFO

          Pleasing people usually starts with the truth right from the beginning. Showing us one thing and releasing another all the while making the game “the same” across all platforms is a simple cop out.

          I remember developmental teams being specific to a platform, so that they may utilize the hardware to its fullest potential.

          What if the PS4 dropped the resolution and went with dynamic like the bone and was able to achieve 60fps?? Do you think the “community” would have that? NO of course not because one would play far superior than the other. And the simple minded gamers would be all upset about it, so there has to be some sort of parity to make sales possible.

          My simple mind can’t comprehend garbage games dropping below 30fps on my gimped, parity causing console, so I will enjoy this title at more than 60fps and 4k.

          • AllDayIPlay B


          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Just stating a fact, but if you’d like to then by all means….

          • AllDayIPlay B


          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Ah thank you…..

    • Corey

      probably because the gaming media is full of vipers. And the gaming community if full of obnoxious people who portray it like “they downgraded it just to piss you off! And milk your money!” when that’s not the case.

      • ChatWraithShichi

        Yeah. Since the game’s gone gold, I imagine all they’re doing is working on expansions, dlc, and reading comments like these (no seriously).

        I can understand that every time someone says “AWW THIS LOOKS LIKE SHIT!” It’s a huge put-down for the fact that they’ve spent years working on this. It doesn’t look like shit, though, it looks fantastic.

        —but the confusion of ‘doesn’t seem like you advertised’ combined with ‘should only look better as development continues’ does merit some pat on the back and illumination.

    • Jessika S.

      His not going to do that his game is coming out in a few days and like he said will be the judge of that, soon. All you have to do is just not buy on day one wait for reviews and see what the comparison videos tell you if that’s you thing.

    • Joshua Pirog

      Just play the game….so we make money and you can see yes, we downgraded that bitch lol

      • ChatWraithShichi

        I mean I share his sentiment, people should give less of a shit about graphics….

        —the issue is that graphical power was one of their biggest claims during its announcement. It’s for that reason only that they have a responsibility to make that aspect of their game transparent.

        It’d be like announcing a game showcasing phenomenal multiplayer, then skirting around discussing multiplayer.

    • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

      Admittedly, the so-called downgrade is pretty severe, as many of the more critical are taking it. The changes don’t stop at post-processing, which at best includes simpler effects like color filtering/blurring and FXAA and at worst includes deferred rendering pipelines and perhaps some screen-space effects. While those can make a big difference to the final fidelity, it doesn’t account for much of the criticism. Things like particles, foliage, meshes (including tesselation), and world optimization and drawing have all taken a substantial hit, not even mentioning more subtle technologies or forward shading (as opposed to deferred, if you wish to research further information) that may have been axed, which–quite literally–make the world which we are to see and play in.

      I would also have preferred an open and honest response, especially given CDPR’s public rapport relative to more-notorious companies. However, the changes in graphics over the years go well beyond being able to claim as just “toning down post-processing” (which may very well come off as insultingly insincere for those expecting full acknowledgement of the changes). I don’t think it justifies a despised PR approach necessarily, but it is a quite hefty thing to bear in front of a majority of technically-unskilled consumers.

      Judging from experience and industry trends, about “whose fault it is,” as is much discussed: CDPR probably shot higher than was practical even for PCs. While processing power and techniques are continually improving alongside gamers’ standards for graphics, Witcher 3’s original showcased graphics might have ended up only targeted a very, very slim bracket among PC gamers if it were to preserve its initial gritty, pseudo-realistic art style. That being said, platform parity probably also bears its fair share of the blame given PC games tend to offer flexible graphical options to meet a user’s system. While still commendable, in comparison to its earlier state the art style is now more traditional (relative to other high-budget 3D games over the last few years) and certainly more disappointing.

      • ChatWraithShichi

        I agree with you. The biggest fault in all this is that at Witcher 3’s announcement, people specifically asked: “Will it look like this?”

        CDPR answered something along the lines of: “We are designing the witcher 3 to run on the pc of the future. We have a graphics setting so high that very few people will be able to run it at that level for a few years to come.”

        I’m heavily paraphrasing, but they basically stated ‘we are future-proofing this game/we don’t care if you can run it at max yet’ ala Crysis 1.

        For such a lofty claim and nvidia partnershipping, I’m just really confused.